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Removing Distortion

As we are in a year of great reveal and truth, I felt it necessary to mention something that makes me smile at times and I find it intriguing at the same time how the separated Human consciousness works. This is part of what you might call the human condition. Caught up in the cycle of identity and the necessity for grandiose ideology.

I’m writing this as I’ve just been sent an invitation for a light activation. It has to be said that within the separation arena there is an aspect of the Human consciousness that just doesn’t see divine truth. Most are caught up in a place of ideology and identity philosophy. Where they feel that the more descriptive words and the more grand they make something sound, the more appealing the offering. This is not necessarily so and forms part of the limited consciousness playing field that some still find themselves in.

When we truly work with light we will relinquish all of these aspects of the separation. Ascension is not a game to be played from the limited consciousness idealism but an opening into the divine truth and simplicity in being as we surrender to the light.

This might be read as not a pleasant post but I do feel it’s time for the truth to be revealed in all its glory. Above the identity and egoic self. There must come a point as we open up to divine truth and we just allow source to be our guide.

There will come a point perhaps when we have worked with a spiritual teacher where we may take what is offered, experience, and allow the vessel to just be part of the journey of truth once we are truly connected.

There comes a time when we move on and we expand into our truth wherever that might take us but above all there is one true source that will lead us to a place of great truth. On a path of true enlightenment.

I have always listened to the voice of source. I have never worked in the field of competition. There came a point when I connected with the light and I saw the truth that was revealed to me. The souls that have assisted me on my initial path of awakening I truly honour them for opening up a doorway to the divine.

An important part of this journey for me personally was the relinquishment of the idea of taking that which was learned and then trying to make something else from it. There was a point where all this was dissolved as it formed part of a limited conscious state. That wasn’t an easy journey. As the human condition if you like, has a programming that would want to still dwell in a place of competition and survival. That would want to alter that which is divine.

With Metatronia (Source) we are not playing in the density realms and we are not part of the separation. The vessel can no longer tolerate that which is not truth. This is partly why I am posting this message.

I have to say that there is a feeling of spiritual discipline that arises within my vessel. A divine ordered vibration that no longer tolerates anything that is not truth. It is what I can only describe as a feeling of a very aligned and vibrationally disciplined state. As if there are particular codes within our behaviour and being that must align to this direction from light. For me, it always has had a very specific order to its sacred geometry. I must reiterate that this is not an easy post for me to write.

I feel that the reason for this feeling I have within is to do with this being a time that we have the greatest opportunity to truly ascend. As if the light is beckoning us to see with an open heart that there is an opportunity in this lifetime to truly align.

We are in a time where we are able to, if we truly wish to, to open up to the divine truth of the One and within these vibrational realms there is a great purification within all of the separated structures of the human form.

If we wish to truly see we must relinquish aspects of the separated mind. This, within the dynamics of Ascension, for some, is one of the most difficult things to “achieve” vibrationally. I mention here “the two become one” in relation to the separated mind unifying with the whole (Source) and becoming one. Many are surface dwellers in the realms of Ascension and are caught up in a wheel of spiritual elusion.

I am guided to say that I cannot disclose much more on this as it has to be a journey of expansion and truth vibrationally within each vessel and that most sacred journey has to be and form part of your own awakening and Ascension path.

This is not to be seen as a judgement rather than an observation of how humans still choose to play in a specific field regarding Ascension.

Of course, when we embark on the Ascension journey it is a very unique experience. Whatever we feel resonates for us forms part of that journey, but above all this there is one overall guiding light and when we fully and unequivocally allow this in the true journey begins. We may stray off course but the light will bring us back home.

This is why we have the foundation set up to, I guess the word protect is used best, the purity of source as it is coming in and assisting us. It is not something that comes in and then becomes distorted because it cannot be distorted this is why we are working on expanding and opening ourselves to the truth and vastness of source. This is why we make sure that this light remains as it’s pure state. It is not coveted or distorted by the human hand but forms part of the grand expansion into divine truth from the most magnificent codings that cannot be diluted.

