Lightbody, Lightbody Vehicle & Activation

Your lightbody is an integral part of you. It does not require activation. Many claim to assist you in activating it but the truth is that it is already activated. What is required is the conscious awakening and knowledge of the Lightbody rather than its activation. If it was not already activated you would not Continue reading Lightbody, Lightbody Vehicle & Activation

Az-Ore-Ra Sacred Lightbody Spray

AZ-ORE-RA© – Sacred Lightbody Spray – BOTTLED FROM SOURCE Shake it to wake the alchemy! Little gold nuggets and divine essences. The Az-Ore-Ra lightbody essence spray is created to assist not only the Human Vessel/body but the lightbody light frequency integration. This Divine, quintessential ”Ora” spray is designed to assist the integration of the One Continue reading Az-Ore-Ra Sacred Lightbody Spray