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Releasing Linear Structuring

falling structure1.jpg

This is really funny but I’m trying to get more organised with a mammoth load of materials that we have for MT but as I’m trying to get structured and more organised I’m being pulled away from having my mind so intent on being structured and organised in a linear fashion as in I feel I am being pulled away more and more from structures and being lead more to just allowing things to be as all this does not matter in the grander scale .

So I find it very amusing and just wanted to share that there is a feeling at this time of moving/ coming away from structures and just being with divine flow more and more. It feels quite intense at times trying to use the mind to structure things when all it wants to do as directed by source is just to be. At times we may feel a “fogginess” appearing. Feeling as if we just don’t want to do anything and that’s absolutely fine . It is as if the “vessel” can no longer function as it used to….and this is due to “an alteration in linear structuring”….right down into our cellular structure.

It’s just source saying to us take a break because it really doesn’t matter ! we have been asked to just let go and flow which is actually quite magical as it allows us to open up to the divine more and more and the many wonders therein. Freeing up the mind – coming to a place of great stillness as discussed in the source meditation that I did last night.

As you are emersed in great bliss and peace. A great expanse of energy was felt and releasing the constraints we put on ourselves at times and just allowing – to be a free spirit so much so I feel quite drunk today drunk on divine light the greatest Elixir there is !

Source is guiding us to really be in our alignment. To really feel the truth of our being. And if we are working too hard or pushing against the flow, then there is a time of relaxation and release required. We are moving away from structure and we can feel this in our vibration. So rather than pushing against the tide, we are being guided to just surrender into the infinite flow.

Things are eternally altering, changing, phases of our life, passing and upgrading. Many of us are feeling the “turning of the tides”…..allow this process…trust in all that is becoming….being unveilled and go with divine flow. Source will show you through your vibration.

Remembering – Source is the greatest elixir that man can ever have and that there is order through chaos!

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Trust in Source’s “Divine Intervention”


Source has a wonderful way of bringing things to you, circumstantial, evidential, actual, physical. Open all of yourself to the mechanisms of Source – trust, love, expansion, surrender.

Source knows what is required for every step of your journey, every breath you take is orchestrated by source. Source knows exactly when to “divinely intervene” and does so in many magnificent ways.

Even when you feel something is happening that you have little to no control over, rest assured that there is help at hand and a divine light orchestrating every situation. For every prayer that is sent out is received.

Every wish that is sent out is heard, every heart that is sad is lifted, every situation that no longer serves is renewed.

Have faith in the workings of Sourcee. Let yourself be fully open to receive the abundance within the universe that assists you in living life as love, in love, being love, feeling love, sensing love, experiencing divine love, all aspects of love. Let it all go….let the love light flow, let source assist you as it will, for it knows….and will jump in when a situation requires altering. Allow the flow of divine love. Know that you are not alone on this journey.

For you to know that you are supported every step of the way. Source light will bring and light your path, even in the very darkest of moments”.

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The Seed of all Creation – The Key to Our Eternal Evolution


Today I found myself  contemplating on Sacred Geometry, Cells, the Human vessel and the seed of all life, the flower of life, the Creator Genome. The Seed of all creation. The very essence of all life.

I found myself looking for cell mitosis videos and seeing the similarity between the cells splitting and the flower of life and then “eternity, eternal, infinite possibilities. Life is ever changing, advancing, moving, it does not stagnate. It does not stop. The human vessel is altering and evolving in the very heart of our DNA.


I believe the flower of life/seed of life points us, and has done through time, to the vastness and omnipresence within us. That we are all one and all part of the All. The flower of life to me is eternal. A never ending magnificent journey. From the very first life form to the continous evolution and as humans we find ourselves in the very heart of this altering. It is truly magnificent.

Our DNA strands somehow resembles “Jacob’s Ladder” – many signs of source, nothing new to us, just contemplation thereof. Knowing the beauty that lies within each and every vessel. That there is a whole universe within us and a whole universe we are part of. From micro to macro. Gentle reminders from Source that we are  so divinely created.

I could see through some videos that I was musing over to do with cellular mitosis the similarity between the Flower of life and these cells. This may be nothing new but it is fascinating nonetheless.


I was just reminded that life is infinite, as we ourselves are infinite, as as we transcend and move beyond the physical, life never ends, it is eternal. It is our form that alters nothing more. We are eternal beings of life and Source has sent us clues that we pick up along the way. Light is eternal.


We are part of the universe and the universe is part of us.

We are at one with Source and Source is at one with us.

Never ending spirals……..everlasting light….eternal connection to the divine.

