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Divine Light Harmonics


“And so as your vibration begins to rise your frequency/energy signature is rewritten and aligned to that of the higher chords of light harmonics. What occurs within the human body/vessel is you are not brought to a higher place or vibration at all but are brought into sync with your true blueprint vibration. Your light begins to come into line with the true divine harmonics that make up your soul vibration/source light vibration through the recalibrations of trust and surrender. Making way for the light to show you the truth of who you are.

It feels higher and is described as higher as it is a way of being that is different from the current density you feel within the human form. So grounded and trapped in a linear existence. Which, in itself, served and still serves to lift you into the higher lights through the realization and awakening into the knowing of a higher order. That there is something beyond the limitations some feel within their vessel/body. The restrictions become lifted through the illuminating light.

You ascend into the true vibration of who and what you are. As a divine light, that is loved and nurtured through the eternal rays of the One. Your electro-magnetic energy sparks and takes on a whole new radiance in line with the majestic Sun. Feeding your senses, awakening your vessel, every part of every part of you is awakened through magnetization and pulsations of Source essence. Pulling you up to the ascended state of bliss in line with the harmonics of the All.

So as you were living from the lower vibration feeding into the emotions, thoughts, mentalization, constantly feeding your senses, so that you become that which you feel, think, emote etc, now what occurs as your light is raised into the true divine harmonics of source being, you become one that is in alignment with your true core signature scale/sound/wave/harmonization and so you begin not to create your own existence through the linear, emotions, thoughts, but a divine reversal is at play where you become Source. Divine magnetism. You just are, in its simplicity. So that you no longer feed who you are through thoughts, feelings, emotions, but a kind of reversed osmosis if you like, begins to occur and transverse the way that you “are” through light illumination and harmonic tones and sounds through the language of the light.

Waves and pulses of Creator life-force eminate through the very core of your being. No longer oppressed and harnessed by the limited beliefs and mechanical constructs of the mind and linear thought process. You feel freedom itself through “another way of being”. You literally “light up” into the divine music of the Universe, that in its silence is the most magnificent sound you could ever hear.

Source feeds your vessel, thought, emotions, senses so that you begin to resonate to a higher chord. You are no longer limited and controlled through linear function and limitation of existence through just what you feel and think and emote.

Source light brings freedom from the old mechanical way of being, thinking, feeling into a whole new spectrum of light that reverses, brings clarity, stillness and becomes the truth of who you are. Our limited reality thus becomes limitless. Source vibration is freeing us from our own thoughts feeding senses, now it is becoming that Source brings us a whole new way of being. Our senses are brought to their true vibration light state. There is no more the struggle for light as we become and are light. Awakened and vibrating in our divine true form.

Our vessel comes into alignment with Source through the light codings, surrender and renewal process right into the core of our being, DNA/cells, the complete vessel is recalibrated. So that you no longer see source as something outside of you that makes you feel amazing, for it is something that is now your becoming through the light evolutionary process” .

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Source – Divine Conscious Intelligence


Source light is conscious and intelligent. So with this consciousness and intelligence it knows exactly what is required in order for you to ascend. When we begin to understand this, beyond a linear level, interpretation and feeling from the heart, not trying to interpret from the mind, we begin to fully integrate with the divine mechanics of universal light. That which is already programmed within us. There is nothing for us to force, releasing all expectations, we hand over to this great intelligence. That which is not separate from us. That which is eager for us to see all that we are, in our divine creation. In this stillness and surrender we find a deep inner peace. Something begins to awaken and we just become, that which we are divinely designed to be. Optimum vibrational functionality.

A conscious and intelligence that knows us, every part of us, as the divine truth that we are and so when we turn our awareness to Source, consciously so, we begin a journey of divine discovery. The beauty here is that Source knows. There is  nothing that we need to do other than to trust in our awakening, connection and expansion, and the deep love that the Universe holds for us as we embark on the upward vibrational journey of ascending into our divinity.

There is no Heart to awaken, activate or ignite for the Heart knows. Beyond the physical Heart is the seat of our Soul. The divine love that is present in all that is created. What there must be is an opening and trusting in this divine intelligence – Source.

