Awakening to Light

When we talk of Ascension the aspect of the Lightbody is always part of this discussion. For it plays an integral part in our Ascension and awakening journey.

It is important to realise that our Lightbody is already activated. Through Metatronia Energy you become more attuned and aligned with the formation and energy of the most sacred part of human geometry. Your divine body of light. No one can “turn on your lightbody” for it is already active!

MT assists with much more than just Lightbody awareness. It is involved with the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual aspects of the vessel, including vibrational realignment and rejuvination. Rewiring of neural pathways/synapses which is due to the light transmission/frequential codings that are brought down during energy connection sessions and light Attunements.

Healing of heart, mind, body, muscles, tendons, the whole system is cleansed, the Human Vessel (body) is purified. allowing us to live in a “vessel” that is functioning at its most optimum level. Removing any doubt and fear, giving us the freedom to explore and move to where we truly need to be, to realise our life’s true soul purpose. We experience this through vibrational alignment.

The healing and alignment vibration works through the loving and transformational light of Archangel Metatron connecting in with us.

He already knows what it is we require to heal. Our vibration is “scanned” and healing & alignment begins, taking away any parts of our life story, our conditioning, our programming that no longer serve us. It is mentioned that when we discuss healing it doesn’t mean just physical healing. Healing covers all aspects of vibrational alignment whether it is the physical, emotional, spiritual or mental aspects. Healing is vibrational alignment.

Through Metatronia (Source) energy, the healing itself is painless, transparent, very soothing and extremely relaxing, yet highly transformational so there will be shifts and alterations that we feel on a vibrational level.

Many have said that they feel they are literally lifted up and brought back down, feeling empty and at peace and not able to find the stuff they were worried or anxious about before they have the healing. Some may find this rewiring, reprogramming and shifting uncomfortable initially. But to find yourself, you often have to lose yourself. The light will always pull you to the higher energy within you. This is where you will find alignment.

The Light aligns your blueprint, repairing your DNA/RNA and healing what you may term as the Celestial bodies/Auric Field, right into the heart of divine Lightbody. So that your energy settings are adjusted, aligned and able to experience the higher frequencies and differentiation in vibration that the lightbody holds. This is a most divine and sacred experience for the human vessel.

Metatronia Energy reactivates many elements within the Human Vessel and awakens the dormant energy within physical structures such as the Pineal Gland and higher aspects of the celestial body which you term as Lightbody and Lightbody vehicle. One in the same.

Your lightbody is your vehicle of light. Just as a vehicle has an MOT, your vessel experiences upgrades and transformations so that it is light roadworthy! So that it is able to travel to the highest vibrational dimensions. You cannot do this if the vessel is not vibrationally equipped to do so. 

As humans we become more aware of the higher aspects of our divine geometry. That which often lies dormant until the vessel is ready to experience all of its vibrational capability and connection to the higher realms.

The DNA/RNA restructuring and the Pineal Gland decalcification and reactivation brings about clearer insight, psychic skills, heightened senses and a reconnection within the whole human vessel (body) so that it returns back to its oneness state. Much of this occurs on a vibrational unconscious level initially. Removing limitation within all of these aspects. Once this purification period has ended, the vessel is then able to experience the fullness of light consciously. No longer controlled and contained in a limited vessel. 

Many report weight loss and a change in their diet after the Metatronia Attunement. This is concerned with purification through the energies that come through to realign and balance you. Bringing you to the optimum state of being, that you should be, due to an increase of light within the holistic vessel structuring. This is not to say that everybody will suddenly turn vegan. It points rather to and awareness of the living organic vessel and what supports and nourishes it.

Metatronia brings healing on a cellular level. Reaching our very core, and allowing us to function more freely, think more openly and feel at one with the Universe and most importantly to connect with the deepest part of us, our true source essence.

This is not just about physical healing it is about bringing us to where we truly need to be. So changes will take place, some of which are felt immediately.

A shift in energy may be felt when the healing & alignment takes place and there is an initial cleansing/detoxing period. A 30-day period after initial attuning the vessel although this may go on for longer depending on the individual. The more that we hold onto things that no longer serve us the longer the purification period. The more that we can let go and surrender, the easier the transition.

As we connect with Source light and allow it to expand our vessel, there are “ongoing” upgrades and transformational processes vibrationally. Just as a computer requires upgrades and downloads, so does the lightbody. These upgrades have an impact on the physical vessel. For we are organic Energy Beings who have the ability to hold the highest light.

Metatronia Energy is an ancient and most sacred resonance of the highest order. It is essentially a vibration and frequency from Archangel Metatron using his healing & aligning vibration, codings and Sacred Geometry. He is concerned only with the light evolution of mankind.

It is very powerful and will transform the lives of those that receive it. It is applied through healing, distantly, in person, attunements, Light counsel sessions and energy transmission meditations. There are also light introduction sessions so that you can just experience the vibration initially. It is advised that the healing and alignment sessions are the best place to start.

Once you are attuned to it you are provided with all that you will need in regard to your Ascension process.

Tammy Majchrzak connected with Archangel Metatron consciously and physically in 2010 and since then she has been working with him and Source through daily channellings, guidance, messages and healings to bring this light to the world.

The timing of this was crucial and is concerned with light transformation and upgrading of the physical and conscious vessel to aid the Ascension process.

The Universe is opening up its divine wisdom to us, and as part of our light evolution, this light is here, showing itself and unveiling it’s wisdom vibrationally, to bring us into balance, shift our consciousness and raise our frequency through the Light of Divine Order.

Tammy trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, many years ago and after doing so she felt there was something vastly different that was trying to show its self vibrationally within the vessel. Reiki felt very diluted in its purity, far too technical in its application and totally humanised and diluted in its application. Source cannot be diluted. It is something we divinely open up to rather than try to alter. That is the difference between Source and Reiki frequency. 

Metatron’s energy is very different to Reiki. Reiki a beautiful stepping stone on the path of vessel enlightenment, and yet Tammy’s journey didn’t stop there. There was a feeling of vessel preparation in order to connect to a higher frequency. Not in a competitive nature but more of a conscious energetic and expansive capability. A light that first required a little preparation within the physical, vibrational and conscious aspects of the human system. Reiki therefore, assists in the initial preparation and awareness of light.

Metatronia light has a feeling of transformation and vibrational evolutionary capability about it. As we connect to it, we become more aware of our Lightbody and our soul purpose. We begin to feel and look at life differently and with a deeper knowing and connection to our Source.

This is more than just healing the physical Vessel/Body. Metatronia Energy realigns you with your Soul, your true self, it catapults you on your ascension journey and uplifts your spirit. Bringing you into your Divine Awakening…Are you ready? If so then the whole universe awaits you.

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  1. Thank you for the possibility of recognition. I have very similar experiences. It’s an interesting discovery altogether. Thanks for your sharing.

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