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New Way of Being – Vibrational Truth through the Trilogy Masters of Light (Archangel Metatron, Jesus/Isa – Thoth)


The Trilogy Masters of Light are here at this time to assist our light evolutionery process – the ascension and awakening journey of mankind. They are one in the same. They have, through time appeared in the physical or as vibration, but always as ONE, ultimatley working at the direction of the Creator, the ALL – Source. We know them as Archangel Metatron, Jesus/Isa/Yeshua, and Thoth. From time to time messages are conveyed to us, that are very direct, to help us to take the leap of faith, to wake up to our divine alignment and how Source is assisting us. When “we” is mentioned it is conveying the energy of the Trilogy that is being interpreted. We can also interpret this as the higher consciousness. The essence of our being that resonates at the highest frequency.  This frequency that we can all tap into conveys messages of understanding, that resonates deep within us, perhaps that which is encoded within our very DNA! That which is the very heart of our being.

If we were to communicate in a language that you fully comprehend, that would be meaningful right now to your perception of reality as it stands, so we try this aspect:

You’ve got to come out of the mind led reality as it no longer serves you. The constant thought processes that you seem to dwell in. It is time dear ones, to put this to the side, to allow freedom to bestow every part of your being. Your experiences up to this point have been a journey, a journey that is limited to a thought led reality. What we are asking is now to hand over and begin a new level of being. A new way of being, a new Being entirely!  It is time to let go of the story. To let go of the limitations. To allow your vessel to open to the very fullness of your being.

You don’t need to live in the mind. We have mentioned this before, as round and round it goes. Experiences, interactions, judgments that have formed your “belief system” is no longer valid, no longer relevant. Very self limiting. For you are here in this earthly form to experience all of yourself without control, without boundary, without limitation. We don’t want you to be restricted to the “denser” mind, thought led reality but embracing and opening to your “new program”, that which is just “being”. So you are not trapped in the mind/thoughts process. Yes of course you have experienced that thoughts create your reality. What we reveal further is that beyond thoughts and mind, there exists the  most divine frequency, that which awakens and aligns you to the universe. That you are an integral part of. That is beyond the self limitation reality that you have built for yourself. We call this “self confined reality”. 

This is a chosen vibration. You can choose to be the old same story, or you can begin to allow yourself to fully open and expand into the light, the very codings that exist within your DNA. You are a recepticle of light, of the highest order. It is not separate.

This message has been told time and time again, over eons! For some it filters through, for some it becomes too complex. We are moving you to the understanding of just being. The simplicity in being, so that every aspect of your vessel can align. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. In fact, we are asking you to hand over any and all notions of separation, of any fixing, and just allow yourself to be. How swift this will be felt within your vibration, when you just are, it all just is. Simplicity. Making way for the full light spectrum to be felt within all of your being. You are ONE……no fragmentation…do you see? When you just “are” you are in and become divine flow. 

The connection is not complex. The connection is who you already are, it is just that you chose to remain in a fixed point. You chose to be at the helm and that you will find out truth however that may appear to you. Some say this is part of the great mystery. That it is your choice as to what you wish to uncover. You exist in this denser reality. You feel that you are alone. Let us say this; Humans are the only species that chose separation, that consciously work and exists against the flow in some way or another! Flora and Forna, all that which is created is aware on some level of the divine and ordered vibration. The very essense of all things created work in unison with divine harmonics. It all just is.  

You already see some of the workings of source all around you, but the magnificence of the internal truth within you, you are still yet to uncover. Some are awakening, some still reside in an unawakened state, the truth and the mystery lies in allowing yourself to just expand into all that you are, beyond limit. Let there be no confines. Let there be no absolutes, just divine truth unfolding. 

You are not experiencing all that you are from this fixed point. As identity keeps the rigidity. You don’t realise that there is something magnificent that is part of your very being. Because you allow yourself to lead the story of life’s journey from a fixed vibrational point, therefore you exist in that vibrational reality. Too fixed, too confined.  You don’t have to run the show anymore…allow yourself to flow with the divine. 

