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From Kristina Mie Andersen, Denmark, MTFOL Trustee –

Random thoughts from a Dane on Empowerment, MT and how to be of Service🌱

We don’t have a word in Danish that can translate easily into Empowerment so it has been integrated into our language as a foreign word.

I’m somewhat of a geek in many ways, and I like to look up the actual agreed meaning of a word – just to learn what the dictionary teaches us about certain terms and labels.

Empowerment from

1: the act or action of empowering someone or something: the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties

Examples of meaning:

Malcolm X, the eloquent spokesman for black empowerment who, in 1965, was gunned down at the age of 39 in New York City, continues to influence the political, social, and cultural climate of our society. ~ Joe Wood

Therefore, part of the cure for poverty was empowerment—training the residents of a poor neighbourhood to organize themselves and learn to get things from the power structure. ~ Nicholas Lemann

2: the state of being empowered to do something: the power, right, or authority to do something

I have been gathering experience with the MT Light Counselling since November last year in different ways:

1) A 33 day Light Counsel process including 2 MT Distance Healing/Massage sessions. Light Counsel has been done through Messenger and the setup has been to just exchange with the Counsellee whatever came through and to assist them during whatever would transpire from resting in Source Vibration for 33 consecutive days.

2) Soul Alignment Attunement followed by a 33 day Light Counsel process aimed at assisting through whatever was brought up from the alignment process and to help them rediscover the dynamics of Source – how to live a Source-led life. Especially the surrender aspect has been in the foreground as it is ever so challenging for our Ego’s. Again done through Messenger. It was suggested to not write every day to also make space for the silence and what occurs in that divine space.

3) A 7 day Light Counsel process for one already attuned with the Soul Alignment Attunement. This particular Attunee had had serious trouble sleeping both before and after Attunement and I had the feeling the Attunee could benefit from a holding space with the Light Counselling aspect of MT but I had no idea how it would work.

Here are some of the findings from the processes I’ve had the honour of partaking in:

Ad 1) Being of service through the light, not imposing tools, techniques or teachings but offering nothing but my presence and continuously bearing witness to what was unfolding just from being consciously connected with MT has taught me heaps.

The less doing, the less imposing, the fewer goals/wanting/will/agenda I had, the more unfolded by itself. And did so graciously, effortlessly and also very lovingly and harmoniously.

It at some level shook my world, as I am trained as a psychotherapist and also have knowledge of coaching, and although neither of these modalities needs to be forceful in any way – there is always an element of “getting the client from A to Be”. There is a sense of ‘work’ and ‘working’.

With the MT Light Counselling, this is totally refrained from. I, of course, fell right into the trap several times and could easily feel the response from Source and the Counsellee: pressure, discomfort, distortion.

So my main takeaway was “the less I do, the better”. I had to redefine myself as a person of being of service. I had to let go of ‘giving, doing, facilitating, working, being a therapist’ and relax totally into trust and being.

Nothing more nothing less: ABSOLUTE TRUST AND BEING IN ZERO POINT.

Ad 2) I’ve facilitated several Soul Alignment Attunements but offered as a one hour distance attunement. I was, of course, available to Attunees for them to contact me if and when needed after the Attunement. Through that experience, I learned that most people actually have a hard time self-regulating and flowing with the dynamics unfolding after an Attunement although all the support needed is inbuilt in the Attunement itself.

So after finishing my own Light Counsellor Training last year, I had the idea that I would like to combine the SAA with a 33 day Light Counsel process.

It is again amazing to bear witness to what unfolds after an Attunement. I kept getting the impulse to not superimpose anything on the Attunee but “walk beside and just offer my presence”, maybe a bit of timely advice, sharing of personal experience or perhaps a few inputs from my professional background.

I found that most of my work with the two Attunees I have been working with through this setup has been to act as a sounding board. For them to write whatever they felt like and for me to listen, to really pay attention and perhaps ask questions back. Gently offer a few words of inspiration for them to find their own way back to their Source, so they start trusting tapping from their own wisdom and connection.

Now – back to the very definition of Empowerment:

1: the act or action of empowering someone or something: the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties

2: the state of being empowered to do something: the power, right, or authority to do something

What is it we actually do with the MT?

I honestly don’t think we can empower each other. It is a personal choice of each person if they wish to take back the power, they currently are giving away.

But by acting as a focal point for MT Source Vibration, the client can empower him or herself.

So we act as a focal point. Nothing more. Nothing less.

