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Source Simplification

Ascending man 1

Source is here to show us the new way, and yet this new way is an ancient way, an ancient light, an ancient code. Part of our awakening and ascension process is to uncover all that we are and yet there are times as we delve into the realms of ascension we prefer to swim deeper into the depths of separation. Superficial spiritual journeying. Only allowing that in that we can control or manipulate, often on an unconscious level.

Within the human psyche there lies an idea that we must be someone, prove something, require verification or validation of sorts. A journey we feel that we must orchestrate, fathom and unveil. Source is guiding us that there is a new way, one which lies in simplicity. Where we hand over and allow Source intervention. One where it is not necessary to have to be somebody or prove anything, rather, as we open and ascend within our true light, much of what we believe up to this point, begins to melt away, dissolving as our Source light is revealed.

As we open to the truth within we begin to reveal our divine essence. This opening and embodiment of Light opens a gateway of truth, and aligns us, creating a journey far greater than one we could ever imagine. This is why, when we allow the connection with Source, we begin a journey of great transformation.

As we stand in our true aligned state, we begin to live and breathe from the sacred geometric life-force that aligns us with our divine design. That which dwells in the realms of freedom and transparency. This light within us is the living, breathing, conscious and most intelligent life-force of all creation.

The more that we surrender to our conscious and intellligent light, the easier we will find our ascension journey.  There are aspects within ascension where we must relinquish that which we believe to be our conscious reality and allow the vessel to surrender to its Source.  That which is here to assist, uncovering and unburdening, so that we can feel the freedom within, that leads us to our vibrational truth, in our time of great reveal.

There are those that feel that they have to further complicate and burden the vessel with man-made ideology. The need to create more glamour, identity and weight to the already burdened vessel. Source is showing us that the more we are willing to release and surrender into the realms of the unknown, the more that will be shown to us, as it becomes our new reality. When we release into our vibrational truth, we then become aligned with our true purpose.

Ascension is not a playground. It is not game-playing. We are open to the truth of Source as we embark on divine surrender. Source assists us in the reunion with our divinity. The more we lighten the vessel, the closer the connection to our Source. We become authentic.

We can see many glamours being played out in the spiritual arena at this time. It is wonderful that mankind is awakening however there are aspects of glamours that are showing up through linear concepts and separated ideas. The more glamors the more disruption. The more disruption the further we move away from finding our truth. We are guided to come into the truth of our being, through simply allowing Source in, truly connecting beyond illusion.

Source opens us up to the journey of the soul. It is a light shining so brightly that it cannot be ignored. It will burn through all illusion & distortion, and raise the vessel to a place where it can once again feel alignment. This involves a specific vibrational coding that is delivered unto the vessel as it relinquishes that which is not truth. It is a sacred geometric code that ignites within us. It is within our own being that we ignite this code. The key lies in divine surrender.

This cannot be found within the realms of linear concepts. It is a most sacred journey of unity and vibrational alignment. For there is a light, the brightest that shall ever shine, that is here assisting you as you move from the realms of separation into the realms of Source light reincarnation. It is here, now, for you to experience, as you open to light.

You are not here to struggle. You are not here to continue a journey of separation. Do not keep the light from entering through linear obstruction. Give way to the abundance of Source that pierces through to the very core of your being, showing you the eternal light that is your salvation.

“As mankind vibrationally awakens in light there will be a reunion with the divine, and through this amplification of Source the vessel will open up to a whole new level of consciousness. It is from this new awakened consciousness that humanity will bring the light of the One home”.

Tammy L. Majchrzak

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Limited Perception

We often see the world through our limited perception. This can be quite damaging as what it does is everything we perceive we do so from our own level of understanding and our own level of learned consciousness. What we understand we allow in.

We cannot continue to view the world in this manner as it causes further separation and identity crisis.

There is quite a fascinating human psychological aspect of limited perception and how others apply the vibrational place that they are at to everything that they encounter. It’s rather like “well I don’t understand it so it can’t be true” or “ I’m going to take that and make something else from it to what I understand and to what I can control”. Altering something so that we can control it, manipulate it and own it. Yet it goes even deeper than that into beliefs, encounters, limited structures, limited consciousness, emotions, actions, communication, ideology, separation, all of which create a reality that is self-limited.

There has to be a change in perception when we allow something new to come into our vibrationally field. Otherwise anything that comes to us we will allow it in from a limited place of understanding, a limited conscious place. A place of control. What this does is continues to limit our awakening through our controlled perception.

We often talk of the art of surrendering which is paramount when we delve into the realms of Ascension. There must be unity in all aspects of our being so that there is relinquishment of the separated mind as it becomes one unified wholistic system that is united deep down even into the cognitive state.

For we cannot try and be something or achieve in the higher light arena when there are still aspects of the separate self existing. This just creates further separated illusion.

For our manner, communication, behaviour and the very essence of our vibration is an amalgamation of all of these aspects which make up the human system.

The divine human system is the amalgamation of light within all of our systems, uniting into a place of Oneness, unified whole.

Ascension is not a game to be played or more dressing of the ego to be added to limitation and ideology. Source does not harbour density it will work with the vessel until all aspects are cleansed, released, purified and aligned. We must be willing and open to journey within this divine aspect of our being completely and as we surrender our vibration alters. As we release that which no longer serves, although there may be a wanting to hold on to what we know, we become freed into a whole new level of being. One that exists beyond limitation.

The Human energy field is very easy to read. How we communicate with others and indeed how we communicate within ourselves, is a great indication of where we are at vibrationally.

For mankind to ascend and evolve into the higher vibrational template there are changes that must occur within the very mind of man.

We can sense density, separation and illusion so easily as it is an old patterning of behaviour and restricted vibration. It is actually like a strain that has caused restriction within the DNA. We have become self-limiting through the way we perceive and use our mind and thoughts.

There is a most divine aspect to all humans. If they are truly ready to awaken and receive and to come into alignment with their true source there has to be a relinquishments within the identity and belief structures.

There are those that can no longer tolerate density in any form as it is felt as darkness within the physical system. You can feel the vibrational imprint through the behaviour of others and observation of where they are at vibrationally in how they communicate their “vessel” to the world.

This is why we work through light to bring purification and alignment. There are those who are not ready to reach this point as they choose to hold onto aspects of their being so tightly that they are not ready to cross over into their true garment of light.

Perhaps take a moment to observe aspects of the self that you hold onto, behaviours, reactions, sensations, all of these make up your vibration where you are right now. Some of these behaviours are deeply ingrained. We can begin to assist this by almost becoming the watcher. Observing aspects of our own limitations that may bubble up from time to time. We do not need to analyse why they are there we just become aware of them and then release them and the more and more we become aware when they show up, through triggers et cetera we just observe, non-reactive, and allow them to dissipate. This enables the shell we have created to crack wide open and to truly allow the light in.

The more we give energy to something the more that it will exist.

We have the choice to remain in this place or we have the choice to allow our wings to fully open. The choice resides within the very heart of us.

Are you ready to wake up to your divine alchemy? If so then you must be ready to relinquish all that you are which you hold onto so dearly which serves only to keep you in a state of separation. If you are truly ready to awaken to all that you so divinely are then the controlled aspects of the self identity must be released.

If you are truly ready then we begin to come into a place of unity where all that is not part of our divine make up begins to dissolve and what will then occur is across humanity there will be a grand opening and alignment into the new design of “human” which exists through love, transparency, harmony, joy and divine unification. No separation.