Lightworkers are aware of this vibrational shifting. That is why they are here to assist in your aligning. The divine being the purity of your vibration for it to be unveiled as your true form, without density. This is not mastery, this is awakening.

Just one conscious thought and “belief” (most human’s exist through belief ‘an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof”) is all that it takes to allow yourself to open fully to source. Allowing the process. Allowing….surrendering, opening, expansion. Conscious application of the One Source Frequency. 


We cannot put it any blunter or any real’er! if there is such a word! For within your vibration there is a higher frequential patterning. It has actually always been there it just became masked over, through your unconscious separation. This is why we speak of “Awakening”, “Alignment”, “ascension/Ascending”, as it is all to do with waking up to the truth of your very being.

Your circuitry will no longer be able to hold the lower frequency. When you enter that low mode, what will occur is a heightened sensation, a “depression”, an outage of your circuits. A mis-match in frequency. We have spoken before that you are not designed this way, to be lower vibration/density. It just doesn’t fit your design, and you know when you reach the lowest points of vibration within the vessel, those points so far from alignment, as there is only one way that brings you back into alignment, well two – light and love which is all ONE.

You are designed to feel the difference in frequency and you have a choice as to how you resonate. Higher or Lower, higher being optimum frequency. Higher – aligning with the divine. And it flows, it is natural, not forced. When you exist in the density that takes much harder work to be this way than it does to just flow. Your vessel works much harder to stay in the density. 

The physicality of the Human vessel is organic in nature. It is a living, breathing organic light life form. Designed to resonate through optimum frequency. A vessel that encompasses a trinity within its electricity- Living Light, living Love, living divinity. Man is a biological transmitter for divine light. A giver, bringer, holder and receiver of the divine light encryptions. 

What we are asking is for you to allow the unrestricted flow and fullness of the higher frequency within your vessel. Allow the absolute!

Human nervous system, artwork

By low frequency we mean all the ways that you have been, how you communicate, how you hold onto,  how you may harbour experiences, judgement, how you use the mind as a house for all your experiences and how you hold onto hurt, pain, emotionality. All this is not what you are designed for but somehow it has become you vibrational home. Your programmed reality. If only you were truly aware of the divine that resides within you and how your conscious awakening into this light will assist mass changes within the Earth’s Spectrum. 

Mankind’s mass physicality, mentality and emotionality at this time, is only a reflection of what is occurring around and within him. There is a heightening of dense vibration within the earth plane at this time, which is a reflection two-fold, man’s thought led reality – and – the impact of this thought led reality. With just a slight shift/altering in the consciousness there is an altering in the internalised environment, not only within the human vessel but externalised into the actual, earth, pyhysicality/environmentally. Thoughts create reality. A great shift therefore is required within the very heart and mind of man that will have a most positive impact on the earth’s physicality. Source has already placed the divine designed programme within the human vessel as light encodings. The key resides in the action of love, and all aspects therein.  The greater the conscious expansion in number, the greater the actual light impact not only humanitarianly but universally. 

Time to align with the Divine vibration within you. You have lived on the surface, through experience, emotions, judgement and now you are finding new depth. 

Words may provide more complexity, when we feel something that is our verification. Source is asking you to now feel, to experience where there may be outages in your frequency and to notice how you are and as you work from within individually, great changes will occur universally.

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Metatronia Therapy -Source Dynamics

