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Removing Distortion

As we are in a year of great reveal and truth, I felt it necessary to mention something that makes me smile at times and I find it intriguing at the same time how the separated Human consciousness works. This is part of what you might call the human condition. Caught up in the cycle of identity and the necessity for grandiose ideology.

I’m writing this as I’ve just been sent an invitation for a light activation. It has to be said that within the separation arena there is an aspect of the Human consciousness that just doesn’t see divine truth. Most are caught up in a place of ideology and identity philosophy. Where they feel that the more descriptive words and the more grand they make something sound, the more appealing the offering. This is not necessarily so and forms part of the limited consciousness playing field that some still find themselves in.

When we truly work with light we will relinquish all of these aspects of the separation. Ascension is not a game to be played from the limited consciousness idealism but an opening into the divine truth and simplicity in being as we surrender to the light.

This might be read as not a pleasant post but I do feel it’s time for the truth to be revealed in all its glory. Above the identity and egoic self. There must come a point as we open up to divine truth and we just allow source to be our guide.

There will come a point perhaps when we have worked with a spiritual teacher where we may take what is offered, experience, and allow the vessel to just be part of the journey of truth once we are truly connected.

There comes a time when we move on and we expand into our truth wherever that might take us but above all there is one true source that will lead us to a place of great truth. On a path of true enlightenment.

I have always listened to the voice of source. I have never worked in the field of competition. There came a point when I connected with the light and I saw the truth that was revealed to me. The souls that have assisted me on my initial path of awakening I truly honour them for opening up a doorway to the divine.

An important part of this journey for me personally was the relinquishment of the idea of taking that which was learned and then trying to make something else from it. There was a point where all this was dissolved as it formed part of a limited conscious state. That wasn’t an easy journey. As the human condition if you like, has a programming that would want to still dwell in a place of competition and survival. That would want to alter that which is divine.

With Metatronia (Source) we are not playing in the density realms and we are not part of the separation. The vessel can no longer tolerate that which is not truth. This is partly why I am posting this message.

I have to say that there is a feeling of spiritual discipline that arises within my vessel. A divine ordered vibration that no longer tolerates anything that is not truth. It is what I can only describe as a feeling of a very aligned and vibrationally disciplined state. As if there are particular codes within our behaviour and being that must align to this direction from light. For me, it always has had a very specific order to its sacred geometry. I must reiterate that this is not an easy post for me to write.

I feel that the reason for this feeling I have within is to do with this being a time that we have the greatest opportunity to truly ascend. As if the light is beckoning us to see with an open heart that there is an opportunity in this lifetime to truly align.

We are in a time where we are able to, if we truly wish to, to open up to the divine truth of the One and within these vibrational realms there is a great purification within all of the separated structures of the human form.

If we wish to truly see we must relinquish aspects of the separated mind. This, within the dynamics of Ascension, for some, is one of the most difficult things to “achieve” vibrationally. I mention here “the two become one” in relation to the separated mind unifying with the whole (Source) and becoming one. Many are surface dwellers in the realms of Ascension and are caught up in a wheel of spiritual elusion.

I am guided to say that I cannot disclose much more on this as it has to be a journey of expansion and truth vibrationally within each vessel and that most sacred journey has to be and form part of your own awakening and Ascension path.

This is not to be seen as a judgement rather than an observation of how humans still choose to play in a specific field regarding Ascension.

Of course, when we embark on the Ascension journey it is a very unique experience. Whatever we feel resonates for us forms part of that journey, but above all this there is one overall guiding light and when we fully and unequivocally allow this in the true journey begins. We may stray off course but the light will bring us back home.

This is why we have the foundation set up to, I guess the word protect is used best, the purity of source as it is coming in and assisting us. It is not something that comes in and then becomes distorted because it cannot be distorted this is why we are working on expanding and opening ourselves to the truth and vastness of source. This is why we make sure that this light remains as it’s pure state. It is not coveted or distorted by the human hand but forms part of the grand expansion into divine truth from the most magnificent codings that cannot be diluted.

If the vessel is not ready for this it will continue to play out within the limited structures of the separated mind. And so is not yet ready for the unified mind. But continues to obstruct the true connection to source to take place.

In this expansion and alignment there is a great restructuring and transformation especially within the thoughts and mind reality. It is something that has to be said and this is something that I indeed adhere to.

Source will show us when something is not in alignment because we feel this vibrationally within. We come to an energetic point where we can greatly sense that which still forms part of the limited conscious field. Whether this is felt within or around us. The vessel will alert us to this vibrationally. If we are lost within the limited consciousness there is much that is played out in the identity realms.

