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The Alchemy of Love


Sometimes you just have to pour on the love. Any situation that perturbs or unsettles you try not to think about it or analyse it or worry or try and fathom, or weaken yourself by trying to sort it….just pour on oodles of love.For love dissolves all that is not aligned. Love breaks through any barriers… dissolves. For some this may not be easy, but perhaps give it a try….love dissolves…love nurtures, love fixes, love binds, love aligns and love heals. It is a far easier way. Let love be the potion to fix…let love be the potion to heal, let love be the potion to dissolve, all that may bring dischord. For love is magic. Love is alchemy, love is the pure essence of Source, the divine, and is your true resonance. Love brings resolution. Be love. Love is the frequency that flows so naturally, so abundantly, beyond measure. Love is free and will heal. Love is free and will ease, Love is free and is abundant. Let your vessel ooze its divine delight, its innate vibrational wisdom, that of infinite love. The magic that is part of the very fabric  of  every living thing”.