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Divine Light


“Divine light of guidance, the powerful ray of love, the strength, the light, the joy, the peace I feel from above.

Whatever life may send me, wherever I may walk, I know that now, and just somehow, you guide me with such love,

I know that now and just somehow whenever I’m alone, I think of light, that oh so bright, and know that I am home.

Oh great one light you shine upon me, holding me in love, with you, somehow, I know that now, you guide me from above.

A light that guides and steers my path, to bring me to my soul, the light and love sent from above will help me to my goal.

Returning to the peaceful state, of Being of the light, I know that now, and just somehow, through every day and night.

You empower me and give me strength, a light so heaven.

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“Mine eyes have seen the glory

My heart has felt the love

Of the glorious Source vibration

from the One who resides above

Yet in this deep connection

from above and unto me

I realise, that through my eyes

I am one with eternity

Mine Eyes have seen the glory

My eyes have shed a tear

For the bountiful and joyful love

That is ever always near

This light it shines abundantly

It shines forever, for eternity

It is part of me, for I am source

For I am One, for I am, of course

Part of Him, Part of the One

We call the Christ, we call the Sun

Of all that is, of light abound

And in this light such love is found

Mine eyes have seen the glory

My heart it holds the love

My vessel holds the light

of the One from up above

And in this body I carry

The codings of the One

Through light abound

such joy is found

Right here sent from above

For there is now no separation

There is only peace with all that is

From the divine light of the One

We alight the truth within

Mine eyes they are the glory

My heart it is the light

My vessel is his body

For my soul it does ignite

The codings of the ancients

The vibrations of the One

The love of he who brings to us

This, I shall carry on

As mankind is evolving

As truth it does reveal

That man is one unto the Sun

As we carry the light of the Christed One

As I was lost I found the light

As my vessel searched I gave up the fight

In simplicity I found the key

Of the Christ-Alligned Eternity


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Max Planck


“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve”.



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Zero Point Field – What is it (in relation to the Human Vessel/body/Ascension Process?


Zero Point has many definitions. In essence it is the point of NOTHINGNESS. When you reach a state of pure bliss, no thought, no action, just divine stillness. Zero Point defines a vibrational state where all is at one with all that is. Matching that of the vibration of the universe. No linear mind input, no negativity, just a state of pure divine alignment. Zero Point is the vibrational aligned state where we become one with all that is. It is the vibrational point where we are able to link with all that is. Where the mind is free, the heart is open, the vibration allowing us to become in full alignment with the divine energies of the One. It is harmony, it is balance/equilibrium, it is divine rhythm, it is the point where there is nothingness, an empty vessel, open to the joyous vibration of the One.

1.) “If the mind makes no discriminations, the ten thousand things are as they are, of a single essence. To come directly into harmony with this reality just simply say when doubt arises “not two”. In this ‘not two’ nothing is separate, nothing is excluded. In this world of Suchness there is neither self nor other- than-self. To understand the mystery of this One essence is to be released from all entanglements”. (Hsin Hsin Ming, Sengstan’s verses on the faith mind).

2). “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one in the same, then you will enter the kingdom of God”. (Jesus).

3). “Know ye oh man, that all that exists, is only an aspect of greater things yet to come. Matter is fluid and flows like a stream. Constantly changing from one thing to another. The key to worlds within thee, is found only within, for man is the gateway of mystery and the key is that One is the Within One”. (Tablet 9, The Emerald Tablets).

The key to reaching the Zero Point ratio is to let go of all that you currently believe to be your reality through learned (3D) controls and behaviour. When we are in the energies of Zero Point all dissolves. We are at one with The Creator Force and vibration and in that moment, all is released, much is revealed, we are in a state of harmonising bliss and reunion with the one.

This opens up a gateway to the light, a portal of awareness of the higher states of being. Meditation is the key. No exact meditation ritual just allowing yourself to be. This is the state that you are able to reach as you connect with Metatron through the breath and through the light that is already within you.

Many have often revealed to me through meditation that they feel as if they are falling when they connect to their lightbody. Allow yourself to fall…this is taking you out of the control mechanisms into the state of zero point/blissful harmonies aligned state of vibration.