We are being lifted up out of the separated playing field, uniting with the most divine aspects of our being and we have the opportunity now to experience this if we so choose.

It is not an easy journey vibrationally but we may reach a point of complete dissolution of the limited known structures and programming, we may find ourselves floating in the great void of nothingness and yet this great nothingness is bringing us home to our truth. We must be willing for a short time to float in the aether with the Creator, the unfathomable, that is guiding us to our true awakening.

I return to the aspect of not “seeing”. There are parts of the human psyche that are not seeing. And of course it is all part of the Ascension process and a very unique and individualised journey.

However, there are vibrational aspects to this once we meet a certain frequential place we are lifted up to the next, then the next, then the next, the Gates are open, and we keep going and expanding and lifting up higher away from the distortion field.

The more that we lift up and align with this higher light we are assisting in shifting the consciousness on the planet.

Something that may feel uncomfortable to mention but forms part of the vibrational sickness is the separated distortion that is within the human vessel rather like a virus that requires to be healed. This virus resides in the separated consciousness. It is through the light that we are being lifted up away from what we have created in a mass conscious level. It is the light that is the healing elixir and it constantly connects in and guides us from a very still and silent place. Linking deep within our DNA.

I wanted to mention here perhaps going a little bit off track but when the vessel is experiencing pain and trauma and also illness, disharmony there is a place within us that is not part of this “ordeal”. There is a place within us that is part of the eternal that sits at home within the vessel for a short time. For the light is eternal and dwells within the very heart of our being and whatever we may be experiencing in the “physical”, this light that is the soul, is only dwelling here for a short time. “To be in the world yet not of it” reminds us that our soul light is present in the human form for a short while and the light beckons us to experience this truth and in unification, all becomes one within the physical. The soul lights up the complete vessel and becomes one without separation or distortion.

Is the path of enlightenment and the assistance of the light codings that we are able to tap into part of the evolution of humanity that we must partake in, in order for our overall survival? Are these light coding something that has always been evident and form part of the programming of humanity? Throughout time is the Ascension journey something that every human has been open to? Is our very existence part of a divine plan and ordered Universe? Only you within your true being can answer these.

I cannot reveal much more about this at this time but I guess from this message you can grasp that we are being asked to lift up and away from some of the identity aspects that just serve to keep us in a place of separation, competition, ideology, and further enhancing the limited consciousness.

I must admit to now dwelling in the place that has little tolerance. This is not in a negative way but in a vibrational way where the vessel can no longer tolerate that which is not part of the divine plan. It is time for “real”-isation that this light is real and it is assisting our journey.

Again, this might be read as a not so comfortable post but I felt it necessary to mention. If I were to leave this physical form this would be the message that I would leave – to truly ascend we must be open to receive the light which is assisting us in aligning and moving our vessel into the correct vibrational state. For this, the aspect of surrender, is paramount.

You have a choice to continue to play in the separation or a choice to relinquish all that no longer serves the vessel as it lights up and Lifts up into the higher realms.

This journey cannot be explained as it is something that occurs vibrationally between the vessel and its source. As we are open to what we would call higher dimensions of reality. We do our best to explain in the physical and yet the journey itself is one that occurs through the unseen.

I assist in helping you and guiding you to an initial gateway. The journey that unfolds after that is your unique connection with source. I mention the invitation to an event I received because we each will reach a point where it is not necessary to load the vessel with continuous applications, initiations and things that we feel we need. We begin to really tune into our vessel and to know that we are fully supported by source. We must allow the process of light integration rather than continuously loading garments upon garments as we search for our truth.

Of course, it goes without saying, that there are those who initially assist you on your journey of awakening. There are those that are here to guide and support you. But above all of this there is a light that is your truth. That is the place to vibrationally reach in order to uncover divine truth.

Can the fragile human psyche reach a point where it no longer relies on external factors as it embarks on its Ascension journey? Where it no longer requires somebody else in the physical to support, as it moves to a place of divine union with Source. As it reaches a place of great trust and connection and lives and breathes the light of the one as it also becomes so. As it dissolves and unites with it’s true garment of light.

I can assist in helping you to initially reach a gateway and thereafter know you are fully supported by source. When we rely on somebody else we often mask the divine vibrations that are linking in with us and asking us to trust in their ability to assist us. A most sacred and divine essence is assisting you. Open your heart, open your ears, and open your love to receive.

Trust, believe and be open to receive. You are the light and the light is within you. As you match the frequency you open the gateway to the eternal.

