I’ve recently been asked about The number 0010110. To be honest is the first I’ve heard of it LOL. I’m sharing some information I found and please use your discernment. For me it is in relation to cellular Automata/Quanta/photons/light photonics/divine Quanta/ binary. I am sharing my answer although it’s not conclusive I didn’t want to Continue reading 0010110

EMF Awareness

http://bemri.org/publications/natural-electromagnetic-fields/427-natural-and-human-activity-generated-electromagnetic-fields-on-earth/file.html I wanted to just briefly share this. Many of us have been feeling very depleted of late. Feeling as if our system is completely fried and depleted of vital energy. Yes, there are vibrational shifts taking place on a higher level, but we are reminded/alerted that there are also energies that are conflicting here Continue reading EMF Awareness

Christmas Message – Archangel Metatron, Trinity Masters & Elohim – 2018

  “We wish for this message to be seen as light, however there are aspects that need to be highlighted in order for you to move through that which may weigh heavy within you at this time. There is a light that shines above and through all distortion. There is One vibration that is the Continue reading Christmas Message – Archangel Metatron, Trinity Masters & Elohim – 2018