Get Real with Lightbody 220423

There really is a lot of nonsense coming out about the lightbody and certain things we have to attain to, to enable us to experience our lightbody. This is not truth. I’m going to be quite honest, these are human belief systems, human creative imagination about the Lightbody.

People are coming out with a lot of nonsensical glamourise ideas. 

The truth is there is one complete Lightbody and that’s it. But people have to make it grandiose and add things to make themselves seem important. I’m only being direct and truthful because it’s the only way we can truly experience Ascension.

There is just one Lightbody, and it is holistic/one/already complete.

The work we are here to do is on the mind and thought processes not the Lightbody because it already is a living breathing light vessel that gives life to everything. So we do not need to amend it, fix it or grow it because it looks after itself through source.

If we think of the Lightbody as the “substance” that enables us to incarnate into physical Beings, we are beginning to understand the divine metaphysical aspects of Lightbody. It is a complete Divine system and cannot be altered. It is its own conscious intelligence.

Metatronia energy is Source energy bought to us only through the divine direction of Archangel Metatron to assist our light evolution.

Part of this evolution is to let go of all the glamour and identity stuff, the flamboyant aspects of spirituality because most of it is absolute nonsense to be quite frank with you. I don’t apologise for being direct because the best way that we can evolve is through truth.

Metatronia energy is divinely designed to work through our Lightbody filtering into separated consciousness to bring universal awakening. Which is the true vibration we are before we become physical Beings. This is our evolutionary journey.

The lightbody does not need altering or strengthening because it is already complete and active. 

It is more so the human mind and thought process/beliefs and programming that have to be worked upon. 

Humans need to focus on the real important work which is to shift from existing in separated consciousness into universal consciousness. Not to make up more glamorous ideas which serve only to deepen the connection to separated consciousness.

There exists The Light of Divine Law. The Law of creation. The light of the One Source. This Light governs the evolution of humanity and there must be a realisation of the importance of Divine Law. It is the path that lights the way for us.

Everyone has the codings to access Divine Law that is held in their DNA. You call it Awakening. Source terms it as alignment. Vibrational and conscious alignment with The Light of the Divine.

Not many are able to let go of separation. 

You can choose what you believe. Yet, there is a swift and simple way to open to your divinity. Simply opening the vessel to the Light.

This is what Archangel Metatron assists us with. The vibrational ascension of the human vessel. So let us choose the path of least resistance. The path that is illuminated in Light. You are already Lightbody.

With love,



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