With love



Tammy Majchrzak

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EMF Awareness

I wanted to just briefly share this. Many of us have been feeling very depleted of late. Feeling as if our system is completely fried and depleted of vital energy. Yes, there are vibrational shifts taking place on a higher level, but we are reminded/alerted that there are also energies that are conflicting here on Earth that are “man-made” and are causing great disruption and distortion to our “natural vibration”.

I asked Source for a little insight today. What has come to mind is that many of us are on our phones, computers and the Internet for many hours during the day. I’m not going to go into item lists or mechanisms because you are aware that there is equipment that does cause vibrational disruption containing EMF. I will just class this “artificial electricity disruption” as “man-made electrical radiation”.

(“EMF (which stands for “Electromagnetic Field”) is a field of energy created by electrically charged objects. For this post I am referring to electrical equipment.

“An electromagnetic field has two “components”, a magnetic component and an electric component. The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents). Electromagnetic fields are also often referred to as “Electromagnetic Radiation” (EMR). You can’t see, feel or hear electromagnetic fields, apart from visible light, which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum)”.

I disagree, in part, with some of this statement highlighted above as I do feel that we do sense and feel this disruption in our vibrational field. As we work with the light our own vibration is raised and we are very easily able to feel density and disruption in electromagnetism within and around us. This is actually part of a dynamic of how we are able to sense the vibration of other people. So of course we are going to notice it within ourselves and around us in our environment internally and externally. Especially when it starts to greatly impact on the vessel.

“ Mankind is causing a great turbulence in the vessels natural vibration and upon the Earth plane, through electrical technology. There has to be an “organic” approach implemented within technology which will be gathered from the higher light spectrum mechanism and dynamics, not only to assist functionality and technological advancement, but to ease distress to the vessels divine electrical circuitry and to support other natural elements vital for humanity. Illness, disharmony, and disease will also be eased when there is a reduction in artificial electricity”.

You may notice if you have been on your mobile phone, computer, etc., or even just being near people that use such equipment that your energy feels quite zapped and depleted. We are surrounded by it. It is literally everywhere.

When we raise in our light our vessel becomes very hyper-sensitised to this artificial electricity. It has a great impact on the human system. This is what I think many of us are picking up on within our vessel. It is all around us this artificial frequency.

I would urge you to work with crystals, along with being in your light, or have them around you or near you. And ease up your time on electrical gadgets. This is not easy for many of us as it now forms part of our automatic day-to-day routine. For me personally I cannot spend too much time on social media or phone/computer because it literally causes me great pain in my physical body. Frying my vessel’s circuitry. Time away from such equipment will ease up the burden on the vessel. Increasing water intake will also greatly assist.

These are some crystals I find particularly beneficial which I wanted to highlight.

Elite Shungite*


Noble Shungite


Black Tourmaline**



Clear Quartz


Rainbow Obsidian*

Time in nature is also important so that we can connect back in, neutralise, and place our vessel in an area that does not have so much compacted vibrational distortion. As Trees, water and more natural surroundings can filter these energies through their natural photosynthesis and biorhythms. Helping us to synchronise with earth’s natural elements.

We are able to do this to but we then keep depleting the system as we are constantly using equipment that causes disruption and electrified turbulence. I actually have a house full of plants and cacti because this helps to ease the density impact within the physical home environment. Bathing in Himalayan bath salts will help also.

So I wanted to pass this on just briefly as it is important to realise that we are an organic vessel. The divine light electromagnetism spectrum differs greatly to the man-made EMF frequencies, electrical items, and the unseen man-made artificial waves such as Wi-Fi etc.

I will certainly be limiting my time on my phone, computer, and spending more time in nature. I hope this will bring you a little bit of insight into how important it is that we allow our beautiful vessel to be free as much as possible from density of any kind.

Please feel free to add to this post all the crystal list if you wish.

With love

T xxx

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Christmas Message – Archangel Metatron, Trinity Masters & Elohim – 2018



“We wish for this message to be seen as light, however there are aspects that need to be highlighted in order for you to move through that which may weigh heavy within you at this time. There is a light that shines above and through all distortion. There is One vibration that is the heart of all that exists, its frequency is that of love.

There is a feeling of immense pain felt by those that truly live through light at this time. They are feeling the pain of the Earth, of humanity, the unawakened masses. They are feeling a turbulence, and yet, they feel an overwhelming sense of a brightness that is burning through and bringing equilibrium. There may be a need to withdraw into a confined space away from reality. To comfort the vessel in light through reclusion. If this is your place, for now dwell here, and yet through this time of restructuring, know that your light must be shone in order for humanity to evolve into its truth.