This is a most powerful practice. Just sitting and being, asking to be in connection with your Lightbody Vehicle. just breathing, just stillness. allowing yourself to come out of the old you, embracing as you surrender through the breath, letting go as you suddenly will jolt and feel absolute NOTHINGNESS….This is Zero Point field.

Enjoy your life, don’t endure it. Enjoy the time you have on this Earth plane. Fill your days with the things you love to do. Know that whatever you seek so you will find. Your thoughts create your reality so think light, think love, think Divine…for you are indeed Divine and open and ready for many changes.

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Thy Will Be Done

Let those that are able have the ability

Let those that have means, bring meaning

Let those that know bring knowledge forth

Let those that feel bring that feeling forth

Let those that see bring those visions to reality

Let those that dream bring those dreams to reality

Thy will be done

For all are born of equality – Let there be no separation

There will be no judgement

There will be no hostility

Let the truth of the Love, purpose and will of the One be known, felt, acknowledge and understood by all – for this truth shall set you free

Let the disillusioned veil of separation now be lifted

Thy will be done

Within that design thy will be done

The light of the One shall release and unshackle the burdens of the mind and heart

The Will of the One shall be done

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Raising Vibration

The key for us is to Raise our own Vibration to match the Vibration of the One Source frequency and then what occurs is Joy Harmony and Love. This is why we feel such Bliss in that moment of Connection as we become One in frequency.  We must know the simplicity of this connection. In Raising our Vibration Higher to that of unburdened Bliss , Harmonious Balance would ensue – Unified Consciousness meaning the same Consciousness that pulses through each vein . Each Heart.

We become Connected in Unison with the same current , wave and frequency with the One. It’s all in the Vibration. And you Feel it and you know how it Feels and so make this the set programmed electro wave of your vessel. If we continue to hold on to our old energetic matrix we will continue to be within that old energy matrix.

When we are ready to fully surrender and release all of ourselves and that which No longer serves us , whatever that may be, we begin to move into divine alignment. With that our energy crystallised matrix begins to become empowered as it feels the mental, emotional and 3D pain body releasing and surrendering.

Our energy immediately begins to alter as old mind mapped patterns and behaviours are literally dissolved from our energy matrix as we begin to move up and out. To ascend we must be prepared to release that from within ourselves on every level. Every level.

Lower vibrations cannot ascend. The coding and vibration of ascension is that of higher light, higher energy higher resonance. In turn this brings great shifts within us on every level. Behold your release. Surrender to the divine within you. Let him or her spring forth in unison with the empowered light of the One. Embrace your divine coding. For no longer can we be from a low vibration. As that vibrational state cannot ascend.

Hindering our growth to the light. Be the light that you are. Allowing your physical vessel to release, all game playing released, all anger, hatred, jealousy, resentment, all releasing and dissolving. For it plays no part in your onward transmission into the light ascending. The light vibrations will enable you as you begin to come into alignment to no longer harbour these lower frequencies. For it is all vibration and frequency.

Every thought you have is electrically charged vibration. You will begin to operate from an ON or OFF level. That is, something is either a “yes”positive vibration to you or a “no”negative vibration. You no longer will be interested in the lower vibrations or emotions within yourself or indeed what you feel from others. On or off. nothing more.

No involvement with the complex energy of the 3D linear mind set and old ways of being. It will no longer form part of you to wish to integrate or participate in lower vibrations. for you will be living from a higher energy resonance that just is unable to go back or return.

You are renewed in perfected light. Your true purity and divine coding.

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Letting Go

We are light, we are divine spirit, we are moving from the separation back into the light, belonging to the oneness of all that is…do not fear this, this is who we are. As we begin to let go, and LETTING GO is a key part of this transition, we begin to realise that that which we fear, that which we constantly worry over, that which makes us anxious, is just emotion and the mental body’s ongoing reaction to the separation we put ourselves into. This is beginning to cease. We are finding the energies working with and for us more and more, we are feeling this so much more, we are embracing this, and working with this, as our light strengthens. Know that you are divine, you are grace and you are love…you are not giving up anything or losing anything you are gaining so much, you are reconnecting to all that is, coming back to the one consciousness, which is the knowing of the energies all around you, we are apart no more, the connection is made, the love pours through and our part is to OPEN, BELIEVE, TRUST AND BE OPEN TO RECEIVE.