The Art of Divine Surrender

Give Source a chance

As we embark on our ascension journey we so often seek physical tools to help us. Most people don’t realise when they consciously and energetically connect with Source that they must give it time, give it a chance. They often want a quick fix. This doesn’t work. Ascension is a transcending, upward shifting, vibrationally expansive, divine process. Acknowledgement of Source is paramount.

Many remain in the same conditioned, limited place. They are caught in the density trap with regards to reliance on such tools in the hope that it will magically shift them. This holds a level of spiritual ignorance. It is a journey of awakening whatever level we are at. Yet we live in a time now where the light is speaking to us to create the shift and move us in line with the divine evolutionary plan.

Many apply “add-ons” through limited consciousness. The tools and gadgets will work to a certain level but unless one is prepared to vibrationally align with Source through letting go and trusting in the divine geometries of light and sacred universal intelligence (which is not something that comes from us), they will always remain in the same place vibrationally.

When we connect in with Source, there is an aspect of handing over, trust and divine surrendering into the unknown. It’s not a crystal you can hold or a gadget you can use. These will bring slight vibrational and conscious shifts but on a limited level.

I see it time and time again where people are not willing to really expand into the light. They make little steps and then retract backwards.

When we open the vessel to the light of Archangel Metatron, his guidance is to “ trust, believe and be open to receive”. Many don’t know what this actually means. Source works it’s divine magic in a unique way for each unique soul. It cannot be owned or harnessed.

What we do see is how it works to vibrationally align us and then an energetic gateway opens to shift us. We will always “feel” this. That is how the light verifies. Through feeling the energy. Beginning to notice the divine synchronicities Source puts in place through an “empty” vessel, the moment we surrender. If we are still searching we are not sensing and we are not listening to the light. It beckons us to be still and to know that the support is there and it is shining through. We must stop to smell the Roses! Each have their own free will of the path they are journeying. Wherever that may take them, Source is on hand to assist us and vibrational alignment is vital for any part of this process. If not, one will only journey so far.

“What is it you are searching for? Something that you yourself can define? Source cannot be manipulated. It comes to you through an open and unburdened vessel. Those who have experienced this divine trusting and have fully surrendered all aspects of the fragile limitation in perception, have crossed through, beyond the veil of what you may class as three dimensional limitation. They have allowed the vessel to fully open to the light. This is a very personal experience and there is a simple way. To simply trust in the divine mechanism of the light. Trust in simplicity. Be open to receive”.

Metatronia energy Prepares and aligns the vessel to receive divine light. If the recipient is not consciously ready to let go and open, they will not experience the fullness of Source. They often “give up” being a receptacle, disconnecting the conscious connection because “things aren’t quite working out” how they want them to.

What we often find is that those who reside in a very fragile vessel, who perhaps have an element of fear, rigidity, and lacking trust, will only journey so far. Trapped in identity, they go round and round never truly shifting.

“We see many making giant leaps forward and then they stop, mistrust, mostly within their own ability. They fall backwards because they have not allowed themselves to vibrationally trust. Returning to the safe haven, controls and societal perceptions, beliefs, structures and manipulation. Some of this journey is uncomfortable. Source opens and reveals truth within you. Some of this impacts the vessel’s yet we ask that you trust and allow the light to just flow through you, to place you where you need to be. Through energetic Attunement we are able to connect with you and begin much preparation for the vessel to hold the higher frequencies necessary for vibrational evolution. Yes, this is going to bring changes which you may not expect or may expect something different. We ask that you give the light chance to show you it’s magnificence”.

Archangel Metatron can “take us to the water but he cannot make us drink!”.

We are moving out of the old ways of what people thought Ascension was. If we are prepared to trust enough, we begin to open the vessel to the magnificence of Source, which will instantaneously align and magnify the whole system. This in itself is an art. To surrender, to trust believe and be open to receive, as divine receptacles of light.

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