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Heart is where your Home Is!


Within your Heart there lies a key that unlocks eternity;

In your Heart there lies your home, the place so large, for some unknown;

This place is now being shown to you, in the truth and in the silence;

Showing you, amidst such chaos, so much love and light so vibrant;

Allow your Heart to open wide, revealing purity inside;

Unveiling all that is so true, allowing light to come to you;

In the opening of your Heart you begin to feel at One;

A part of all that is created, as one , all is undone;

Let your Heart unveil to you all that is, all so true;

The light now fully opens within you the greatest gift;

Releasing from the Drama, seeing order grow amidst;

Allow your mind to now be still, amongst all the current commotion;

Allow the Heart to fully open, bringing order through devotion;

For your Heart it holds the key to connection and to elation;

Showing you how deeply Source assists you through jubilation;

In the Heart there lies a compass, pointing North, unveiling truth;

And this light will always guide you, and assist your every move;

Opening fully now to Source, let it shine and let it guide;

As your heart is now complete, as it has opened oh so wide;

And in this opening Source is revealing such divinity inside;

So never doubt you are supported, you are loved and you are guided;

In the Heart there lies the key, with Source you are united;

As the Heart is opened wide, as such love revealed to you;

Find peace and deep serenity in everything you do.

For amongst the chaos and commotion lies a light so deep inside;

An everlasting companion, eternally resides;

Within the Heart you find your home, the truth of who you are;

That light is that of Source, and is always by your side.

Tammy L Majchrzak

Easter 2017