When we begin to release all that is no longer part of or assisting our divine light matrix, the Heart is freed up and is then able to be at its optimum frequency, with nothing to cause separation from our true vibration. We are no longer off track. We are right in alignment with the light codings of the divine. Like a puzzle, a map, we found the final piece, we are on track. We are plugged truly in! To find our way, we must first find ourselves, and the truth therein through awakening to our vibrational reality. This can come from a simple shift in consciousness.

I see Ascension a little like this:

As an Apple falls from a Tree, it’s journey is downward, gravity pulling it to the Earth.  One day the Apple does not wish to fall from the Tree and embark on the same journey, over and over, repeating the same old pattern, growth, ripening, falling to the Earth. Instead the Apple wishes to alter this, to explore, there must be something more? And so when it is next ripe and beginning to fall it sprouts wings and begins to fly upward! This may sound a little bizarre to some but I was looking for a way to explain the Ascension. The Apple no longer wishes to follow the same old routine and patterning. Instead, it steps out for itself and answers the call of awakening. It is no longer clouded by constant separated consciousness, following same old, same old, instead it wishes to step out and rise above, to learn all the possibilities of the dynamics of its true self, and so steps outside of old conditioning and behaviour. It doesnt just want to drop to Earth and thats it. Instead, one day it awakens from deep slumber, a spark is ignited in its consciousness and begins to exercise that which is installed within its very DNA, that to uncover the very truth of all that it is.

When we embark on our spiritual path, soul journey, soul awakening – let’s call it Ascension, as it all points to Ascending, we may experience a little hesitance where we are coming out of the old and embarking on a new journey, new discoveries, new vibrations. So at times it can be a little daunting.  Coming out of the shell that has taken care of us for so long. Let’s face it we knew the drill, the patterns, the controls, the conditioning as we bimbelled along in life, as that is how we thought it was. But there is more, within yourself and uncovering the truth of your vibration, there is so much more. For we are not limited to mental, physical and emotion. There is another “dimension” to us.

We can talk of electromagnetic energy, Protons, Light, Atoms, Adamantine particles, magnetism, all of this, but the truth is, in its simplest form, that we are Light, every one of us is light, and we can choose to live from a limited supply of light or plug ourselves in fully to the divine consciousness and intelligence that we are. That is our choice. To awaken and ascend or remain in slumber and stagnate. All that it requires is a flick of a switch within our consciousness. Letting go of belief systems and sceptism. Letting go of all of those things, and just allowing ourselves just to be. Being open to every possibility. This will open the doorway for divine truth to enter.

We are Source. But along the way we have separated our consciousness and brought in self vibrational limitation. This is nothing new, this is what we are waking up to, our unplugging from Source. However, we have never been unplugged, just our separation systems got in the way and clogged the light mechanics. We are now in a time where we can fully open and awaken to the true light that we are, through divine light mechanics (conscious awakening to the higher divine plan and ordered Universe). The mechanics being that we are SOURCE. It eminates through every part of our being. We are divine love, divine light in all its glory, we just somehow along the way, forgot.

Trust in the conscious and intelligence of Source, for it is who you truly are. Just like the Apple taking flight, you are altering, you are shifting, you are awakening and you are ascending and the Universe has your back every step of the way.

We cannot layer the new on top of the old, there must be a time of unification, vibrational truth integration and trust and with this, that which no longer serves us will melt away, dissolve and be released. This also is nothing new, we are not learning anything new, we are awakening to vibrational truth, and along this journey there is a guiding light and intelligence so bright and majestic that will light your way. An intelligence that will answer your call and guide you. It may take you to places within that are uncomfortable, or decisions to be made that are difficult but ulitmately it is always pulling you higher, that essence that you are magnetically linked into is calling and it will bring to you the most magnificent of awakenings, events, sensations, feelings and vibrations, so that you begin to live life fully alive and to experience all that you through the highest vibration, that of Love.

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Beyond Form

“You were created from the vastness and omnipresent light

Therein lies no boundaries, limitations or controls

In your divine design you are without limit

You are beyond form

You are created from, live,  and return as light

You are omnipresent divine Beings

Dancing in the eternal Sun

In your living so you are “