Light of Jesus Energy Session

A distant Energy connection session orchestrated by the Light of Jesus.

His love, his light, his devotion, is eternally open to us.

Let us feel his Light within the very heart of our Being.

The session involves lying down for up to 1 hour and just being open to receiving his beautiful Light and Love.

Healing, connection and verification of his Light is open to all.

You are advised to drink lots of water leading up to an after this session please.

The energy can continue up to a week after the session.

You are guided to free your mind and body of any expectation.

Once purchased, I will be in contact with you to set up a suitable date and time for this distant light session.

This is not religion based. This is the experience and opening of the vessel to the energetic dynamics of the Living Light.

This was and still remains the message from Jesus. That we may feel the true Light of the One ever-present within our own Being.!/Light-of-Jesus-Energy-Session/p/462422064/category=0

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