If the vessel is not ready for this it will continue to play out within the limited structures of the separated mind. And so is not yet ready for the unified mind. But continues to obstruct the true connection to source to take place.

In this expansion and alignment there is a great restructuring and transformation especially within the thoughts and mind reality. It is something that has to be said and this is something that I indeed adhere to.

Source will show us when something is not in alignment because we feel this vibrationally within. We come to an energetic point where we can greatly sense that which still forms part of the limited conscious field. Whether this is felt within or around us. The vessel will alert us to this vibrationally. If we are lost within the limited consciousness there is much that is played out in the identity realms.

We are being lifted up out of the separated playing field, uniting with the most divine aspects of our being and we have the opportunity now to experience this if we so choose.

It is not an easy journey vibrationally but we may reach a point of complete dissolution of the limited known structures and programming, we may find ourselves floating in the great void of nothingness and yet this great nothingness is bringing us home to our truth. We must be willing for a short time to float in the aether with the Creator, the unfathomable, that is guiding us to our true awakening.

I return to the aspect of not “seeing”. There are parts of the human psyche that are not seeing. And of course it is all part of the Ascension process and a very unique and individualised journey.

However, there are vibrational aspects to this once we meet a certain frequential place we are lifted up to the next, then the next, then the next, the Gates are open, and we keep going and expanding and lifting up higher away from the distortion field.

The more that we lift up and align with this higher light we are assisting in shifting the consciousness on the planet.

Something that may feel uncomfortable to mention but forms part of the vibrational sickness is the separated distortion that is within the human vessel rather like a virus that requires to be healed. This virus resides in the separated consciousness. It is through the light that we are being lifted up away from what we have created in a mass conscious level. It is the light that is the healing elixir and it constantly connects in and guides us from a very still and silent place. Linking deep within our DNA.

I wanted to mention here perhaps going a little bit off track but when the vessel is experiencing pain and trauma and also illness, disharmony there is a place within us that is not part of this “ordeal”. There is a place within us that is part of the eternal that sits at home within the vessel for a short time. For the light is eternal and dwells within the very heart of our being and whatever we may be experiencing in the “physical”, this light that is the soul, is only dwelling here for a short time. “To be in the world yet not of it” reminds us that our soul light is present in the human form for a short while and the light beckons us to experience this truth and in unification, all becomes one within the physical. The soul lights up the complete vessel and becomes one without separation or distortion.

Is the path of enlightenment and the assistance of the light codings that we are able to tap into part of the evolution of humanity that we must partake in, in order for our overall survival? Are these light coding something that has always been evident and form part of the programming of humanity? Throughout time is the Ascension journey something that every human has been open to? Is our very existence part of a divine plan and ordered Universe? Only you within your true being can answer these.

I cannot reveal much more about this at this time but I guess from this message you can grasp that we are being asked to lift up and away from some of the identity aspects that just serve to keep us in a place of separation, competition, ideology, and further enhancing the limited consciousness.

I must admit to now dwelling in the place that has little tolerance. This is not in a negative way but in a vibrational way where the vessel can no longer tolerate that which is not part of the divine plan. It is time for “real”-isation that this light is real and it is assisting our journey.

Again, this might be read as a not so comfortable post but I felt it necessary to mention. If I were to leave this physical form this would be the message that I would leave – to truly ascend we must be open to receive the light which is assisting us in aligning and moving our vessel into the correct vibrational state. For this, the aspect of surrender, is paramount.

You have a choice to continue to play in the separation or a choice to relinquish all that no longer serves the vessel as it lights up and Lifts up into the higher realms.

This journey cannot be explained as it is something that occurs vibrationally between the vessel and its source. As we are open to what we would call higher dimensions of reality. We do our best to explain in the physical and yet the journey itself is one that occurs through the unseen.

