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Meta-Tronicles – Divine Eternal Light – November 2013


You are as eternal as the presence of the Stars in the night sky above you. When you have the time in your busy day, perhaps take a moment to look at the sky and vast space above you in the night’s sky. Breath in this eternal vastness. Let yourself expand and open, unfolden and awakening.
For you are an omnipresent Being. You are eternal, you are divine and you shine so bright.
Metatron brings these words to us today to strengthen, empower and comfort us:
“Oh Divine One. Know that you are eternal. Know that your light is omnipresence itself. You are an eternal divine. At one with the divine. There are no limitations to you. As the stars eternally so do you. Know this and feel this. For when you release from your own shackles and beliefs, controls and restraints of the 3D dwelling then much occurs. There is nothing you cannot achieve, manifest and become. Know that the light within and around you shines eternally. There are no separations. As above so below. We repeat…As above…so below. 
“You are part of eternity. Expand yourself and bring into your mind’s eye the visions of the Universe, Planets and many star lights that shine above you. You are without limit. Only those that you bring and put around yourself. How much can we teach you? How much can you trust and let go? That is the quandry perhaps for you at this time. The more you open, trust and believe in the divine light within and around you, the far greater the connection. You are without limit. Without Limit”. 
“You can create and manifest anything that your heart desires. But with this you must be prepared to release and surrender all that currently believe to be. For this is your boxed in limitation. Be at one with the Universal surroundings. Be at one always within yourself. Feel the beating of your heart, in unison with the One vibration that serves us all. For that is you and is always with you. Great Universal harmonious balance”. 
“We are in a time now of great shifting. It may feel as if a stagnated energy is upon you. You may not feel as much as before. This is part of the shifting. This is what we bring to you for you to see how much control your belief and mindset can have on you. So we ask that you brush this to the side. Any thoughts and feelings of lonliness or not feeling as you perhaps felt before”. 
“The rush of light and great connection is still with you. This is just part of the shifting. If you can truly surrender and bring yourself to the knowledge that this is part of the shift, then you will shift and work through the final stages of the 3D limitations. Free your mind, open your heart to greater expansion of the Soul”. 
“As one with the stars. As bright as any that shine. You are part of all that is. You are Eternal. Know this and feel this. Then the final shifting within your consciousness is complete. This cannot be done for you. This takes your commitment and your surrendering to open up to the bountiful vibrations that are open to you and lifting you to greater heights, dimensions and realities. We will show you, we will bring to you and we love you, always, in all ways”.