New Year Message 2020




E245A84C-F2E6-444A-BA36-71A457452012The key for the coming year is divine simplicity.

The awareness of divine human. We are guided to not look too much into exacts. For much is felt on an energetic level as the lightbody is shifting and altering in its vibration bringing to us many changes and alterations in our consciousness first and foremost, our energy is raised, and our vibration altered to one that can no longer carry the burdens, separation and lower frequency of the 3D (third dimension) dwelling.

It can only be positive energy/positive vibration, that shift us into the higher realms, not only within our own being, our own vessel, but to lift us into the higher heights where we find our freedom and true state of being.

The true connection to source and living and being as source, resides in the shifting of consciousness to match the light of the one,  through vibrational shifting.

Your active participation has always and still remains a requirement. Your active participation in trusting, believing, opening and surrendering to the great work that is being done beyond the 3D realms of reality. For life is altering, we are evolving into Beings of the Light.

Returning once again as we link to the One Source Collective consciousness that creates  nurtures, assists, guides and supports us.

This is our true dwelling place. It never left us; rather we detached and left, separated, feeling that we could manage and exist in a new detached state of being. We are now returning to the one. The one state of being, the one heart, the one mind, the one state of Divinity.

We are asked now to FEEL rather than seeking answers. There is a light that speaks to us through vibration. A most divine and sacred coding that is interpreted by the Heart.

Archangel Metatron & The Elohim:

“Through feeling you will gain understanding and trust as to what is occurring for mankind. Allowing the mind to be free from thought as much as possible. Connecting in consciously more so with what you have termed as your higher body of light. Your Lightbody. It is not so much your light body, or body of light, it is your true form that you are waking up to and aligning with. This is where we will meet you. So be open to the aspect of your Lightbody, this begins to initially awaken your consciousness, and allow it now to merge as your true form, not separate and not something to attain to, but something that you already are and that you live by and through. There is no separation.

Human consciousness is shifting and more are aligning with the higher plan and divine order, through electromagnetic pulses that stream through your consciousness, through the law of the living light. A vibrational “coming together”, unified with the light collective.

It is hoped that more and more will awaken and the hope of millions of Beings across the Earth rise in vibration to align, assisting in the grand yet mysterious shifting that is coming to mankind.

Your new year is another chance to open to all that you are. Piece by piece we will aid your vibrational transfiguration.

It is through the mass collective, coming together in consciousness, that creates waves and vibrations that send out to the Universe that mankind is heeding the instruction of times of old which are now coming to fruition.

When you plant the seed, the tree begins to grown and then bears fruit. The roots reach out and expand. Fed by the light, it becomes its full and true design.

It is human that will aid this unity and partake in the conscious evolution of mankind. You must awaken to experience. Drop all beliefs so that the vessel is laid bare. It is through translucency that the light enters.

This was the wishes of the ancients, the golden ones, the One Source essence. This is the shift we are encountering and the greatest step that mankind can take is in global unification, a coming together in mass collective consciousness to assist in the raising of the vibration. We ask only that you let go, trust and be open to receive, in your divine surrendering you will return to the fullness of light”.

The amalgamation of mass consciousness into Source light linkage, creates a vortex, a vibration that sends out a beacon of light from Earth, rather like a signal to say “ok we are ready we hear you”.

Many term this the Golden age for humanity. It is more so the age of light. This work is ever continuous but the shifting and realignment with the crystallined codings coming to us now is what is altering our lightbody formation so that we connect even more within the earthly physical form that mankind dwell in.

When the vessel is ready, open, receptive and aligned then this creates the correct energetic setting to receive the divine codings. In an unawakened state, this cannot yet be experienced.

There is still much to do yet we journey on knowing that we are complete in our lightbody formation.

This will bring greater meditation experience, higher vibration being held within the physical body. A new way of being, thinking and doing.

The receiving and expansion work continues.

New codings, new practices. These will especially be felt for those who are attuned to Archangel Metatron as he works directly with us to assist us and move us forward.