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New Way of Being – Vibrational Truth through the Trilogy Masters of Light (Archangel Metatron, Jesus/Isa – Thoth)


The Trilogy Masters of Light are here at this time to assist our light evolutionery process – the ascension and awakening journey of mankind. They are one in the same. They have, through time appeared in the physical or as vibration, but always as ONE, ultimatley working at the direction of the Creator, the ALL – Source. We know them as Archangel Metatron, Jesus/Isa/Yeshua, and Thoth. From time to time messages are conveyed to us, that are very direct, to help us to take the leap of faith, to wake up to our divine alignment and how Source is assisting us. When “we” is mentioned it is conveying the energy of the Trilogy that is being interpreted. We can also interpret this as the higher consciousness. The essence of our being that resonates at the highest frequency.  This frequency that we can all tap into conveys messages of understanding, that resonates deep within us, perhaps that which is encoded within our very DNA! That which is the very heart of our being.

If we were to communicate in a language that you fully comprehend, that would be meaningful right now to your perception of reality as it stands, so we try this aspect:

You’ve got to come out of the mind led reality as it no longer serves you. The constant thought processes that you seem to dwell in. It is time dear ones, to put this to the side, to allow freedom to bestow every part of your being. Your experiences up to this point have been a journey, a journey that is limited to a thought led reality. What we are asking is now to hand over and begin a new level of being. A new way of being, a new Being entirely!  It is time to let go of the story. To let go of the limitations. To allow your vessel to open to the very fullness of your being.

You don’t need to live in the mind. We have mentioned this before, as round and round it goes. Experiences, interactions, judgments that have formed your “belief system” is no longer valid, no longer relevant. Very self limiting. For you are here in this earthly form to experience all of yourself without control, without boundary, without limitation. We don’t want you to be restricted to the “denser” mind, thought led reality but embracing and opening to your “new program”, that which is just “being”. So you are not trapped in the mind/thoughts process. Yes of course you have experienced that thoughts create your reality. What we reveal further is that beyond thoughts and mind, there exists the  most divine frequency, that which awakens and aligns you to the universe. That you are an integral part of. That is beyond the self limitation reality that you have built for yourself. We call this “self confined reality”. 

This is a chosen vibration. You can choose to be the old same story, or you can begin to allow yourself to fully open and expand into the light, the very codings that exist within your DNA. You are a recepticle of light, of the highest order. It is not separate.

This message has been told time and time again, over eons! For some it filters through, for some it becomes too complex. We are moving you to the understanding of just being. The simplicity in being, so that every aspect of your vessel can align. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. In fact, we are asking you to hand over any and all notions of separation, of any fixing, and just allow yourself to be. How swift this will be felt within your vibration, when you just are, it all just is. Simplicity. Making way for the full light spectrum to be felt within all of your being. You are ONE……no fragmentation…do you see? When you just “are” you are in and become divine flow. 

The connection is not complex. The connection is who you already are, it is just that you chose to remain in a fixed point. You chose to be at the helm and that you will find out truth however that may appear to you. Some say this is part of the great mystery. That it is your choice as to what you wish to uncover. You exist in this denser reality. You feel that you are alone. Let us say this; Humans are the only species that chose separation, that consciously work and exists against the flow in some way or another! Flora and Forna, all that which is created is aware on some level of the divine and ordered vibration. The very essense of all things created work in unison with divine harmonics. It all just is.  

You already see some of the workings of source all around you, but the magnificence of the internal truth within you, you are still yet to uncover. Some are awakening, some still reside in an unawakened state, the truth and the mystery lies in allowing yourself to just expand into all that you are, beyond limit. Let there be no confines. Let there be no absolutes, just divine truth unfolding. 

You are not experiencing all that you are from this fixed point. As identity keeps the rigidity. You don’t realise that there is something magnificent that is part of your very being. Because you allow yourself to lead the story of life’s journey from a fixed vibrational point, therefore you exist in that vibrational reality. Too fixed, too confined.  You don’t have to run the show anymore…allow yourself to flow with the divine. 

Lightworkers are aware of this vibrational shifting. That is why they are here to assist in your aligning. The divine being the purity of your vibration for it to be unveiled as your true form, without density. This is not mastery, this is awakening.

Just one conscious thought and “belief” (most human’s exist through belief ‘an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof”) is all that it takes to allow yourself to open fully to source. Allowing the process. Allowing….surrendering, opening, expansion. Conscious application of the One Source Frequency. 