I assist in helping you and guiding you to an initial gateway. The journey that unfolds after that is your unique connection with source. I mention the invitation to an event I received because we each will reach a point where it is not necessary to load the vessel with continuous applications, initiations and things that we feel we need. We begin to really tune into our vessel and to know that we are fully supported by source. We must allow the process of light integration rather than continuously loading garments upon garments as we search for our truth.

Of course, it goes without saying, that there are those who initially assist you on your journey of awakening. There are those that are here to guide and support you. But above all of this there is a light that is your truth. That is the place to vibrationally reach in order to uncover divine truth.

Can the fragile human psyche reach a point where it no longer relies on external factors as it embarks on its Ascension journey? Where it no longer requires somebody else in the physical to support, as it moves to a place of divine union with Source. As it reaches a place of great trust and connection and lives and breathes the light of the one as it also becomes so. As it dissolves and unites with it’s true garment of light.

I can assist in helping you to initially reach a gateway and thereafter know you are fully supported by source. When we rely on somebody else we often mask the divine vibrations that are linking in with us and asking us to trust in their ability to assist us. A most sacred and divine essence is assisting you. Open your heart, open your ears, and open your love to receive.

Trust, believe and be open to receive. You are the light and the light is within you. As you match the frequency you open the gateway to the eternal.

With love



Tammy Majchrzak

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Metatronia – Supporting Attunees



I just wanted to mention that there are lots of people currently being attuned to MT. As light practitioners we are there not only to attune and support them, but we must be open to offering guidance and insight for their ongoing journey. In essence, we don’t just attune and then leave them to their own devices. We are there as an ongoing support system to support their unique journey and Ascension for as long as they require our support.

We are working with source and there is no higher resonance. We have a duty of care to support each divine soul who is embarking on the most magnificent journey.

We know and are aware that this energy is very powerful. And we will all experience our own unique connection. Within this transformation with the connection there can be physical and emotional, along with tremendous and most powerful spiritual experiences.

We are currently working on another workbook to outline source dynamics to bring some further insight and guidance. This will be ready very soon and shared to all practitioners.

What I wanted to mention is when we are opening to our true source we may experience a great upheaval in our vibrational patterning.

What this means is that there may be times of feeling a little bit low, flu symptoms, not wishing to mix with the outside world, feeling of wanting to do nothing, disconnection, or just feeling a little bit debilitated and overwhelmed. Some might be wondering what on earth is occurring within the vessel and their external, internal world/known reality.

It is true to say, there are some that reach a certain point and do not wish to cross over the “threshold”. It feels more comfortable to stay as they are and go on with their onward separated consciousness journey searching for something to be placed on the vessel that is immediately going to transform them.

True Ascension involves true alignment and the journey involves vibrational alterations. Releasing that which no longer serves and opening to the very truth that we hold within.

“For there lies within your biochemical structures, a most ancient divine strand”, in what you class as “DNA”, that is waiting for this light union through your conscious and vibrational expansion”.

As we open more light within the vessel there will be changes. This is due to the light vibration recalibration within the vessel at a biochemical level. If you can imagine we have been running a car that has a particular fuel. As source comes in, it purifies, releases, ignites, aligns and fills the vessel with its true “fuel”.

This fuel (light particles) is going to run it on and to its most optimum capacity. There is a little time of adjustment that is necessary. The more that you can come out of the mind and thought led reality and processes, and just to realise that this is a time of great realignment and recalibration.

“Something most divine is occurring within the very heart of your being. It is not something to be taken lightly or to be ignored as you are embarking on the most sacred transition”.

For how do we know we are altering if we cannot feel? And the best way that source knows for us to experience our expansion and alignment, is to feel this through vibration.

All of our senses work through our vibrational reality. That is how we are incarnate. A beautiful and most divine system that is so eloquently put together and it’s ultimate capacity is felt through vibration. This is why we have tremendous transformation. For in order for us to transform there must be changes which may be subtle or monumental. This can only occur through our vibration. Feeling, sensing, emotion, experience, physicality, mentality, and spirituality.

