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Prayer of Divine Freedom



Today I choose to relinquish all that no longer serves me. I am no longer part of the old systems and conditioned behaviours. Today I relinquished the battle of the old ways. I truly honour and acknowledge this most sacred upgrade and transition within my vessel which has been orchestrated by the most divine frequency.

Through the divine light of the One I am guided to no longer allow my vessel to harbour anything that perturbs the true light of my divine vibration. I let go of old ways and release my vessel into the fullness and purity of its divine essence.

I am no longer living through old patterns. Instead, in my freedom, by my own volition, I choose to live in alignment within my vessel as One with the absolute light of truth, and in that light I am aligned to the most abundant source. That Source is the very truth of my being.

I release from today any beliefs of imperfections that keep me from experiencing all that I am. The light that I am now flows unhindered. I choose to no longer be part of the old systems, behaviours & conditions that created dischord within my being. I am no longer living through controls and surrender to the sacred design that I am.

I am no longer part of the separated consciousness and limited, habitual patterns of humanity that serve only to keep me from my truth. I live now from my heart space and release the confinements of the mind/thought led reality. I am no longer a slave to my own thoughts, as my vessel expands into all flowing truth. I now allow the beauty and majesty of my Heart to guide my every action, thought, word and deed.

I no longer allow the actions of others to perturb the light that I am. My light now shines freely in alignment with the grand design, my new garment of light is firmly bestowed. Today I am awakened anew, into the new design that is my source. I am no longer part of the separation but live from now in the great unity of light that ignites my soul.

Oh Trinity Masters of Light, I give thanks to the awakening, the journey that has brought me to this point that now shows me the truth within my being, to which you continue to assist and serve. In my service to you I choose to live through the Heart, through simplicity, stillness, Joy and harmony. In this light I am most humbled and filled with gratitude beyond measure. Through the deep silence I have awoken to the most triumphant and divine essence that is my Source.

I am that I am….in line with the divine”.



Source Light Dynamics – Gravitational Waves


Yes, you are feeling the pull right now. As your vessel is simply expanding into the light and the very truth of your light is being revealed. Why do you hold yourself in darkness when you are born and designed of the light?  Source simply asks that we surrender into our divine design without pulling away or hiding. It is indeed, a time of great awakening. There is a truth that is now ready to be truly revealed, and this truth lies within the very heart of your being.

It may feel, within your vessel, that there is some inner turbulence. A pulling away and some dischord. This is only evident as you are not aware of the love and worth that resides within you. If you surrender unto this, without force, without expectation, without the need to fix or analyse, you will uncover a way that is the truly you, through divine simplicity.

We feel these waves of “uncomfortableness” as we are simply going through a period of adjustment. A time of the great reveal. Where no stone is left unturned. Your vessel has a unique and most divine design. You have the choice to continue running the old programme or to simply let go and trust, yes, let go and trust, that is all that is asked. This is a “biggy” for most humans as they want to fully understand or be in control within the separated consciousness. It is this separation that keeps the vessel from experiencing all that it is.

Ascension Dynamics are not about competition. They are about unity and coming together for the interests of Consious evolution. Now is a time to release the identity and begin to work in unison with the divine plan and order that Source bestows to us at this time. It is not about taking little bits from here and there and making something new, rather it is a uniting with the truth that the light is revealing to us, vibrationally. This truth is for the whole of mankind. A divinely designed plan that we hold the codings for within our very DNA. Through the waves of light that are around us at this time, the great truth beyond all truth is coming to the surface, that which is going to benefit all.

The Universe is simply saying “wake up to your grand and divine design”, sending a rush, a pulse of light to your vessel to literally wake it up. Not from slumber, but from a density, that which you have believed to be all that you are, and within these waves, there are electrified light codes that are literally moving you to where you need to be. Moving in the path with the least resistance, the path that is effortless, that just flows, that is where this gravitational wave is shifting you to. Are you ready to take that leap? Away from the known into the unknown, but which is actually the truth of who you are!

You live within a confined space, one that has kept you safe, up to this point now, and it is shared that, in your divine surrender, so much will open before you. Perhaps with a little hesitancy as yes, it will feel so vast, but my oh my, what glorious times lie waiting for you.

There is only so much that can be explained when we delve into the magical realms of ascension. What we know is that the vessel is being literally upgraded and through these light waves we are being re-aligned into our divinity.

There is magic in every cell of your being. It is not here to live in the density. For it is born of the stars and so it calls you to feel your light illuminosity. You can no longer hide it. This brilliant and vibrant truth of you needs to shine its magnificence. Source works through love, light, truth and is transparent in its very nature. The same virtues that are the truth of the human vessel.

Those who are here to assist you on your path, do so without praise. They assist in guiding helping you to find the light within. They ask for nothing more than for you to know of the great love that is here for you, especially now.

So embrace your becoming. Embrace your love, embrace your heart and embrace the waves of ethereal delight that are unveiling your divine magnificence.


Tammy L Majchrzak


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Metatronia Light Coaching Programmes


I have a few Coaching Programmes available. The Programmes are designed on an individual unique Level. During these programmes we will link in with Source for the duration of the Programme chosen. Ongoing, uplifting, nurturing and aligning vibrations designed uniquely for you. The Programmes are seen as an investment in your onward, ascending journey. All Programmes offer intensive connection and support. There are Skype sessions available with each package or Telephone Support whichever is preferred. Please see the individual Programme Pages for further details.

Current Programmes:

Light Transformation Coaching Intensive Programme (4-weeks) – Investment £695

Light Counsellor Certification Programme – Investment £495.00

Visit for further details.