You are guided not to focus on that which perturbs the spirit, but to rise consciously to match that which will bring a great shift to humanity. Do not dwell on that which weighs down the heart, but to put your vessel in that higher “unified” place that which will bring the awaited and much required,  vibrational shift.

We bring you alignment with the divine essence of source through a place within you that will match a particular coding. Love is the answer. Love, love, love. (Light Omnipresent Vibrating Eternally). Feel it within the self.  First and foremost, then you can magnify externally, when the vessel has aligned within.

We are aware of the weight that some of you carry that is not of your own. You yearn for peace yet you feel heaviness within your heart for certain actions and events carried out by others, that remind you of the density and limitation in consciousness. We ask you not to focus within the density but to rise above.

For the vessel is highly magnetised at this time. There is an enormous amount of Source light coursing through the lightbody matrix. When it senses that of a lower frequency it feels the different in light photonics. We ask that you remain aware of the difference yet do not allow it to be part of you. This may seem a difficult task but it is one where you must rise above, to allow your light to shine above the density distortion.




The vessel requires Light first and foremost, then food, water, love, nurture, nourishment. We provide all of this to you. The light within you knows only of the higher frequency, that which is your Source vibration. When lower frequencies are felt, it is rather like eating a substance that is not suited and so the vessel purges and removes it swiftly.

For those who are highly sensitized you are guided to know of this dynamic within the “organic” nature of your vessel. That it exists through light and electromagnetism. So it feels greatly that which is not of a vibrational match. Like a flower that uses photosynthesis as its survival mechanism. Your vessel too, exists through divine light geometry and it will begin to feel the subtle differences of any imbalance, whether internally or externally. Environmentally or emotionally.

The vessel cannot harbor that which is of a lower frequency and so it is felt within your electrical circuitry as a “blip”. You know the feeling as it can swiftly disturb your divine flow/synthesis. Planetary shifts, astral belt fluctuations, emotional, mental, all of these affect/effect your organic system, alerting and pointing to your Oneness and unity with the One, universal Light that governs over all.




Come out of the turbulence through love, ease and grace as you recognise that which is not of your frequency. Stand in your light. We are there with you, yet we can only reach so far through the veil, through your “finely tuned senses”. We are working on this through your vibrational vessel/electrical systems, much of this you have to experience through your conscious alignment, trusting, surrender and expansion into the unknown, yet that which is very real, so that you can awaken divine ascension dynamics. Know that we are there with you and watch over you, always.  The vessel is being refined, finely tuned, and you are feeling these magical rejuvenations and upgrades.

The vibrational distortions are no longer a match for your vessel and so when you find yourself in times of turbulence, you are simply purging out that which is no longer a vibrational match. This can be uncomfortable. Ride with it, as you become used to the sensation of releasing, the vessel will find its true alignment.

In Joy, Peace, light –  we are with you, in harmony we strive, and we reach you through the vibration of love.

So it must be.

Archangel Metatron, Trinity Masters of Light


Tammy L. Majchrzak

12th December 2018


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Archangel Metatron 251118


I wanted to pass on this information As there is a misconception that Archangel Metatron lived as a physical form. Just to clarify, and of course use your discernment, however, his frequency is far too powerful, for want of a better word, to be ”incarnate”.

I am asked to mention here to use a picture in the mind to visualise when a space craft enters back through the earths’s atmosphere there is a burn-out, a flareup, his energy is rather like this, it would be too much to come into the physical. There is also no necessity for him to be here in the physical for his vibration is all around.

We are therefore very graciously gifted that he so chooses to work with us at this time, to feel the immense power and magnificence of his energy within our own vessel, and with this we are aware of our own vibrational expansion that is necessary for us to be able to hold this frequency.

We each hold a spark of his divinity within our being so on that level that is incarnate so to speak.

He is the holder of the keys of the universe, and throughout time his main purpose is to oversee the divine plan and order that is linked to the evolution of humanity and the Earth and of other planetary realms. He holds the divine plan of mankind in his palms.

There is a lot of information regarding this and a lot of it is from old Scripts and religious texts, man-made, however we are in a time of divine truth and I feel it necessary to pass this on at this time that he was not and will never be here in physical form. And yet as human beings we are able to experience the fullness of our magnificent light through his guidance.

We must remember that throughout time there have been different explanations, insights and cogitations. For example, if you were to read about the different archangels, and their places in the higher realms, there names, purpose, and meanings, different religions/groups/teachers etc explain these differently and so how can one possibly gather the ultimate/overriding truth?