By being this focal point for MT Source Vibration, we offer a space of enabling. We offer a space for that person to choose to rediscover their innate Source.

What I have learned the most from MT since I started my training in November 2016, is the delicate balance between humbleness and my own empowerment.

There are so many pitfalls when being of service. The gravest is thinking one is God. Well, in a way, we all are, and we are all doing Gods work, but the LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM WHICH WE SERVE makes the whole difference.

I think we as facilitators – whatever level we work at – if it is for our own personal benefit and that of our friends and family, if it is in a professional capacity, as a “teacher” – we have to do our own shadow work.

By that I mean to ask oneself deeply:

Why am I doing the work I am doing?

What drives me?

What would I lose if I suddenly did not do my work / was unable to do my work?

And the surface answers are not sufficient.

This kind of self-inquiry will reveal motives that can be very self-serving and that is perfectly fine. This is the exact purpose of asking these questions. It takes real courage to ask these questions.

Getting the answers – not the right answers but the REAL icky truthful answers can spare us and our clients loads of time, money and heartake as we can proceed to work as facilitators conscious of our shadows.

The key is to be aware, to be honest, and to constantly monitor oneself and one’s motives.

We have a saying in Danish: “As the devil reads the bible”.

This saying is all about how we as humans can take any beautiful tool, modality, teaching etc. that was made for serving in the name of Divine Order, Truth, Love and Light and still use it as a tool to serve the Ego.

Being a so-called spiritual teacher is, in my opinion, the most strict spiritual practice of all practices – even though I don’t like to label and compare things.

Spiritual teachers have to navigate in a field of projections, their clients “positive projections” of the teacher being the “saviour”.

Spiritual teachers are dealing with broken people – often very broken people. We have to be mindful of what that implies and what it requires of us to not continue the unhealthy learned behaviour of asymmetrical relations, codependency and lack of trust in the self already being fully able and capable.

I know I’m touching on a delicate subject but this has been inside me for some time now and I find it important to address our role, our work and the pitfalls and to have an open, honest and respectful dialogue about it.

Much love,


My Response:

Hi Kristina, you are such a radiant and most beautiful soul! Such a lovely post. I wanted to thank you for this. I have nothing more to add as you put it so eloquently. It is most important to note that as we are lifted in service, to the highest realms of the most divine, to be aware in our transparency, the realisation that we are light facilitators, there to support, guide and assist and yet being the conduit for Source, as we hand all over, in our divine transparency, to that living light that is. It is from a most humble and yet the most divine place that we work from, and there are few that can work at this true level, reached through their own divine expansion and awakening experience. The Light Counsellor training leaves no stone left unturned with regards to truly working and being of service to the Light and this is a special and most divine vibrational place. That is why I set it up, I am not selling the training lol, it takes care of itself and draws those who are truly ready. It is vital to be there for those we are assisting even after attunement/counselling etc. Being a focal point, I love that. Thank you. We have to release from all of the self to feel the freedom of our soul and this is a vibrational place one that is reached when we have released the garments that we believe to be our reality, to lay all bare so that we can rediscover our true garment of light. Thank you so much for your post. It is very important. xxx in love, light, honour and divine gratitude to all that you are. xxx

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Ascension Dynamics – Truth Unveiling


I don’t tend to look at too much on social media. But recently I saw a post where it was mentioned that to alter and ascend our consciousness takes 10,000 hours. Why would you restrict spirituality to an aspect of Time? You cannot. It is something that transcends time completely. If we wish to limit to time then you can change your vibration in a millisecond. To put a timescale on it is not truth. We have the ability to alter our consciousness in one breath. We have the ability to change our perception in a heart beat.

No one can show you how to ascend, they can guide, mentor and assist you but ultimately they cannot ascend you. There is no time scale. For it is a divine and individual, unique process. To say it takes a certain amount of time is an illusion. A promise that cannot be delivered. Yes there may be time to prepare the vessel, to heal, to align, but the truth of ascension is not held within the rigidity of time. Vibrational prepration and alignment is a grand key in the ascension journey.

The most simplest of steps that will assist you is for you to hand over any pre-conceived notions of ascension and to allow the vessel to surrender to its Source, beyond the linear, beliefs, religion, for even in religion there is a human element that does not allow the truth fully in, only from what the current conscious level is willing to accept or that believes in through doctrine and methodology. As you open and expand, beyond restriction, you allow source to guide you as your vessel becomes aligned to the most conscious and intelligent light. The light of all creation. This is not religion, this is divine dynamics. To truly awaken to this takes an element of trust and handing over of the identity/ego aspects of the limited self.

