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Acceptance & Verification of the Self

Do you constantly seek acceptance? That is, are you constantly wanting others to accept you? Feeling the need to prove yourself, and working hard to verify yourself?  We live in a society where we constantly seek acceptance but above this, and more importantly, we seem to constantly seek acceptance within our own being.

The mind, within its formulated and constructed identity searches for complete acceptance that something is ok, even within the self. This can be perceived as self judgement, not feeling complete, and the need to judge and seek verification that we are ok from others. Or we feel the urge to receive constant healing, or a new thing to align us in our belief of the requirement to be “fixed.

This leaves us living in a place of denial. Denying the magnificence of our divine creation. This insecurity within us is no longer required. This is an old dressing, an old condition, an old methodology. old belief structure. It can lessen the vibration as it brings you into a frequency of lack. You do not lack, there is no lack, there is only completeness.

You are complete and perfect outside of what you create within your mind/thought mechanism. Put all this to the side and just allow yourself to flow in the vibration of the NOW moment. Allow the mind to be still from all the thought processes that lead you to feel that something requires fixing within. For you can go a lifetime of requiring fixing or searching for that lack or what you think requires fixing when underneath, when you open fully to Source there is an awakening to divine truth and you begin to resonate from a higher platform/vibration/frequency.

Source guides us:

“Dwell in a vessel that knows there is nothing to fix. For in your perpetuation of feelings of incompleteness there is an element of lacking. You feel you require fixing or aligning because that is the only reality that you portray as being your reality from this fixed density consciousness point, when in reality it is not so. In reality, when you release from the constant thought streams of inadequacy and lack, you begin to dwell consciously in and as pure source. Your vessel will align automatically with the higher light grids, that are already part of you, in all its glorious dimensions. The two become One”. 

(The two become one referring to the split mind/separation/separated consciousness/split atom!)

There is no requirement for acceptance, only to our divine truth. There is no requirement for you to seek acceptance outside of yourself from others. Be true in your own resonance and trust in that. Acceptance is not required.

“Do not look outside for what is already within”.

When you seek acceptance it is almost as if you are asking “is this ok, am I ok, is what I am doing ok, Is it ok to do this, do you like what I am doing, and so on and so forth, it becomes an endless spiral of feeling you require acceptance, people accepting of you. You are handing over your powerhouse. Release this for it is not required. No acceptance is ever required, only that of knowing the divine that you are. Accept that and nothing more. Let yourself flow in the now. Not thinking, just being, a Being in divine flow with the universal rhythms/divine intelligent conscious algorithms.

Accept within your being the divine light that you are. Accept this from the conscious place above the old structuring that feels it requires acceptance, then let it go. For you will never seek acceptance again. For you will awaken to the realisation that acceptance is something that is formed from conditioning and societal behaviours. You are whole, complete and dearly loved, in your perfection, already perfect form, perfect design whatever you may do, whatever you may be. Accept only your divinity.

For mankind is moving into a time where he becomes consciously and physically aware that he is designed as a receptical of light, he becomes light, he functions as light, directed by light, not from separated logic and ideals. The mind and thought process begin to change in line with our light evolution. Moving from mind lead to heart lead reality.

When we begin to “consciously” make this shift, using the simple tools that Metatron guides us to use (Source Encryptions as vibrational flow), this will open up a whole new spectrum and dimension within our “consciousness”. We will no longer seek acceptance or verification from others, for we will trust in the ALL. We will trust in our divine maki-up. We will awaken to the magnificent of just being.

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Above the Glamours


Above all the scriptures, writings, channelling, guidance, above all of this lies pure Source. And it will speak as divine truth to you through vibration. It does not work through glamours or labelling. Inner Light Sensation is your verification. What you feel as the most divine vibration is absolute truth. What use are words when you cannot feel? What use are promises if it is not truth? Humanity is moving into a new wave of communication. That which is from the heart. That which is silent. That which cannot be quantified. For there is much ego surrounding spirituality. Much game playing. Much ego boosting. That which is divine lies above the carnate. Above linear structures. Above competitive vibrations. Above egoic Function. Above illusion. For Source does not exist through dressings. It dwells only in absolute truth. Which lies far from glamours. When the ascending journey begins all is stripped away leaving the mind as a conduit for divine light connection and not as it is currently being used as a strengthener for separated consciousness and disillusion. Go within and seek that which already lies there. Source connects to you constantly. Truth comes from within as it flows from the divine eternally as part of your Being. As you surrender unto the light you will encompass all that is. In divine surrender. You Do not require identity to form who you are, or to make who you are. Mankind has formed himself layers of identification which only serve to bring him further into separation. Do not fear the magnificence that you already are. Source always serves you and will continue to serve you. The only request perhaps, is that you begin to trust in the revealing and unveiling of your true self.

“Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.” – Max Planck

“An ego leads itself into the depths of disconnection whilst knowing itself as fundamentally faux.”


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Source Divine


I believe in an absolute divine truth and that truth is beyond all. It cannot be measured or quantified for it just is. That truth is beyond what we term religion and spirituality. It is the One, the All. It is all truth beyond individualised beliefs. It is the One vibration that is all things. It is what all stems from and is created from. It is Source. I have known this ever since my incarnation on this earth, within this human vessel/vehicle. Which felt the contrast the moment I took that first breath. Many feel this. This is not beliefs or conditioning. This is a deep inner knowing which is verified as we connect to Source. The One. The All. Mankind will open to his truth as he surrenders unto Source. It is beyond the linear structures. It is our true resonance. And this truth will be known through vibrational verification. We will be and live from divine truth as it is revealed unto us. Which comes from vibrational alignment. We align with the All. Source is not control. Source is not religion. Source is beyond spirituality. Source is. We are source. When we fully awaken to this all else will fall to the wayside. As we become that which we already are, consciously. Let the truth of light be known.