“Information and knowledge has a design befitted to the era in which it is begotten”.

Simply put, this means that overtime information has changed, been extended, is/was relevant for the consciousness at that time it is produced, and what we need to open to is divine truth. That which is being unveiled through the veil.

Who are you to say? It is not about this, it is about removal of illusion and distortion, and the truth is that he has never been in physical form. He works through the Human form/vessel as vibration, as light. The Prophet Enoch was a divine channel of Archangel Metatron.

There is much written through religious and other writings which are all from Human conceptual interpretation. We are in a time now where truth is being unveiled to us through vibration and much is being revealed.

Metatron is the highest guiding vibration in the Universe. He works from the instruction of the One/Creator Life Force. He is the overseeing vibration of all light and life that exists within the Universal Spheres and has a very close affinity to mankind as he assists the great Leap (Light Ascending Evolutionary Process). Overseeing all transformation and ascending processes and vibrations. There is no higher resonance. Life is ever changing, ever evolving. If we look briefly how we are born, we grow, we alter in height, shape, size. Our minds, they grow and we feel that when we reach that of adulthood the growing stops, even as we get older, we may shrink, our body is constantly changing. We are constantly evolving and changing even if we are not so consciously aware of this fact and process.

Metatron lights the way to our very soul. He works through Source Divine Sacred Geometric Coding/ Diamond Crystallined vibration. He is an eternal source of endless divine energy flow. Linking us consciously and physically to the continuous flow of the eternal One True Light that exists within and all around the Cosmos. This knowledge and understanding is what will free mankind and bring him back to his true divine state. The Master Key is simplicity in form and being.

These are the most important key ingredients that Metatron guides us to use in order to connect with him without hinderance or barriers. If we ask him to assist us, our part in this process is to take part, with all our heart, mind and soul and to trust the process. We will experience major transformational changes. His job is to bring humankind to the true higher frequency. The secret here is that he knows you, your blueprint. Your part is to trust in this process, and some parts of this journey and awakening process can be and may be uncomfortable to experience but is all a part of the divine opening and transformation into the light. He is able to reset and align you to your true state of being.

What does Metatron look like? – You may visual him with a physical Angelic appearance, or just sense him as the vibration that he is. His true form is that of the highest purest light vibration. The frequency of the eternal One.

Metatron will work with each divine human soul, so uniquely, so diligently, so honourable. Your part in this process is to honour this connection as it is opened before you.

Are you ready and open to receive? If that is so, then a most magical and transformational journey awaits you …

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Lightworker Complete Training Programme

This is a complete Lightworker Training package. It contains all of the training I offer from Beginner Healer level up to advanced Lightworker. 

Here is the list that is included in the package:

Email Reading

Distant Healing & Alignment Session

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Metatronia Cards pack

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Various Dropbox links 

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Lightbody Package

Biosynthesis Beats (Digital Music) 

Child Practitioner Training*

Intuitive Healer Training*

Animal Healer Training*

This package will include a 45-minute Skype or Zoom session, once a month, for a 6-month period. To cover training, support and guidance. All items marked with an asterix (*) include a 45-minute Skype or Zoom session after completion. Dropbox and other links will be sent to you. Most of the material is provided digitally or through links, with us meeting once a month to discuss your progress and to offer my support to you. I am available through email every step of the way. Additional guidance sessions can also be arranged if necessary.

This package works from beginner level right up to advanced lightworker so there is a lot of vibrational integration and transformation that comes with this training. It is done in stages to allow for the light integration.  Further details will come to you upon purchase. I am here to assist you every step of your journey of light. 

Investment: £1,495.00

Instalment plan available.

Full details at:!/Metatronia-Lightworker-Complete-Training-Programme/p/148596851/category=0

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The Law of the Living Lightu

There is a grand misconception in the spiritual arena. Many are working from a place based on falsity and glamour. It’s rather like trying to bake a cake with the wrong ingredients. Without the correct ingredients the cake is never going to rise.

Some are working from a place that is still tied up in old programming. They will only be able to reach so far from their limited perception and rigid ideology. Placing glamour on top of glamour just leads to more falsity.

Basically, it’s not about trophy building, or proving that you are better than anybody else or that you have reached further. In fact, it is quite the contrary.

As we journey on the Ascension path, the divine dynamics of Source teach us that there is a dissolving and transparency that occurs within the vessel. This releases any and all attachments, glamours, fragility’s and identities.