We cannot put it any blunter or any real’er! if there is such a word! For within your vibration there is a higher frequential patterning. It has actually always been there it just became masked over, through your unconscious separation. This is why we speak of “Awakening”, “Alignment”, “ascension/Ascending”, as it is all to do with waking up to the truth of your very being.

Your circuitry will no longer be able to hold the lower frequency. When you enter that low mode, what will occur is a heightened sensation, a “depression”, an outage of your circuits. A mis-match in frequency. We have spoken before that you are not designed this way, to be lower vibration/density. It just doesn’t fit your design, and you know when you reach the lowest points of vibration within the vessel, those points so far from alignment, as there is only one way that brings you back into alignment, well two – light and love which is all ONE.

You are designed to feel the difference in frequency and you have a choice as to how you resonate. Higher or Lower, higher being optimum frequency. Higher – aligning with the divine. And it flows, it is natural, not forced. When you exist in the density that takes much harder work to be this way than it does to just flow. Your vessel works much harder to stay in the density. 

The physicality of the Human vessel is organic in nature. It is a living, breathing organic light life form. Designed to resonate through optimum frequency. A vessel that encompasses a trinity within its electricity- Living Light, living Love, living divinity. Man is a biological transmitter for divine light. A giver, bringer, holder and receiver of the divine light encryptions. 

What we are asking is for you to allow the unrestricted flow and fullness of the higher frequency within your vessel. Allow the absolute!

Human nervous system, artwork

By low frequency we mean all the ways that you have been, how you communicate, how you hold onto,  how you may harbour experiences, judgement, how you use the mind as a house for all your experiences and how you hold onto hurt, pain, emotionality. All this is not what you are designed for but somehow it has become you vibrational home. Your programmed reality. If only you were truly aware of the divine that resides within you and how your conscious awakening into this light will assist mass changes within the Earth’s Spectrum. 

Mankind’s mass physicality, mentality and emotionality at this time, is only a reflection of what is occurring around and within him. There is a heightening of dense vibration within the earth plane at this time, which is a reflection two-fold, man’s thought led reality – and – the impact of this thought led reality. With just a slight shift/altering in the consciousness there is an altering in the internalised environment, not only within the human vessel but externalised into the actual, earth, pyhysicality/environmentally. Thoughts create reality. A great shift therefore is required within the very heart and mind of man that will have a most positive impact on the earth’s physicality. Source has already placed the divine designed programme within the human vessel as light encodings. The key resides in the action of love, and all aspects therein.  The greater the conscious expansion in number, the greater the actual light impact not only humanitarianly but universally. 

Time to align with the Divine vibration within you. You have lived on the surface, through experience, emotions, judgement and now you are finding new depth. 

Words may provide more complexity, when we feel something that is our verification. Source is asking you to now feel, to experience where there may be outages in your frequency and to notice how you are and as you work from within individually, great changes will occur universally.

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Releasing Your Fragilities – Rebirthing into Source

We all have our fragilities. It is part of the “human experience”. To be able to trust someone enough to show them your fragility is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather embrace it as something that has been shown to you, to let go of, finally, to release. We all hold energies within our vessel (body) that will show themselves, when we can finally see an energy for what it is, and where it has come from, and then say ok I now release you, we then begin a divine healing process. So do not be ashamed of your fragilities. Let them shine through and then release them. For it takes wonderful trust and spirit to be able to share and let this go. It is making you transparent through your own truths, allowing the light to burn through that which no longer serves, allowing you to see divine truth, allowing you to be at peace within your vessel.

Our vibration is going through a great alignment process at this time. There are some “fragilities” that we may be harbouring, deep in the emotional and mental recessses. These are being uncovered. They may at this time, show themselves as emotional outbursts, fragility, instability, internalisation. As we journey this physical life, from birth many hold and retain memory in the physicality of the vessel (body), we have many experiences, some traumatic, some leaving a lasting vibrational imprint. Some so much that they become our very existence. All of this is being burnt through and showing itself on the surface, for you to acknowledge and finally let go of.

You can choose to react to them or you can choose to open, release, let go, free up and become transparant. To see why it is you have these reactions, these programmings and for one last time hold them up and release them. There is nothing wrong in showing your fragility. But it is time to let them go. One by one they are being released into the grand Aether. So that what is left is transparancy. Nothing held within the human system. If we do not release the patterns repeat, round and around, and round and around limits us. It will literally eat you up and consume the very essence of light. It will keep you fixed in a vibrational point that is limited, instead of releasing and opening to the light that is limitless.

