Divine Light Alignment


Vibrational alignment is so important. It is the energetic place within where our vessel is fully aligned. This place is one of balance and harmony.

The key to our ascension lies in the energetic alignment within the vessel. It is rather like a radio transmitter. If the settings are off then we are out of sync with Source transmission.

Source coding will never alter. It is always the same divine setting. It is the human vessel that has to adjust “consciously. To wake up and become aware of our innate ability to align with divine consciousness.

We hold the sacred coding. We just have to consciously acknowledge and align. We would not have to do this if we did not enter into separation dynamics. Although conscious awakening forms part of the divine journey of ascension. From separation we move into divine unification with Source.

When we are lost in “separated” consciousness, we move out of the “divine receptivity” mode. We can create too much density within the vessel that causes electrical disruption. We become vibrationally misaligned.

As we open and are receptive to Source light, through “conscious divine transmissions”, there is a unity that occurs within the left and right brain hemispheres. A kind of mini photonic explosion of sorts. A divine vibrational impact where we begin to feel and sense Source magnetism.

This vibrational occurrence is part of the awakening that shifts the energy and consciousness within the vessel. This metaphysical action we may term as “Meta-electromagnetic impulses”, that enable the vessel to once again, consciously unify with Source. As the vessel begins to vibrational align through the connection to the Light.

Just as the Planets are placed in the solar system, so to our vessel has a particular setting that enables us to connect directly in with the eternal Universal rhythms. This unification aligns all aspects of the vessel. The systems that we see and the unseen “ethereal’ (higher)  aspects that enable human incarnation.

When we are out of kilter then there is unease and imbalance.

The key to this vibrational alignment lies in simplicity.  Simply being. Not pushing against the Universal dynamics. Being at one within your vessel so that you are able to tune in so infinitely that you then are able to feel the light of the One.

We must learn to feel when we are in divine alignment. Only we can sense and feel this. Only we can adjust our energetic settings. We are reminded to “be still and know” of the abundance of loving guidance that vibrationally pours forth to us to assist our ascending journey.

The light dynamics feed into the human consciousness where there is a marriage and unification in light. Harmonising the core receptor within the human vessel. The core receptor is the Heart.

We are all part of a divine plan and ordered Universe. When we exist through separation we become detached from the divine rhythm. This light harmonises the vessel and brings great electrical conductivity into the organic, living vessel. There is so much that comes forth to us. Aligning all aspects of our earthly life, vessel harmonisation, organic vibrational balance.

We are not alone. We just need to get into alignment. To live and breathe as one with the Universe. At one with Source.

Most are living through separated consciousness. Pushing the vessel against the natural order and rhythm. Think of Nature, the seasons, the planets that are held in their balance by the primordial essence that creates and governs all things. This essence is Source.

We are reminded of the importance of dissolving into light by the Divine Alchemist Thoth, whose essence resides within the consciousness of every human and whose eternal wisdom still guides us to be at one within and flow with the divine light that beckons us to vibrationally align:



“Man is in process of changing;
to forms that are not of this world;
Grows he in time to the formless;
a plane on the cycle above;
Know ye, ye must become formless, before ye are with the LIGHT.

List ye, O man, to my voice;
telling of pathways to Light;
showing the way of attainment;
when ye shall be One with the Light.

Search ye the mysteries of Earth’s heart.
Learn of the LAW that exists,
holding the stars in their balance
by the force of the primordial mist.

Seek ye the flame of the EARTH’S LIFE.
Bathe in the glare of its flame.
Follow the three-cornered pathway
until thou, too, art a flame.


Let us surrender to the light of Source. The eternal guidance that we receive when we become as One, aligned, in unison, with divine consciousness. There is a relinquishment of separation within the human system. We release from self identification, opening up to the realms of the infinite.

Vibrational alignment is one of the master codes of Ascension dynamics. In order for us to fully and truly ascend, to feel and experience our divinity, we must acknowledge the importance of vibrational alignment.

Parts of the dynamics lie within our own conscious expansion. Something that we have to initiate from within. A letting go of the mind/thought control processes and inbuilt learn’ed systematic programmes, so that we allow the vessel to feel freedom within.

It is through this conscious expansion, without the barriers and limitation that are held in the separation consciousness, that we are able to release the “self” and unite with the “One”.

It is all about vibrational alignment. Within us we hold the key to connect to our divinity. All that is asked is that we acknowledge that there are sacred dynamics that form part of ascension. Be open to receive the guidance that pours forth into the aligned consciousness.

“I open myself to the One”.

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