So be there for each soul that may come to you. Honour the light that is within you and that works through you. Honour their journey and their trust in you. Know that you yourself are greatly supported from the higher realms that work through love, harmony, honour, simplicity and above all divine truth.

With love

T xxx

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From Kristina Mie Andersen, Denmark, MTFOL Trustee –

Random thoughts from a Dane on Empowerment, MT and how to be of Service🌱

We don’t have a word in Danish that can translate easily into Empowerment so it has been integrated into our language as a foreign word.

I’m somewhat of a geek in many ways, and I like to look up the actual agreed meaning of a word – just to learn what the dictionary teaches us about certain terms and labels.

Empowerment from

1: the act or action of empowering someone or something: the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties

Examples of meaning:

Malcolm X, the eloquent spokesman for black empowerment who, in 1965, was gunned down at the age of 39 in New York City, continues to influence the political, social, and cultural climate of our society. ~ Joe Wood

Therefore, part of the cure for poverty was empowerment—training the residents of a poor neighbourhood to organize themselves and learn to get things from the power structure. ~ Nicholas Lemann

2: the state of being empowered to do something: the power, right, or authority to do something

I have been gathering experience with the MT Light Counselling since November last year in different ways:

1) A 33 day Light Counsel process including 2 MT Distance Healing/Massage sessions. Light Counsel has been done through Messenger and the setup has been to just exchange with the Counsellee whatever came through and to assist them during whatever would transpire from resting in Source Vibration for 33 consecutive days.

2) Soul Alignment Attunement followed by a 33 day Light Counsel process aimed at assisting through whatever was brought up from the alignment process and to help them rediscover the dynamics of Source – how to live a Source-led life. Especially the surrender aspect has been in the foreground as it is ever so challenging for our Ego’s. Again done through Messenger. It was suggested to not write every day to also make space for the silence and what occurs in that divine space.

3) A 7 day Light Counsel process for one already attuned with the Soul Alignment Attunement. This particular Attunee had had serious trouble sleeping both before and after Attunement and I had the feeling the Attunee could benefit from a holding space with the Light Counselling aspect of MT but I had no idea how it would work.

Here are some of the findings from the processes I’ve had the honour of partaking in:

Ad 1) Being of service through the light, not imposing tools, techniques or teachings but offering nothing but my presence and continuously bearing witness to what was unfolding just from being consciously connected with MT has taught me heaps.

The less doing, the less imposing, the fewer goals/wanting/will/agenda I had, the more unfolded by itself. And did so graciously, effortlessly and also very lovingly and harmoniously.

It at some level shook my world, as I am trained as a psychotherapist and also have knowledge of coaching, and although neither of these modalities needs to be forceful in any way – there is always an element of “getting the client from A to Be”. There is a sense of ‘work’ and ‘working’.

With the MT Light Counselling, this is totally refrained from. I, of course, fell right into the trap several times and could easily feel the response from Source and the Counsellee: pressure, discomfort, distortion.

So my main takeaway was “the less I do, the better”. I had to redefine myself as a person of being of service. I had to let go of ‘giving, doing, facilitating, working, being a therapist’ and relax totally into trust and being.

Nothing more nothing less: ABSOLUTE TRUST AND BEING IN ZERO POINT.

Ad 2) I’ve facilitated several Soul Alignment Attunements but offered as a one hour distance attunement. I was, of course, available to Attunees for them to contact me if and when needed after the Attunement. Through that experience, I learned that most people actually have a hard time self-regulating and flowing with the dynamics unfolding after an Attunement although all the support needed is inbuilt in the Attunement itself.

So after finishing my own Light Counsellor Training last year, I had the idea that I would like to combine the SAA with a 33 day Light Counsel process.

It is again amazing to bear witness to what unfolds after an Attunement. I kept getting the impulse to not superimpose anything on the Attunee but “walk beside and just offer my presence”, maybe a bit of timely advice, sharing of personal experience or perhaps a few inputs from my professional background.

