Light Consultant

Ascension Metaphysician Light ConsultantLightworker Training FoundationAscension Dynamics FacilitationEnergy Transformation PractitionerArchangel Metatron ChannelVibrational Transformation CoachSpiritual Advisor What ever label it doesn’t matter! The important part is the service that is offered. Assisting through divine authenticity. Awakening you to the power of divine light. I’m here to assist your light evolution through connection to source energy. Through Continue reading Light Consultant


I just wanted to share something here which I think is very poignant. Sometimes as Lightworkers when we are offering an energy session whether it’s in person or through distance, the recipient might return with “I did not feel anything” or “did you go ahead with the session because I didn’t have any sensations.”. I Continue reading VIBRATIONAL FREEDOM- RELEASE EXPECTATIONS 021220

The Art of Divine Surrender

As we embark on our ascension journey we so often seek physical tools to help us. Most people don’t realise when they consciously and energetically connect with Source that they must give it time, give it a chance. They often want a quick fix. This doesn’t work. Ascension is a transcending, upward shifting, vibrationally expansive, Continue reading The Art of Divine Surrender

Christmas Message 2019 – To be in the world but not of it

  “As your light grows the energy in the vessel shifts you out of limited consciousness and all the lower dynamics of separation, into a place that is loving, nurturing, real, expansive and vast. Any interaction with energies that are not in alignment with your magical sphere of Source, you will sense immediately as distortion. Continue reading Christmas Message 2019 – To be in the world but not of it