For there is a divine mechanism involved in ascension and this resides far beyond the linear. It is a handing over, an opening of all aspects of the human vessel so that it can, once again, connect into the truth of divine light. It is not something someone can promise you or give you as opening to the dynamics of source (ascension) will remain a personal and most divine experience. It is not something that man created, it is the source that man is created from and is a most sacred part of. In the relinquishing of ownership and control, is where mankind will unite with his divine sovereignty. It is a new way of being, as your vessel becomes consciously aware of its Source.

What can be revealed is that the dynamics of this light is the same for all of mankind, it does not work through limitation and is the essence that will unite mankind through a singular frequency that will bring unity of heart, mind and vibration, as Oneness. It will not be sought from the mind but will be an energy that will ripple throughout every vessel. It is there now, waiting to be revealed. It is part of our very DNA.

There are many misconceptions and people are buying into it, which of course is free will, but let me impart that the truth of ascension is a very divine process and journey. The most sacred of transitions. The beauty and truth of which lies within the heart of the beholder.

It is, I guess, another human control aspect, to promise that which cannot be delivered, especially not from a linear approach, as we can only be guided so far. The truth is that this divine work goes far beyond anything we are able to yet conceive on a linear level. In fact, it may never be fully understood as it is formed from the most divine light architecture that has its own dynamic, a most important part of which is surrender.

There is an aspect of gullability and naivety within humans. Many are seeking the “holy grail” and seek those that can assist them. Yes, there is a place so divine that resides in the heart of every human and this most sacred place has a key that will unlock all of your divine potential. When you are truly ready, when you have sought the silence and truth within, then the light shall be revealed to you in all its glory. It is within our vibration that we will find that which we seek, and within our heart it will be revealed to us, beyond anything we can learn cognitively.

To limit “ascension” to time is a human aspect that creates still further separation within consciousness by those who attempt to lead others through misguided reality. You will know the truth of the light as it will guide you from a place deep within, and as you awaken more, your vessel’s electricity will more easily navigate you to the truth of light. It is a time of truth revealing itself. Let your vessel be your guide as it begins to recognise its divinity through the light that begins to emerge when the sacred space is created.

Archangel Metatron is unveiling to us that this unity in vibration is paramount for mankind and that within this unity and oneness, when one truly feels its source, all else will dissolve. There is a light here to guide you, if you are open to receive.

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Metatronia Light Coaching Programmes


I have a few Coaching Programmes available. The Programmes are designed on an individual unique Level. During these programmes we will link in with Source for the duration of the Programme chosen. Ongoing, uplifting, nurturing and aligning vibrations designed uniquely for you. The Programmes are seen as an investment in your onward, ascending journey. All Programmes offer intensive connection and support. There are Skype sessions available with each package or Telephone Support whichever is preferred. Please see the individual Programme Pages for further details.

Current Programmes:

Light Transformation Coaching Intensive Programme (4-weeks) – Investment £695

Light Counsellor Certification Programme – Investment £495.00

Visit for further details.


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The Amalgamation of Divine Intelligence

“The Heart’s intelligence is bountiful beyond measure. Living from the mind can bring limitation. The Heart simply knows. The mind seeks definition. The Heart already sees, the mind seeks. The Heart senses, the mind binds to distractions. The Heart is open. The mind seeks to understand through experience. The Heart simply is. Bountiful, open, loving, intelligent. For the Heart does not seek to understand. The Heart fills us with the most divine of intentions. Understanding without definition. To open to all that we are. Through the love that ignites the vessel. The mind seeks to fathom and requires verification. The mind can limit our perception and beliefs. The Heart is the ALL. When both are united, heart (feminine), mind (masculine) a great and mysterious unity ensues. Engulfing one in the bliss of all creation. The two become one. No longer separation within the vessel but an alchemical entwinement and majestic unity ”



