Christmas Message 2019 – To be in the world but not of it



“As your light grows the energy in the vessel shifts you out of limited consciousness and all the lower dynamics of separation, into a place that is loving, nurturing, real, expansive and vast. Any interaction with energies that are not in alignment with your magical sphere of Source, you will sense immediately as distortion. You are reminded to release from that which perturbs the spirit.

As your light grows within you move into a place where there is simplicity, light, abundance and stillness. A place where your vessel feels at home. You begin to see through the magical “I” of “One” rather than separated viewing. You find peace in Oneness.  Your mind unites with the rhythm of the Infinite Heart.

“Keep the vessel light” is the message. To know and feel where your energy is aligned. You begin to feel as if you are in the world but not of it. Not as you have been. You see it from a different place, visually, vibrationally and energetically. You are lifted up and out into the fullness of your divine being. We bring you elevation through the enlightened vessel.

Your vessel vibrates at a higher “octave” to the lower frequencies. You are awakened to all that you are by how you feel within. As the light of the One pulses through your veins. You release the restricted, linear way of being, opening to the fullness of light and all the magic that brings.

The vessel fills up more, as you let go of structures, within and around you. You will no longer entertain density of any kind. You are more able to be in the vibration that befits the vessel. No longer surrounded or a participant in drama and toxicity. These are the ways of the restricted vessel. Bound by its own beliefs and separated identity.

The whole Universe resides within you. You have awaited the return of the One that showered the way, many years ago. The One that held the truth of light. The One that came to light your way. His love and light lies within you. Your vessel is the home of the divine and most sacred light. You are a way-shower. A holder of divine blueprint. Responsible for the evolution of your species, through your vibrational advancement.

We speak of alignment as this is crucial for your awakening. Your part in this is to be assertive and to let your vessel be at peace. We have guided you time and time again to allow your light to flow unhindered. Your part in this is to be aware, more so than ever before, of the importance of vibrational alignment. Relinquish the fragile ways of separation. It has served its purpose. You must now make way for the light of the One to return within the heart of Humanity. This is your ‘conscious” part in this divine process.

This precious dynamic is so very simple in its application. For the light flows to you through a coding of the highest light. A divine symphony that plays through the wings of light. Entering the vessel through the vibration that your vessel creates through peace, love, oneness, joy, harmony, laughter, and elation. Above all, we mention again Peace, as peace is the vibration that creates the desired state of vibrational equilibrium within your divine instrument.

You are a vessel of light. Allow that light to shine. Let it have its place. Let your heart sing and your eyes see only love. Let your seeking be quenched in the sea of solitude, and your body rest in the abundance of light.

We ask you only to align. To come to our meeting place. To be in the world yet not of it. As you were born from the stars, and it is the energy that guides from within the very heart of you. Allow the light to find home within. Create the environment that it requires. Love, peace, stillness and harmony. That is all that is asked. As you embark on the coming of a new year, and as you greet it through harmonisation firstly within, you will be ready for the abundance of connection, light and divinity that will be bestowed upon you.

Your vessel is already ready. It must now be consciously prepared. Trust, believe and be open to receive. Be the receptacle of divinity that you are.

Archangel Metatron

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