Metatronia Therapy is Source Frequency. It may be termed as “Electromedicine” (healing through Source Light electro-magnetism). It is Quantum vibrational Light assisting the preparation of the Human vessel (form) for Ascension.
The light received from Archangel Metatron aligns you with the Divine light and conscious vibration of One. Separation becomes unification throughout all living systems. Metatron re-unites you with your Soul Song and re-ignites the flame within, aligning you with your divine truth and the glory therein. MT is not solely a hands on healing energy. It works through physical and distant application.
The vibrational integration is formed from the intelligent and most conscious life Light (the encoded light from which all is created). Metatron is assisting the re-integration with “Divine Wisdom” that “vibrationally” restores and alters the physical vessel back into its divine body of light through ethereal and chemical interaction and restructuring”.
Metatronia Therapy is not bound to energy healing. It has a unique purpose that is here at this time to assist the light evolutionary process for mankind, and is beyond measure. Those that feel ready to embark on their ascension journey may feel drawn to this vibration. There are great transformations that take place when receiving healing or becoming attuned to MT. Trust, believe and be open to receive, in your divine surrendering to the Light of the One.
MT is involved in the Bioenergetics* (‘*energy flow through living systems’) – the Energy transformation with the human system from connection with higher light vibrational codings thus aligning the human vessel with the true light blueprint required for Ascension.
There are many ways, perhaps, to explain the process and “mechanics” of Ascension, however, with Metatronia vibration it is all kept very simple. As your vibration shifts you begin to feel the greater connection to Source and the myriad of support and transformation that brings to the Vessel.
We cannot quantify or measure Source as the exact mechanisms are unknown from a linear perspective. What is known is that as your vibration begins to shift and align, a whole new level of light and life experience is opened before you, as you begin the journey to your true awakened vibrational state. Truth is what you feel, and what you feel becomes your truth. Source unveils the truth to us through our vibrational experiences.
“At the direction of the El’Ohym, Metatron creates and generates the sacred geometrical Light Codings of the Ascension Programs for Humanity’s Return to Source at this time. Metatronia Therapy re-aligns you, as an extension of Source energy that you are, to your original Source Frequency. As well, as reintegrates the Metatronic Consciousness within you and corrects the electron spin field, to pure positive energy. This then aligns one to anchor and embody the Divine Light of the One that you truly are, within the holographic matrix. Metatron aligns, corrects and unwinds the perceptions of the mind that has perceived the self as separated and fragmented, and offers an accelerated opportunity of re-alignment to the Pure Inscription of Light of Source that you are”.
This divine Vibration is involved in the light evolutionary energy transformation mankind is experiencing at this time and is ever altering, ever expanding, ever aligning us. The frequency does not allow us to stagnate. As you surrender to this vibration it assists you as you shift higher into becoming “Divine Being of Light”. Your true source essence is revealed unto you.
Your part in this is the surrendering and expanding, aligning and awakening journey. Right now is exactly the right time. When you are receiving healing or becoming attuned there is a vibrational union that connects you to the true light that is Source. This light is always shifting in line with the Divine Universal law and order.
This is “Light preparation of the Human Vessel” in all its forms. We are awakening to a new state of being, a higher, conscious awareness of the greater reality. The truth that we are becoming as we open to the dynamics of Source.
The healing frequency is only but a small percentage of what the Frequency is about. Healing the self, healing others through linking with Metatron and Sacred Geometric Codings. There is greater transformational work going on within the self bringing about many changes on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Aligning your Soul Core Resonance. This occurs through “Vibrational Light embodiment regenerative stages”. For some this is very swift, for others it may take a little time. There must be a time of surrendering, to just allow, to just be, to allow Source to make itself known to you, above and beyond the carnal/egoic structures of man. For your true light exists beyond restriction.
“The truth of light will be known to those who truly seek”
“What you class as “healing” is more so vibrational alignment. Within your becoming vibrationally aligned your vessel (body) in all its physicality (mental, emotional, physical, ethereal) becomes at- one within itself within the Universe. You become aligned. Within the source light is a myriad of unique energetic “prescriptive” elements specifically “entwined” for your unique formation. This light encompasses “elemetal” inscriptions that assist what may be misaligned or requires “rebooting/replenishing” within the living system. This we apply to you through the Light of Source”.
Through the link with Source coding – Archangel Metatron is catapulting many into their true soul state of being. You are coming into your divine power/essence/true soul source activation. You are being opened to a magnificent journey of the self, opening, letting go, shedding, undressing, release from old programmings, old behaviors, control aspects, ego aspects, linear mind, structures, control and blockages. Spontaneous healing of the many bodies within the physical vessel (body). The challenge perhaps is your divine surrender and devotion to your own soul path and journey.
“This Therapy is much more than what many term “energy healing”! It is not “energy healing”. It is alignment to Source”. – Valorie Farber – Metatronia Trustee –
Tammy Majchrzak
Metatronia Foundation of Light
October 2016