If you can look at these divine alterations in your evolutionary process as energetic frequential & vibrational in nature.

There is a lot that is experienced with your conscious acceptance, opening and participation.

All of mankind are going through this great shift in expansion of the thoughts, energy and vibration. The alterations to the Lightbody bringing in a more crystal formation to the human form. This clarity and purity cannot hold density.

You have felt this, you know this on some level and you are beginning to feel lighter. Or perhaps you are still experiencing the shifting that comes on many levels. Emotional, relationships, work, career, money, dwelling, all of it may be included as you are raised in your frequency and being shifted into a new level of being. You are being placed, vibrationally, where you resonate best.

You will soon no longer accept the old 3D energies/vibrations as you seek to match your earthly vibration with that of your lightbody formation. This is why the Lightbody (MerKaBah) awareness is vital for your light preparation and ascension process. It is enough to just consciously be aware that you reside in a body of light.

Our most beloved Archangel Metatron guides us to trust:

“That which you feel is altering you and you are fearing, is that which is shifting you to your true dwelling place. Fear not these alterations for we are assisting you in your evolutionary process. This cannot be bypassed. Everyone that dwells on the Earth plane(t) is a participant, whether they are actively doing so or blinded still by the controls of the manmade consciousness level of the 3D realms. We are with you, we are among you and we are sharing with you vital keys to your salvation. Allow the light to be your breath. Allow the light to bring you codings to heal, emotional, physical, mental wounds. Allow the light to dwell within every part of you, always. For this is your elixir of life. Your true energy. The divine shifting mechanism.”

Archangel Metatron reminds us that trust, belief, surrender, letting go and being open to receive are vital parts of the ascension process.

Control/behaviour/belief patterns etc. often stand in the way of you fully opening to the energies of Source. So we are asked to trust more and be open. Letting go of any stigma/dogma or belief systems.

Many ask me “why are things not working, why are others advancing and I am not?” and the answer is quite simple.

“What is it you wish to see within yourself”? Are you blocking the receiving of light?”. The answer is a resounding yes. Ego, separation and mentality have a big part to play here.

We are asked to let go and trust. Are we being broken down? No, not as such, but we will have stuff to work through, as we begin to be lifted up and out to a higher vibrational reality.

Releasing first, the old mechanisms and belief systems. Then an injection of self love, self worth, confidence, honour and trust within yourself will greatly assist alignment.

Look not to others but to your own self-expansion and growth. For we are all of a unique design. No two of us are alike. There may be similarities of course, but look not to others or to mimic them, or to feel that you have been shortchanged because you are not experiencing the same journey as someone else. We are all here as unique divine beings.

I also get asked “why are things not moving for me?”. The answer to this again is very simple “Are you ready? Have you fully surrendered? And to that we mean to let go and allow the universe to work with and for you. Handing over thoughts, controls, fears, anxiety, worry etc. and how do you do this?

Archangel Metatron is with you and he asks only that you trust……. trust in something that you cannot see but trust nonetheless. For light is mysterious yet it glows and flows into your heart. It is the very essence of your creation.

”We are assisting you in living from a higher vibrational reality that will bring you many amazing experiences. We may speak of higher dimensions, and to this we mean higher energetic places within the vessel that you are opening to through the expansion of your vibrational patterning”.

Remember POPE (Projection of Positive energy) as much as you can as this leads to creating the higher vibrational energy that must run through you.

You are a being of divine light so allow that light to shine through you. Do not fear the release of the lower energies for they no longer serve you and they come in many forms. Archangel Metatron will guide and assist you the moment you surrender.

In the coming year there will be no place for negativity or density within your being. You will glow and flow with the light of the divine through every part of your being.

“You will evolve, as you live and grow, expanding into the divine being that you are. Trust, believe and be open to receive. In divine simplicity you will uncover the greatest mystery which will flow throughout your being, untethered, free to roam the stars”.

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