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The Amalgamation of Divine Intelligence

“The Heart’s intelligence is bountiful beyond measure. Living from the mind can bring limitation. The Heart simply knows. The mind seeks definition. The Heart already sees, the mind seeks. The Heart senses, the mind binds to distractions. The Heart is open. The mind seeks to understand through experience. The Heart simply is. Bountiful, open, loving, intelligent. For the Heart does not seek to understand. The Heart fills us with the most divine of intentions. Understanding without definition. To open to all that we are. Through the love that ignites the vessel. The mind seeks to fathom and requires verification. The mind can limit our perception and beliefs. The Heart is the ALL. When both are united, heart (feminine), mind (masculine) a great and mysterious unity ensues. Engulfing one in the bliss of all creation. The two become one. No longer separation within the vessel but an alchemical entwinement and majestic unity ”



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Divine Transmutation

“The human vessel is “transmuting” as the lightbody frequency is literally alive with light. This light strengthens, aligns, awakens and is literally “transforming” your very being as you are evolving into light. This light has always been around you, and at this time the human vessel is altering in its “transfiguration” into Homo Luminous. You are awakening and physically doing so throughout every part of you. As your vessel (body) is taking in more light there may be some resistance felt. There are many symptoms of ascending vibration and the human vessel portrays these alignment vibrations in many ways. You are guided to be still and know, that any light embodiment symptoms will soon pass as your vessel adjusts to the new frequency. There are many adjustments now taking place. You have felt this on some level, be it emotionally, physically, mentally or indeed “spiritually”. Much of which you have done in the past, which is habitual and conditioned in nature, which has found its home from within the limited consciousness, will no longer sit well within these new light Quantum vibrations. For they are of the highest, purest, most positive ‘Ions” that are filtrating through your energetic systems, as what can best be described at this time as electromagnetic energy spirals, working deep into the DNA. Rainbow, metallic, sparkling, divine Source emanating as light within. You are being “illuminated”. With the “sensitivity symptoms” much can be “experienced” within the Pineal Gland/Head area. As this is the integral meeting point of higher vibrational light integration” along with the heart center, being the first point of light. We may experience:

Hightened states of awareness

Feelings of coming out of body

Constant thought process
Spaced out
These symptoms will lessen. They serve as marker to validate the light integration. These symptoms show how much man has literally “existed within his thought led processes” and as these symptoms that are “fired up” lessen, man will begin to live from the higher light frequency, which is heart led not mind fed. Much is occurring within the light transition. You are literally becoming Light. Yes, there remains the physical body, and when we mention dimensions we invite you to look at this as vibrational dimensionality. As your vibration is raised through the light connectivity, you are literally able to transcend above and beyond the linear stasis. That is, you are now, as you surrender unto the divine transformational process, and acceptance thereof, able to journey to higher vibrational dimensions of “reality”. This becomes real. It is not something outside of you or separate but part of you. This is why when you are meditating, you are now able to link in more swiftly and be one in to the higher realms through Quantum Connectivity. As your consciousness expands outside of the linear, corporeal, living physicality into the embracing of all that you are through light evolution, you are awakening and becoming that which you are already “programmed” to be. Conscious Awakening into your Becoming. Awakening unto the light, that courses through your very being. Physical shifting to liquidity, fluidity as you are one with the light.
“Expand into your divine light as the Heart guides through sensations of a deep loving and nurtured presence”
You are programmed and divinely designed this way. There is no evading. It is and will be and is occurring now, outside of your earthly conditioned beliefs and rigidity in concept. You can choose to journey unconsciously or you can choose to journey consciously.Shifting, aligning, awakening to your divinity as you are literally transforming into Quantisity. This is your sovereignty. Become, be still and know. This light not only works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human vessel, but it enhances the 5 senses, almost adding on a 6th sense. You are awakening to your infinite capabilities through cosmic light transfiguration. You are able to tap into this frequency. It is instilled within your DNA. You are without limitation. It is only the carnal structures that limit you to linear, physicality, when above and beyond you are part of the all, and have the innate ability to just be light, and all that this brings with it.
“Awaken within your conscious being, to the light evolutionary process”.

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Metatronia 2-Day Workshop San Diego 21-22 July 2018

Untitled Design (2)

Metatronia Therapy Awakening 2-day Workshop

21-22 July 2018 10am to 4pm

Awakenings Center for Consicous Living – Laguna Hills, CA, USA

“Assisting the Light Evolutionery Process”

During this weekend you will receive attunement to Metatronia Therapy, receive assistance, guidance and insight directly from Source through the Trilogy Masters of Light (Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Thoth), Lightbody Vehicle and Sacred Algorithm. Light connection, Lightbody awareneness, Metatronia Massage, Metatronia Healing and Alignment experience, Attunement and more.

MT will enhance any therapies you are currently working with and is also open to those who just wish to experience the attunement and vibration for their own awakening journey. Please note that this is a very transformational weekend and will involve experiencing higher states of consciousness, alignment, shifting and release.

Full 2-day attendance $295

Day 1 only – $222

Day 2 only  $111

Day 1

Connection with Archangel Metatron, Jesus & Thoth (Trilogy Masters)

Attunement to Metatronia Therapy Healer Level I or Master Level II if already attuned.

PowerPoint Presentation

MT Healing & MT Massage Demonstration

Healing & Alignment

Transmissions of Light


Day 2

Lightbody Awareness & Connection

Sacred Algorithms

LBV Workbook

LBV Meditation

Connection with Source

Simplified Lightbody teachings
Places limited to 20 for each day.

($100 Non-refundable Deposit secures your place. PayPal reservation fee can be sent via PayPal to