Happy New 2022

“Know of the light that surrounds you,
Know of the love in your heart”.

A new year is upon us. It is a chance for us to truly open to the connection, guidance, love and support that we receive from the Light. Beyond doubt, beyond question, beyond limitation.

To let go of complexity so that we may dwell in a vessel united in divine harmony. It is only we ourselves, that can consciously release, letting go of the weight which we carry.

It is we ourselves, that must self-regulate our vibrational input/output.

The focus is very much about coming out of the mind and thought led reality. So that we can free the vessel, allowing the unrestricted flow of our optimum frequency. It can be no other way.

For light flow becomes restricted within the vessel, when there is density, separation and vibrational distortion. These are the glamours of separated consciousness.

This will always be about vibrational freedom and revealing of how far easier it is when we just simply live as a vessel created from divine light. It is not about the past, it is not concerned with the future.

It is about living in a vessel that is harmoniously aligned in its divine connection with Source.

Through our vibrational alignment we begin to open up to truth, transparency and above all, truly opening our hearts to the love and light that we are.

With love,


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