When we are truly aligned there is transparency (clear). When we are working from a place that is only partially aligned, there is translucency (opacity).

What this means is a little light consciously passes through but due to “circuitry disruptions” that remain in the physical vessel, the ability to experience the full light spectrum becomes consciously limited and so there is a scattering within the light quanta.

When we are truly aligned there is complete transparency and the light is able to pass through unrestricted due to there being no distortion in one’s vibrational field.

It is not the more that you know. It is rather your vibrational state of being. The rising above limited structures, with the light able to freely flow due to that which you have relinquished.

When out of alignment the vessel’s vibrational momentum becomes somewhat incapacitated resulting in diminished electromagnetism. When in alignment (empty vessel) the light quanta (Source particles) can flow freely and join in equilibrium with the living human system. Unrestricted by linear blockages.

The light is always flowing freely, however, due to restricted programming (linear/emotional body) and limitation in consciousness, this mechanisms can block the transmissions of divine light. The Human linear state of being has a great impact on Ascension dynamics.

We are reminded that “one cannot build the new upon the old”.

What we truly allow to flow in is very much governed by our thought forms and linear conceptualisation.

Many are drawn to that which sounds glamorous rather like moths to a flame. But the truth is, the more glamorous something sounds that is probably all that it is. Glamour and illusion. The real work is often uncomfortable and you will feel it rippling through your system. It is often “less is more”.

The truth of source works through transparency. This is a journey that one must approach with a single eye. One where there is unity, truth and evaporation of attachments and dressings.

You do not have to prove anything to Source. Yet there is a vibrational setting found within a Vessel that has released all that has weighed it down and limited its light magnetism.

Part of this is a rising up and away from the limited conscious existence. For when we reach the correct vibrational aligned state, there ensues a greater connection, transparency, clarity and purification that enables the vessel to truly work as one with the divine.

Source is constantly working to align you. Even in the times where it may feel very uncomfortable, even in the times where you feel as if you are pushing against yourself. There must be a time of stillness and a time of simply being. To allow for the full flow of the light divine to connect with you, unrestricted.

The conscious and intelligent light of Source knows and will guide you. It is rather like handing over our consciousness to universal consciousness. The infinite intelligence of the divine One. This is the law of the living light.

The light will show you where there is restriction because it will feel uncomfortable. This is often within the emotional body where there is programming that is limiting your full potential. This can occur through experience, trauma, events, and limitations placed upon the self. This may be outside of the self and caused by events outside of your control. And yet it still forms part of your conscious state of being.

Our true vibrational setting cannot be achieved through ego, identity, glamours and illusion. It is all based on truth, love and frequential alignment.

The other aspect of this which is most important is that to truly work from Source there is a relinquishment of the self, the learned and repetitive story, so that you rise above the programmed structures and limitation in consciousness. You begin to release self limitation.

Essentially this is a very sacred journey. The vessel will go through preparation stages of releasing any and all attachments. The vessel will also go through a purging and releasing of that which no longer serves.

There are not many whom actually work from the true purity of source. For they are still caught up in the limited consciousness phase.

There is a release from many of the emotions such as jealousy, anger, competition, delusion and many more of the self-contained and self imposed programming.

Do not be discouraged. For Archangel Metatron shows us that simplicity in being opens the eternal gateway. Allow Source in. Unrestricted. Unequivocally. This is where we truly release and align, unburdened. We truly do not need anything to define us.

The more that we have released, surrendered and relinquished, the lighter the vessel. The lighter the vessel, the greater the connection. The greater the connection, this is where true salvation is found.

You are here to experience all that you are so divinely so. Don’t limit yourself to opacity. Be brave. Open yourself up to complete transparency.


Removing the Shadows

Some of you might be experiencing a period of doubt within the self. Know that this Time will pass. As our vibration is shifting and rising what might often occur is a little bit of a vibrational test. It’s almost as if the universe is saying to us “do you trust enough to fully open to your truth? Are you completely ready beyond a shadow of a doubt? Are you fully ready to stand in your light?

We often doubt because we don’t feel worthy. We often doubt because we can’t believe how magnificent we are. There is a light above all light, A love beyond all love, that is assisting you on your journey. It’s rather like a holy matrimony. Divine Union. A key ingredient of this is divine trust – first and foremost you must trust in yourself. You must trust in your brilliance. Your divine physiology. You must trust in your connection with Source.

This is real. However, there is an element within the fragility of the limited consciousness and thought let reality where we don’t trust. There must be vibrational trust in order for you to become vibrationally aligned.