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Divine Transmutation

“The human vessel is “transmuting” as the lightbody frequency is literally alive with light. This light strengthens, aligns, awakens and is literally “transforming” your very being as you are evolving into light. This light has always been around you, and at this time the human vessel is altering in its “transfiguration” into Homo Luminous. You are awakening and physically doing so throughout every part of you. As your vessel (body) is taking in more light there may be some resistance felt. There are many symptoms of ascending vibration and the human vessel portrays these alignment vibrations in many ways. You are guided to be still and know, that any light embodiment symptoms will soon pass as your vessel adjusts to the new frequency. There are many adjustments now taking place. You have felt this on some level, be it emotionally, physically, mentally or indeed “spiritually”. Much of which you have done in the past, which is habitual and conditioned in nature, which has found its home from within the limited consciousness, will no longer sit well within these new light Quantum vibrations. For they are of the highest, purest, most positive ‘Ions” that are filtrating through your energetic systems, as what can best be described at this time as electromagnetic energy spirals, working deep into the DNA. Rainbow, metallic, sparkling, divine Source emanating as light within. You are being “illuminated”. With the “sensitivity symptoms” much can be “experienced” within the Pineal Gland/Head area. As this is the integral meeting point of higher vibrational light integration” along with the heart center, being the first point of light. We may experience:

Hightened states of awareness

Feelings of coming out of body

Constant thought process
Spaced out
These symptoms will lessen. They serve as marker to validate the light integration. These symptoms show how much man has literally “existed within his thought led processes” and as these symptoms that are “fired up” lessen, man will begin to live from the higher light frequency, which is heart led not mind fed. Much is occurring within the light transition. You are literally becoming Light. Yes, there remains the physical body, and when we mention dimensions we invite you to look at this as vibrational dimensionality. As your vibration is raised through the light connectivity, you are literally able to transcend above and beyond the linear stasis. That is, you are now, as you surrender unto the divine transformational process, and acceptance thereof, able to journey to higher vibrational dimensions of “reality”. This becomes real. It is not something outside of you or separate but part of you. This is why when you are meditating, you are now able to link in more swiftly and be one in to the higher realms through Quantum Connectivity. As your consciousness expands outside of the linear, corporeal, living physicality into the embracing of all that you are through light evolution, you are awakening and becoming that which you are already “programmed” to be. Conscious Awakening into your Becoming. Awakening unto the light, that courses through your very being. Physical shifting to liquidity, fluidity as you are one with the light.
“Expand into your divine light as the Heart guides through sensations of a deep loving and nurtured presence”
You are programmed and divinely designed this way. There is no evading. It is and will be and is occurring now, outside of your earthly conditioned beliefs and rigidity in concept. You can choose to journey unconsciously or you can choose to journey consciously.Shifting, aligning, awakening to your divinity as you are literally transforming into Quantisity. This is your sovereignty. Become, be still and know. This light not only works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human vessel, but it enhances the 5 senses, almost adding on a 6th sense. You are awakening to your infinite capabilities through cosmic light transfiguration. You are able to tap into this frequency. It is instilled within your DNA. You are without limitation. It is only the carnal structures that limit you to linear, physicality, when above and beyond you are part of the all, and have the innate ability to just be light, and all that this brings with it.
“Awaken within your conscious being, to the light evolutionary process”.

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Metatronia 2-Day Workshop San Diego 21-22 July 2018

Untitled Design (2)

Metatronia Therapy Awakening 2-day Workshop

21-22 July 2018 10am to 4pm

Awakenings Center for Consicous Living – Laguna Hills, CA, USA

“Assisting the Light Evolutionery Process”

During this weekend you will receive attunement to Metatronia Therapy, receive assistance, guidance and insight directly from Source through the Trilogy Masters of Light (Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Thoth), Lightbody Vehicle and Sacred Algorithm. Light connection, Lightbody awareneness, Metatronia Massage, Metatronia Healing and Alignment experience, Attunement and more.

MT will enhance any therapies you are currently working with and is also open to those who just wish to experience the attunement and vibration for their own awakening journey. Please note that this is a very transformational weekend and will involve experiencing higher states of consciousness, alignment, shifting and release.

Full 2-day attendance $295

Day 1 only – $222

Day 2 only  $111

Day 1

Connection with Archangel Metatron, Jesus & Thoth (Trilogy Masters)

Attunement to Metatronia Therapy Healer Level I or Master Level II if already attuned.

PowerPoint Presentation

MT Healing & MT Massage Demonstration

Healing & Alignment

Transmissions of Light


Day 2

Lightbody Awareness & Connection

Sacred Algorithms

LBV Workbook

LBV Meditation

Connection with Source

Simplified Lightbody teachings
Places limited to 20 for each day.

($100 Non-refundable Deposit secures your place. PayPal reservation fee can be sent via PayPal to