Light Emergence Update 03032022

We are in a time of divine light emergence. One aspect of this, and one which has raised it head a lot lately, is how do we emerge fully into our own light? When we feel so much around us that knocks us out of our alignment. That which soaks up and drains our vital energy.

The key here lies in letting go of that which perturbs the heart, weighs down the spirit and suffocates the soul.  It is a time to let go so that we can emerge fully in our light.

“Let that which is truth come to you through the joyful spirit, the expansion of the vessel so that it can feel all that it is beyond doubt, beyond restriction”.

That which we carry or are open to each day, which is of a lower frequency, perhaps we do not know where a relationship is  heading, trying to understand others and where we fit into their jigsaw of life. Perhaps there are those that we don’t truly trust or fully understand.

We feel weighed down and drained. This is not to be our focus.

The time has come where we must focus on our own light and allowing it to flow unhindered. And in this focus, there is stillness, peace, simplicity and unburdening. Let there be truth in all aspects of your being, and no longer to be caught up in the drama and density of life.

We are training the identity body to open fully to its divinity. The gateway is the Heart. You see, you are not here to be bound only by the physical. Many are feeling the difference in vibrations.

This is a great key to ascension. It is not about competition, or conflict, unease or trying to fathom. These are limitations. Rather, it is a gift from Source to show you what needs to be aligned. To remove the focus on that which is not important. To increase your vibration so that it becomes aligned in truth.

The vessel moves into ease, rather than flowing against the tide. With acceptance from a higher conscious level, there becomes greater understanding, there becomes peace within all aspects of your being.

“Time enough you have wasted;

On that which is starving your light;

In your releasing and trusting in Source;

You open to the magic of flight;

Allow the vessel to release now;

All that it no longer requires;

All that perturbs the love light;

All that crosses the wires;

Breath and be open to receive;

The love, the light the peace;

Your vessel is now coming home;

through trust, expansion and release;

Open your heart to truth now;

Open the vessel to light;

And in your surrender and trusting;

The vessel begins to take flight;

Oh divine vessel of beauty;

Holding secrets yet to unfold;

Expanding the vessel in love now;

As light you begin to emerge.”

A time to let go of all that no longer serves us, that which weighs down the emotional, mental and physical body. That which brings you out of alignment.

You will feel all of these as weight within the body. A feeling of walking through mud, foggy, density. As if it is blocking and holding you back. In freeing the vessel there may be aspects that we are holding onto for dear life as we do not want to lose something dear to us. However, in our flight, we must be ready to let go and to trust, in our divine surrendering.

Source will bring that to you which is vibrationally balanced, and also show that to you which is not.

“It is time to bring your energy back fully within so alignment can take place.”

We have the choice to experience all that we are in this lifetime, or be limited to that which we understand.

When we embark on our “ascension” there are aspects there in that will guide us, to experience fully, our divinity. Yes, we can choose to stay safe in that which we know, or we can open our wings and fully take flight into unchartered territory, the great unknown, the mystery yet to be told. That is a choice we must make for ourselves.

Source will help us every step of the journey, and although there may be aspects that are uncomfortable, it is into the abyss of light that we must stride, to begin to fully awaken to all that we are, all that we are becoming.

If we reside in a closed vessel we are living from limitation within the vessel, limited capacity.

This will cause frustration and fried circuitry. As you are not allowing the flow of your abundant light. It is almost like a student, wanting to learn, knowing one has much more to experience, yet limiting the self to only one book!

“I now open fully to all that I am”.

For the Human identity wants to hold onto things. Perpetuating the same old ideology and motions. Whatever it is that is restricting your light at this time, let it go. Breath, smile and honour yourself, above all else.

Open now to love, let your response be love, in all aspects of your being. For love brings truth and openess. We open to the heart – the gateway of the eternal spirit. The light of the One resides within our Heart.

You will find great emotional freedom when your focus is on the greater whole rather than on the fragments. Bring yourself into your divine alignment through the releasing of that which perturbs the spirit. We learn much from others, and in doing so, we learn much about ourselves. Live as a limitless Being, a vessel of the eternal spirit. Embodying the divine.

“You can choose to dwell in confinement or soar high above with the stars”.

The mental body can be very active. When we are focussing internally. When we focus more “outwardly” we are no longer confined to the little details.

We no longer have to fathom and try to work things out. For these are all part of the limitation within the carnal structures.

We are in a time of great light emergence and we are being guided, through our vessel, that we must be prepared to let go, or around and around we will go, limiting our light, starving the vessel, unsettling the spirit.

So free yourself, from now. Relax, breath, smile. Be at home within your light. Have your focus on that which is outside of the turbulent mind. Rest in the light of the beating heart. The home of the divine within.

“And in freeing of the spirit there will be great joy found”

02032022 update:

This is a very poignant message. There is much conflict going on right now. Conflict also within and around the vessel.

Those enduring abuse and violation on many levels, whether it’s through war, relationships, narcissistic connections, enduring mental, verbal and physical abuse. It is very much up to us to stand in our own power. It’s time to take a stand and to do what’s right, to allow the true, authentic and unhindered flow of our own beautiful light.

We see it time and time again. Those that show one side of themselves as balanced and righteous and then behaving in the exact polar opposite in other situations.

How much goodness we could do in the world if we could see our own light and the power of that light.

The light is our truth and releases such fractures.

“These vibrational fractures are created in the human mind and thought process. This behaviour is so far removed from the path of Light. It displays the “energetic sickness” that many are affected by through their own misguided reality and born from separation identity” (Archangel Metatron).

In essence no human being should cause harm to another human being. On whatever scale, there must be harmony. For anything else other than harmony is a display of a fractured mind, heart and soul.

So it is time for us each to be responsible for our own frequency and how we treat other people. This will send a message of light through our own vibration which will ripple across the globe. We will come into unity. Not only within our own being, but also uniting together on this beautiful planet that we reside on.

It is time to release separation and come into unification which happens through the very heart of our being, through the essence that we define as love. For love is the light of the divine. A light each and everyone of us holds within us and can be released instantaneously. It is the most magnificent and powerful frequency that we have.

With love,



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