You are guided to trust in your light. Wherever that is taking you on your journey of discovery. Never doubt that the light is with you. There is an element of handing over of the limited structures. There is an element now where we are asked to fully trust in the divine dynamics of source beyond doubt.

Perhaps there will be a period where we feel as if we are floating in a massive abyss and not attached to anything and a feeling of distortion and dissolving. This is your “house” being rebuilt.

In order for there to be rebuilding on a firm foundation there must be the dissolving of the old structures and to do this what source will do is to release anything that no longer is befitting to your vibrational alignment.

If you find yourself floating in the sea of turmoil and distortion, just hold on a little longer as the infinite geometric light fabrication is weaving its magic.

You will soon be placed on a firmer foundation beyond a shadow of a doubt where your vibration is aligned and you will move swiftly forward to a “biological” place where there is no longer doubt there is only truth, trust and expansion into the divine.

The old structures are no longer working. Everything moves in a forward motion. That which no longer serves is being removed.

Stand firm in your light and allow these waves to pass as they surely will. As nothing can be created or shifted if you remain in the same”house”. You must be open and willing for your new light abode to take a firm foundation and for this to take place we must move out of the confines of the mind and put trust in the infinite divine geometries that are assisting us as we awaken to the truth through our vibrational reality.

With love



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What is Source?

What is Source?

Source is Creator light. The very essence of the most divine. The fundamental element from what all is created. It existed before the beginning of time and shines eternally for there is nothing new that lies under the Sun only the discovery of such that is so divine from within the heart and mind of Man.

Source is the living light of the Creator. The very essence and conscious intelligent vibration of the One. The One being that which oversees the creation of all life and that in existence, that which is seen and unseen, that which was, is, has been, and is to be.

Life exists through the vibration of Source. It is the very generator of all that exists. The driving force and emanator of life itself.

Source reveals itself through vibration and vibration is light. The light works through sacred geometric patternings. We could call this the codes of the creator. The Sacred Geometric codings are light forms that are universal and non-restricted. That is, they are ever altering in line with light evolution. The divine law and order of the One – Source.

The magical source patterning within the sacred geometrical coding forms the basis of all living matter. That which comes into being and comes into physical form is at the direction of source, the living light. This is the governing light of all of creation and works above what you might quantify as religion. It is the basis of all that is. Undeniably so. For that which is divine truth cannot be denied.

We are all so much part of the Divine Plan and Ordered Universe. Through our vibrational expansion in consciously linking with Source we are able to awaken to who we truly are in this lifetime.

I mention this beautiful quote which kind of sums it up by Max Planck:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter”. ~Max Planck~

We are Source:

An excerpt from:

“It is some invisible force, or some wave, that attracts and holds the light (photons) there all by itself”. ~ Dr. Gariaev’s

We may never fully understand what source is however as we expand into light and raise our consciousness we are gathering a little more understanding as to how magnificent the human being is, that we are constructed from and are part of and as One with Source, and as united universal light we are part of everything.

Source will not reveal all of its dynamics, but it will reveal to us in part, some of its magic. It is only when we are connected truly to source that we will be begin the great reveal through vibrational experience.

Tammy L. Majchrzak

7th May 2019

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Release Confinement




“Your light can no longer be contained in a vessel limited by mentality and carnal mortality. You must open to the expansion and vastness of your true light. In opening to your expansion you are opening the vessel to the sensation of the ALL, unbounded by restriction and containment. You become bountiful, vast in your body of light you expand into the realms of the Universe. You are open to everything and everything is open to you. Rest in the knowing that as you release from the rigidity of the limited dimensional reality you awaken divine light within you that unites you with eternal truth. Your vessel is experiencing the vastness of light and its ultimate divine potentiality. You are able to hold such light, this light created a star and that star is now opening and shining. Do not fear the expansive feeling, the grief of letting go and shedding of the old, it is to be embraced and celebrated as you are reborn unto light. Rejoice in your expansion and alignment, as the light floods in unhindered. Allow the transformation within the very heart of your being. As every cell and molecule is alight with its source and seeks you to function as a high vibrational Being. What once was your limited structure is no longer valid in the realms of divine omnipresence. In your vastness you release all that contained you in a conscious limited vessel and now this vessel is released into the full magnitude of light. Let go, trust, believe and be open to receive. There requires no further explanation. We ask that you just surrender to the light allowing it to flow unhindered within your Being. You feel the vibration shifting within you yet you seek explanation. We ask that you trust in what you are feeling. A different vibration, a different sense, a different Being. You have shed your carnal skin and are now functioning from the effervescent bubble of source light geometry. It is the light that now feeds you and directs you from a place unfathomable yet real. From the infinite realms you are functioning, in unity and as One with the One”.