I do not mind disclosing that one of my fragilities is abandonment. I was abandoned by my Father when I was 14. I did not realise what an impact this would have and hold within my vibration as I grew up. It has caused me to be isolated at times and to not allow close friendships for fear of abandonment. It has caused me to not feel comfortable with close relationships for fear of being left alone or “found Out”. My Father left me with a feeling that I had done something wrong and that I was not to be loved, and I began to live my life through very high expectation not only of myself but of those around me. I became very defensive and quite isolated as for me if I was like this, in this safe haven, no one could hurt me again.

This, although at the time felt right, it was not truth. So many of our vibrational patterning that is outside of our alignment is often from an outside occurrence/event outside of ourselves. When we are able to understand and look at why we have certain vibrational imprints and behavioural patternings, we can then begin to easily let them go. They no longer form part of our being. For me this was behaviour that was not serving me well, perhaps in certain situations it has but overall it has been a frequency that is no longer forming part of my divine light matrix. It has served to a point to show me, and now is being released.

We feel it necessary to form an identity. something that makes up who we are, but within this identity what occurs is that the identity holds onto every aspect and experience that we have had. With ascension we are releasing the identity, we are becoming transparent, so that the vessel is able to completely hold the full light spectrum.

In the initial stages of the journey we sense, we feel, we experience, we release, and then we move up a step, rather like a ladder, healing, release, alignment then great shifting, to a point where the identity is released, the controls abandoned, the experiences dissolved so that we evaporate into Source – pure essence of spirit. We no longer harbour experience, we dissolve into the purity of light. Source does not require our idenity, as we ourselves are not our identity. That is an earthly construct. An earthly survival mechanism.

Another side from this is that believe that each experience that we have has a specific purpose and is “orchestrated” to lead us to a certain place. Mine have certainly led me to seek out the light, the highest form of love that can be bestowed to us, that being the essence of Source.

When we link with source we have our vibrational patterning laid bare, that is, whatever we may hold onto that is no longer part of our higher vibrational patterning, it can be highlighted then dissolved/released.

Some of these vibrations just are not our truth. We may hold onto them as they become our armour, our defense. We do not require these defenses.

It is time now to allow ourselves to release all of our fragilitiews. There may be certain people that you love and trust enough to show these to. So let them in, let them see, and with this reveal there will follow a greater connection to the true love within your soul. Through this reveal you are beginning to fully open to and trust your divine alignment.

“Let Source reveal unto you”

The light of Source will always show you divine truth, especially throughout your very being. Allow the light to shine and unveil to you the divine.

In order for us to ascend, we must be willing to let go of all the aspects of the self, so that we may open and be rebirthed into our true vibration”.

“I  now release my identity allowing my vessel to encompass the full light spectrum of Source”

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Let Source Reset Your Circuitry

The light always surrounds you, always. Energy is shifting rapidly. The light grows ever stronger.

 We are guided to be in our light more so than ever before. Seek it from within you not outside of you. For much is altering within you. Your truths will be revealed to you as you connect deeply within. You are crystallized energy in form. And you are formless. No restrictions, bountiful, free, illuminated Beings.

When you are in moments of lower vibration begin a wave of vibration from your mind/brain Center. The middle of the head. Feel that wave pulsating and moving down through the front of your being down to your feet. See it pass back up behind you up back into the brain centre and begin again in a circular wave. Down the front of the body, back up behind to the top.  Build it up stronger and stronger each cycle. So it becomes a cycle and circuitry of divine light pulsation. Feel it buzzing, pulsating. Shifting your vibrational patterning to the higher light resonance.

 When you feel the momentum with ease allow the energy to permeate the souls of the feet and move deep down to the Center of the earth where it connects to the Gaia fire, core magma at the Center of Mother Earth. Stay there a while, grounded, connected.

 As the fire illuminates your powerhouse of light, recharging every part of every part of you. Release from the flames when you feel ready. Then rest.

 Metatron, Jesus (Jeshua/Yeshua) and Thoth are guiding us at this time. A lot of ancient coding and keys are being released. We will share this to you as we decipher. We bring to mankind the tools to shift. Be in your light dear ones. Feel the flame and fire of the One within the heart of your soul. Igniting, rebirthing, alignment. Rejuvenation. Feel it, live it, breath it.

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A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH SOURCE (Through the light of Metatron)


(An excerpt from “Metatronia Therapy” Book by Tammy L Majchrzak – Revised February 2017 – available through Amazon & Createspace)

I had to feel every part of the healing & Alignment process but from a higher level. To understand fully what it is that is happening as we allow ourselves to open fully to the arms of Source. Some of the experiences I have not the vocabulary for but do my best to put into words the frequency and pure vibration of this Light System.