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Archangel Metatron

I often am asked “Who is Metatron”? – and as I answer I ask you to feel what resonates deep in your heart centre. For what you feel within you as sensation that comes within the heart so this is truth.
Metatron, Archangel Metatron, Lord Metatron – He is the brightest light. Not a physical form as we know it, as humans,  but the brightest and highest of lights, that sits closest to the Father/Creator/God frequency. For it is all about vibration. Some put him in a physical dressing, as in, they see him as an angelic form (which is often a human pre-disposition, a human creation).
Metatron is a vibration of the highest order. We will experience him however we choose to experience him, but above all the carnal structures and imaginations, he is pure source of the highest vibration. He does not judge, for there is no judgement. He is pure Light, pure Love, pure vibration. Some state that he is here to fix humans and to judge us to put us on the right track. That is incorrect, again that is a human pre-disposition, that of judgement. No higher vibration is here to judge us, rather to assist us in alignment. For there is no judgement in the the higher realms, the vibration is above all that the human mind can construct, and above any old belief systems, whatever form they have taken.
Perhaps when we put away the need to identify and control, or live from old methodologies and beliefs, a place of eternal knowing will unveil itself within us. that which does not require structure or identity, but lives from a divine consciousness and not a “learn’ed” one.
We have the ability now to live as our divine truth, which will release many of the old mechanisms and beliefs.
Archangel Metatron is here at this time to assist the Light Evolution of mankind. Whether we choose to believe this or not, this is what is occurring, right across the spectrum, for all living Beings, for all living things, for all that exists. This is not new, this is from the beginning of time, there has been and will always been divine plan and order within the universe, and now we are living in a time where we can consciously awaken and be part of the divine evolution.
“There is a washing away of all that is not truth”…………
If we are to truly begin to understand Archangel Metatron and his role in ascension, then we have to begin to let go of any pre-conceived notions and let our mind be still, opening the heart to the eternal gateway, wherein lies no explanations or conditions for they are not required. A place where the truth will flood our very soul.
Metatron is the highest guiding vibration in the Universe. He works from the instruction of the One/Creator Life Force. He is the overseeing vibration of all light and life that exists within the Universal Spheres and has a very close affinity to mankind as he assists the great Leap (Light Ascending Evolutionary Process). Overseeing all transformation and ascending processes and vibrations. There is no higher resonance.
Life is ever changing, ever evolving. If we look briefly how we are born, we grow, we alter in height, shape, size. Our minds, they grow and we feel that when we reach that of adulthood the growing stops, even as we get older, we may shrink, our body is constantly changing. We are constantly evolving and changing even if we are not so consciously aware of this fact and process.
Metatron lights the way to our very soul. He works through Source Divine Sacred Geometric Coding/ Diamond Crystallined vibration. He is an eternal source of endless divine energy flow. Linking us consciously and physically to the continuous flow of the eternal One True Light that exists within and all around the Cosmos. This knowledge and understanding is what will free mankind and bring him back to his true divine state. The Master Key is simplicity in form and being.
These are the most important key ingredients that Metatron guides us to use in order to connect with him without hinderance or barriers. If we ask him to assist us, our part in this process is to take part, with all our heart, mind and soul and to trust the process.
We will experience major transformational changes. His purpose is to bring humankind to the true higher frequency. The secret here is that he knows you, your blueprint. Your part is to trust in this process, and some parts of this journey and awakening process can be and may be uncomfortable to experience but is all a part of the divine opening and transformation into the light. He is able to reset and align you to your true state of being.
What does Metatron look like? – You may visual him with a physical Angelic appearence, or just sense him as the vibration that he is. His true form is that of the highest purest light coding and vibration/energy/frequency. Try not to limit him to a particular colour or a “learn’ed” way. Let him flow to you without construct, without limitation. With complete free flow.
Let him flow as the divine light that he is, through every part of your being, he does not require identity, an aspect we so rely on as humans”.
Metatron will work with each divine human soul, so uniquely, so diligently, so honourable. Your part in this process is to honour this connection as it is opened before you.
Are you ready and open to receive? If that is so, then a most magical and transformational journey awaits you …