Archangel Metatron

15th April 2019

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Oh Golden Heart

“Oh Golden Heart, in your opening and awakening to light your vessel has shifted. All that you thought you were, and all that you are, dissolves now into One. In Unity with your true divine design. Fear not the transformation, as you are expanding into your truth. The veil, in its transparency, joins within the heart of the living, breathing vessel. You become One, as light, in light, for light. The transformation is so powerful as you become raised out of density and duality into a place of nothingness, yet a place that is the All. You sense, see and are as one, Unified with the infinite Universal Light. No longer bound to restriction or confinement. Embrace your becoming as what once was is now but a memory and what is to become you are embracing in your immortality. You are one with the light, and you embrace the vibrational freedom of living from the lighted vessel. We are as One”.
Archangel Metatron
15th April 2019

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Source Simplification

Ascending man 1

Source is here to show us the new way, and yet this new way is an ancient way, an ancient light, an ancient code. Part of our awakening and ascension process is to uncover all that we are and yet there are times as we delve into the realms of ascension we prefer to swim deeper into the depths of separation. Superficial spiritual journeying. Only allowing that in that we can control or manipulate, often on an unconscious level.

Within the human psyche there lies an idea that we must be someone, prove something, require verification or validation of sorts. A journey we feel that we must orchestrate, fathom and unveil. Source is guiding us that there is a new way, one which lies in simplicity. Where we hand over and allow Source intervention. One where it is not necessary to have to be somebody or prove anything, rather, as we open and ascend within our true light, much of what we believe up to this point, begins to melt away, dissolving as our Source light is revealed.

As we open to the truth within we begin to reveal our divine essence. This opening and embodiment of Light opens a gateway of truth, and aligns us, creating a journey far greater than one we could ever imagine. This is why, when we allow the connection with Source, we begin a journey of great transformation.

As we stand in our true aligned state, we begin to live and breathe from the sacred geometric life-force that aligns us with our divine design. That which dwells in the realms of freedom and transparency. This light within us is the living, breathing, conscious and most intelligent life-force of all creation.

The more that we surrender to our conscious and intellligent light, the easier we will find our ascension journey.  There are aspects within ascension where we must relinquish that which we believe to be our conscious reality and allow the vessel to surrender to its Source.  That which is here to assist, uncovering and unburdening, so that we can feel the freedom within, that leads us to our vibrational truth, in our time of great reveal.

There are those that feel that they have to further complicate and burden the vessel with man-made ideology. The need to create more glamour, identity and weight to the already burdened vessel. Source is showing us that the more we are willing to release and surrender into the realms of the unknown, the more that will be shown to us, as it becomes our new reality. When we release into our vibrational truth, we then become aligned with our true purpose.

Ascension is not a playground. It is not game-playing. We are open to the truth of Source as we embark on divine surrender. Source assists us in the reunion with our divinity. The more we lighten the vessel, the closer the connection to our Source. We become authentic.

We can see many glamours being played out in the spiritual arena at this time. It is wonderful that mankind is awakening however there are aspects of glamours that are showing up through linear concepts and separated ideas. The more glamors the more disruption. The more disruption the further we move away from finding our truth. We are guided to come into the truth of our being, through simply allowing Source in, truly connecting beyond illusion.

Source opens us up to the journey of the soul. It is a light shining so brightly that it cannot be ignored. It will burn through all illusion & distortion, and raise the vessel to a place where it can once again feel alignment. This involves a specific vibrational coding that is delivered unto the vessel as it relinquishes that which is not truth. It is a sacred geometric code that ignites within us. It is within our own being that we ignite this code. The key lies in divine surrender.

This cannot be found within the realms of linear concepts. It is a most sacred journey of unity and vibrational alignment. For there is a light, the brightest that shall ever shine, that is here assisting you as you move from the realms of separation into the realms of Source light reincarnation. It is here, now, for you to experience, as you open to light.

You are not here to struggle. You are not here to continue a journey of separation. Do not keep the light from entering through linear obstruction. Give way to the abundance of Source that pierces through to the very core of your being, showing you the eternal light that is your salvation.

“As mankind vibrationally awakens in light there will be a reunion with the divine, and through this amplification of Source the vessel will open up to a whole new level of consciousness. It is from this new awakened consciousness that humanity will bring the light of the One home”.

Tammy L. Majchrzak