Happy New Year 2023

“You are the ones who bring light to the Earth” – Archangel Metatron.

The message will always be the same. We, as Humans, within our divine design, are the ones who bring light to the Earth.

For within the very heart of our Being we hold the sacred coding, bestowed upon us, at our time of creation, that will enable us to shine the brightest light upon earth.

Look around you. The chaos, the distortion, the playing out of separation and self-focus.

We are so much more than what we currently believe ourselves to be.

As each heart opens, simply to the realisation that we are Source, there will be a monumental shift for humanity.

We cannot dwell in this density.

Let the heart lead. Let the mind be still.

Within each heart lies a gateway to the eternal Light. This Light resides within every living vessel.

It is our responsibility to open to all that we are. We are the ones who hold the Light. We are the ones who are each a channel of the divine.

We are the ones who shall illuminate the Earth.

That is our only task.

Happy New Year 2023. May you know of the divine Light that you are.

May you open to the love in your heart.

Through the simple action of allowing the organic flow of love, we shall balance the Earth.

As we consciously unite through Light, we align the vessel to divine order.

This is the wish of the Infinite One.

Trust, Believe and be open to receive, the love and light that you are.

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