I just wanted to share something here which I think is very poignant.

Sometimes as Lightworkers when we are offering an energy session whether it’s in person or through distance, the recipient might return with “I did not feel anything” or “did you go ahead with the session because I didn’t have any sensations.”.

I am sharing the answer that I have recently given to somebody because I think it is vastly important.

We are being guided that just because we may not experience something as an “expectation” of what we think is going to happen, (preconceived ideology), does not mean that the energy is not working with and for us.

When we let go of any and all expectation and preconceived ideas, we begin to lift out of the limited, linear programming, three-dimensional living for want of a better term, which results in a grand expansion of the vessel out of the limited consciousness and expectation arena.

This is a very important vibrational dynamic at this times.

When we are receiving a distance energy session, we must always place ourselves in an environment where we are able to relax fully, undisturbed.

No two sessions are identical when we are working with Archangel Metatron. Each session lifts us higher so the sacred geometrical codings of light are vastly different each time we connect.

I will impart at this point, if I may, that I personally have found the greatest shifts through Source, when I was totally unaware that something was occurring. These are the divine dynamics of Source light. This is why we must have trust in these magical dynamics. We do not orchestrate. We are open to receive whatever the light wishes to bring. This opening occurs through mental body relinquishment.

The light can send the vessel (body) very deep and it is through this light “trance” state of being, that we are able to lift higher into the arena of light expansion and divine connection.

As I write this, I still feel a little bit of resilience through the human senses that are not yet ready to fully experience and let go. This will come as one relinquishes the idea of what Ascension is thus enabling the vessel to truly and “organically” feel vibrational freedom.

There is often a rigidity in the linear, mind thought lead reality. The rigidity dynamic here can stem from trauma, abuse, mental, physical and especially fear-based cognition. The more that we expand in the light, whether we “physically” experience anything or not, the more that we begin to free up the vessel. For where we are heading “vibrationally”, the mental/linear dynamics are not necessary. Not in the “limited” way we have been using them.

The light, as it connects with our vessel, is teaching us how to “come out of the resistance especially in the linear body”.

Disconnecting us from programming and expectations. During a Metatronia (Source) light exchange, we are “energetically” lifted out of the “physical form” to enable the “vibrational body” (vessel’s energetic template) to be “light enough” to float in Source Aether. If we are harbouring certain energetic patterns that are vibrationally keeping us heavy in the density, this is where the light experience differs for individuals.

“The lighter the vessel, the greater the experience”.

So we must be ready for the light to work through any aspects of the self that require releasing in order for the vessel to become lighter. The mental body holds the greatest weight with regards to energetic density.

During a light session, if somebody doesn’t see shapes, colours, or have “vibrational sensations, the Source light connection would still have been made. It is just sometimes the mind can be so active that one does not allow the vessel to “drop to a deeper state of relaxation” necessary to have a “vibrational experience”. 

“The light works through silent dynamics”.

There are not always colours, shapes, sensations et cetera during a Metatronia session. That can be an expectation and we are asked to let go of any expectations. 

For example: The MT Supernova session is a very swift and high input of Source light frequency and the “connectivity” is happening “above the level of consciousness that the recipient is currently aware of. Senses, feeling, visuals etc. 

“Trust in what is happening above the known senses”.

To reiterate, just because we may not experience anything doesn’t mean there was no connection. Just because there were no lights etc, that one might usually “expect” and experience, doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a vibrational exchange. 

There may still be some expansion and energetic alignment that is necessary and the advice is to trust in the session and what unfolds thereafter.

Source is extremely unpredictable to the programmed mind. It’s dynamics work above our known and learned senses. So we cannot possibly ascertain what is going to occur. This is when we fully expand and trust in divine alchemy.

“An expansion in mind is necessary and a relinquishments of preconceived ideology and expectation”.

This may sound very direct, however it is a very poignant message to assist our Ascension. It is up to each recipient how they wish to perceive this message. Always without judgement.

Disappointment often comes because there was an expectation and that comes from dwelling in a level of limited consciousness. In order to ascend, we are guided to let go to allow all of our limitations to dissolve. This is why we are often taken to a vibrational place that lifts us out of the physical vessel template.

Archangel Metatron works to lift our light and consciousness higher. The greatest experience we can have is when we fully let go and trust in the higher light dynamics. It is not something that we orchestrate. Expectations come from a limited consciousness. It is not a negative, it is a “learned” mental body dynamic that keeps us in a confined place.

The energies can work on levels that we are not yet consciously or physically aware of. As we expand in light we become more familiar with the dynamics of Source. It is very bright and very joyful and bountiful. If we have an expectation, we are living through limitation.

Just because you did not experience something from an expectation of previous energy sessions does not mean that the session was not “fruitful”. Bringing gifts to the recipient above what they may linearly comprehend. Showering the vessel with light codings that begin working to “vibrationally align”.

“Come out of the mind;

Move into the heart;

In the heart lies love;

The light is brighter;

In the mind lies limitation;

A barrier in thought;

Move into the heart;

The vibration is lighter;

Herein lies the gateway;

That will lift you lighter”.

When we completely let go and trust we move out of the linear. It is here in this divine and magical place that we truly begin to experience ascension.

“Relax, let go, trust, for in this place of vibrational freedom, you are held in the highest of lights”.

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