It really feels as if the veil is being lifted, to show us a glimpse of endless possibilities. Energies that are waiting to work for us and have been doing for many years, but finally have found a way to bring in this light on a level that mankind can vibrationally understand. It helps us to learn, surrender and trust and perhaps make a few sacrifices, that of control and the ego…being one of many sacrifices…but a very freeing experience when we fully open and trust.

On my own journey, and it still continues, I am learning that the more I come out of the mind and thoughts and just allow myself to be, the more is uncovered and revealed to me. As if it is some sort of divine light calibration, as if there is a specific light resonance, like a code vibration that I have to be in, a state of bliss, of nothingness, where Source fully opens so beautifully to me. I have found that it is very much about being at a specific resonance, a specific electro-magnetised spin ratio, that links us directly with source. It is our divine light calibration. It is very much about being still and knowing from a deep place within. A place that is eternal, within our heart. A place where we become totally at one with all, all of which may sound a bit cliche, but it is very much about being a part of everything and everything being a part of me. Awakening to the divine plan and ordered universe where, and perhaps this is the greatest key – when we match that magical frequency, that magical spin in our electrons! We link directly with Source unhindered and there the magic begins. We can create, we can manifest and at this special place the door is truly wide open. That is Sacred Geometry, that is divine magic, that is the truth of source. 

This is what Metatron is guiding us to do, to become, to open into, Our higher core resonance. The exact light vibrational blueprint that we are so divinely designed to resonate at. And much of this is to do with releasing the old ways, patterns, behaviours that are vibrational in nature. For all things have a resonance. All are divinely designed. Mankind did not design us this way, Source, the Creator did and as we are designed in his very image, then so to we are awakening to the truth of this through our vibrational matching. It can and will be no other way, that man ascends, through his vibrational linkage with the Creator life force. When this occurs there is a great secret and mystery revealed to the beholder!

Is belief a part of this journey? Of course it is. But let us break this down. Do you believe in yourself? Yes or no? If yes, then you are half way to this beautiful reconnection. If you don’t believe in yourself then much work is needed. But the word “believe” is such a powerful one. Allow your vessel to expand into the All. Do not limit yourself to what you think you now know. Let yourself dissolve into the all. 

Metatronia vibration bypasses the linear mind’s wanting to understand everything, and goes straight to the reassurance through physically feeling this energy working…that is how you believe and trust and open up. And then you fully believe as you have felt and experienced.

My love, honour and endless gratitude are given to the Trilogy Masters, for the lessons they have shown me, the gifts they continue to bring. I know through feeling and experience that you to will be astounded at this beautiful connection. 

The journey that begins for us is very much about opening ourselves up and letting the light fully in, this direct, divine light comes to us now to free our soul and enable us to become stronger and more connected to divine Source. Full revealing of the divine self. 

The journey I had, in being part of the creation of this MT, I would not change it for the world. The experience itself has been amazing. It showed me that there is a very thin veil between the different vibrational dimensions of existence. That often, when we ask, we receive but not in the way we thought or visualized.  

The journey to the Soul can be a painful one. It is the ego that will fight. That will try and sabotage as it fights for its right to survive, fighting to keep an identity it understands, that it has become. That feels that is the all. It does not want to give up that which it can truly control and take ownership of. Surrender and just allow this process to happen for you. You will never look back as you begin to “vibrationally” understand who you truly are.

If I were to leave this earthly life tomorrow I would do so with such love and gratitidue for Source revealing itself to me and many secrets therein. I would go to the life beyond with a heart so full of love and gratitude knowing that we are part of something so magnificent and that as human beings it is our journey to assist our fellow man in unveiling our divine truth. Allowing our vessel to open fully to Source. I will have learned to recognise the importance that when there is vibrational imbalance that our vessel (body) will direct us to that, and Source will show us where the answers lies to come back into alignment. That we are designed to resonate at a certain ratio and when are not aligned we can be brought back to point. We must learn to recognise this as Human’s Being. Knowing that we have so much to discover within our vibration, that we are not alone, that Source is our very essence and we do not stand alone. If we let this energy fully in, and accept and allow, within our consciousness, a great shift will begin across the whole of human-kind. It is only awaiting our conscious awakening. And the greatest shifts come when we can say to ourselves “Ok, so I thought I knew it all, but I guess there are some things I don’t  know, and when I fully surrender to this, then something very magical is going to occur”. Our Key lies in our Surrendering of the current systems not only within our mind but what we have created around us from a vibrational rigidity. 

I live in awe and eternal gratitude for the light of Source and how it so magically serves us.