Divine DNA

The message is quite simple. We are created from Divine particles of Source. Creator life-force DNA.

Right in the very heart of our physical vessel are the most infinite particles of light. What may seem hidden within our DNA, is the very substance of our existence. That which cannot be quantified provides the building blocks of life itself.

It is not necessary to name these particles, as it is better to describe them.

Imagine something so small that it is invisible to the naked eye, and yet it has the ability to create. As it created each human, to be incarnate in the most remarkable physical form. A divine Source alchemical creation. Through creation the unseen takes form.

When we accept that within the very heart of our being we are created from and hold Source divine DNA, there is a rising in consciousness which happens instantaneously.

To accept what may seem as an outlandish phenomena, too unfathomable to behold, there begins a magical and most sacred vibrational transformation.

All matter originates from a Source. Dancing effervescent light particles unite together to form the sacred building blocks of creator frequency. These are the divine light geometries. That which Archangel Metatron bestows upon us when we are open to receive.

These dancing light particles are all around us. Creating the formed and the formless. Ever present in the physical and non-physical .

From a single point of light, a loving spark is created and begins a magnificent creation of divine geometric patterning that becomes the unique Human form. We are both form and formless.

If we break it down, and break it down again, before the bright spark, there exists the Source. Source creates all that is. Source ignites the flame of creation.

Ascension is the journey of rising into the true vibration of our divine form. The realisation of the divine potential that exists in every human vessel. The awakening to our divine blueprint.

To become aware of this within our consciousness brings light through the neural pathways. We begin to remember our light divine. The spark is ignited.

Beyond the form there lies formless. Beyond formless lies the eternal. We are part of all of this. For we are light. In physical and non- physical. We hold all of this within.

We unite with Source through the electromagnetic waves of love. This is the highest vibration that we can hold and give out within our vessel.

It is time to wake up to our divine DNA. There are no complicated explanations for what is so simple and profound. It is a vibrational experience. For the light is felt within. Through every particle of our physicality.

In our divine design we hold a multitude of nerves and pathways that electricity can flow through. The electromagnetic pulses of Source are what runs through every fibre of our being. Source is the air we breathe. The life in our formation.

We are alive with light. When we strengthen that connection to the light, through the conscious acknowledgement that we are Source, What once was a grand mystery, becomes a physical embodiment of truth.

For that which we experience as vibration cannot be denied.

Trust, believe and be open to receive.

With love,


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