I found that most of my work with the two Attunees I have been working with through this setup has been to act as a sounding board. For them to write whatever they felt like and for me to listen, to really pay attention and perhaps ask questions back. Gently offer a few words of inspiration for them to find their own way back to their Source, so they start trusting tapping from their own wisdom and connection.

Now – back to the very definition of Empowerment:

1: the act or action of empowering someone or something: the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties

2: the state of being empowered to do something: the power, right, or authority to do something

What is it we actually do with the MT?

I honestly don’t think we can empower each other. It is a personal choice of each person if they wish to take back the power, they currently are giving away.

But by acting as a focal point for MT Source Vibration, the client can empower him or herself.

So we act as a focal point. Nothing more. Nothing less.

By being this focal point for MT Source Vibration, we offer a space of enabling. We offer a space for that person to choose to rediscover their innate Source.

What I have learned the most from MT since I started my training in November 2016, is the delicate balance between humbleness and my own empowerment.

There are so many pitfalls when being of service. The gravest is thinking one is God. Well, in a way, we all are, and we are all doing Gods work, but the LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM WHICH WE SERVE makes the whole difference.

I think we as facilitators – whatever level we work at – if it is for our own personal benefit and that of our friends and family, if it is in a professional capacity, as a “teacher” – we have to do our own shadow work.

By that I mean to ask oneself deeply:

Why am I doing the work I am doing?

What drives me?

What would I lose if I suddenly did not do my work / was unable to do my work?

And the surface answers are not sufficient.

This kind of self-inquiry will reveal motives that can be very self-serving and that is perfectly fine. This is the exact purpose of asking these questions. It takes real courage to ask these questions.

Getting the answers – not the right answers but the REAL icky truthful answers can spare us and our clients loads of time, money and heartake as we can proceed to work as facilitators conscious of our shadows.

The key is to be aware, to be honest, and to constantly monitor oneself and one’s motives.

We have a saying in Danish: “As the devil reads the bible”.

This saying is all about how we as humans can take any beautiful tool, modality, teaching etc. that was made for serving in the name of Divine Order, Truth, Love and Light and still use it as a tool to serve the Ego.

Being a so-called spiritual teacher is, in my opinion, the most strict spiritual practice of all practices – even though I don’t like to label and compare things.

Spiritual teachers have to navigate in a field of projections, their clients “positive projections” of the teacher being the “saviour”.

Spiritual teachers are dealing with broken people – often very broken people. We have to be mindful of what that implies and what it requires of us to not continue the unhealthy learned behaviour of asymmetrical relations, codependency and lack of trust in the self already being fully able and capable.

I know I’m touching on a delicate subject but this has been inside me for some time now and I find it important to address our role, our work and the pitfalls and to have an open, honest and respectful dialogue about it.

Much love,


My Response:

Hi Kristina, you are such a radiant and most beautiful soul! Such a lovely post. I wanted to thank you for this. I have nothing more to add as you put it so eloquently. It is most important to note that as we are lifted in service, to the highest realms of the most divine, to be aware in our transparency, the realisation that we are light facilitators, there to support, guide and assist and yet being the conduit for Source, as we hand all over, in our divine transparency, to that living light that is. It is from a most humble and yet the most divine place that we work from, and there are few that can work at this true level, reached through their own divine expansion and awakening experience. The Light Counsellor training leaves no stone left unturned with regards to truly working and being of service to the Light and this is a special and most divine vibrational place. That is why I set it up, I am not selling the training lol, it takes care of itself and draws those who are truly ready. It is vital to be there for those we are assisting even after attunement/counselling etc. Being a focal point, I love that. Thank you. We have to release from all of the self to feel the freedom of our soul and this is a vibrational place one that is reached when we have released the garments that we believe to be our reality, to lay all bare so that we can rediscover our true garment of light. Thank you so much for your post. It is very important. xxx in love, light, honour and divine gratitude to all that you are. xxx