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Vibrational Reality – The Truth of Vibrational Alignment

A lonely birthplace

It is a time when great vibrational truth is being shown to you. That which no longer serves your alignment or may be causing you disharmony is being shown to you and must be released. Be true to yourself first and foremost and wake up to your vibrational truth. Much truth is being unveiled so that situations can be resolved and energies aligned. As the lightbody will not harbour or carry density.

Anyone or anything that does not sit within your alignment will now show itself to you as a negative vibration. A  misalignment in your electro-magnetic energy field. Anything that has not yet been resolved is being brought to the forefront to be released. Density is no longer to be held onto but is dissolving so that you can live harmoniously. The heart feels this density and can make you feel unhappy, lethargic, ungrounded, out of sorts, de-pressed – all of the states of being that are of a negative polarity, weigh us down, brings us out of positivity. The heart is designed to live from positive vibration.

Some may be feeling needy or seeking attention and when that attention is not brought they can begin to internalise and a feeling of not being complete is magnified. We are guided that we are complete and whole. It is only our misguided reality that brings a feeling of want and lack and needing to seek attention, to fill a gap, to fill something that we feel is missing. The mind feels lack and feels something is missing. In truth nothing is lacking or missing if we begin to live from the heart.

The mind is always seeking answers. The heart is complete and is the gateway to the eternal. It does not seek, for it already has all.  Through the mind we seek the great mystery, where as the heart already knows the answers! Allow eternal love light to flow from your centre (Heart) and thus the elixir of all life will flow unhindered. All becomes balanced, all becomes as One in great unison with the eternal Sun/Son.

“Let the teachings of the eternal light be known to man through the gateway of the Heart”

Now is the time to stand in your light and to let go of anything that no longer sits within your harmonized and aligned vibration. It is a time of great awakening and alignment and with this much is dissipating, dissolving and being highlighted so that you can step away from that which does not resonate within your lightbody. You are being unchained.

Let yourself be free and open to resonate at the highest frequency. Do not feel that you have to oblige others or put up with energies that are no longer acceptable. Anything that is heavy or dense will be felt as just that. Weighing heavy in your vibrational sphere. So let it go. If something is no longer working it is no longer being held in your energy body. It is being released and renewed.

Some relationships are dissolving and this is enabling you to stand in your true light. When you carry the weight and density of others it will weigh heavy within your heart, and as you ignore and keep bending under the pressure what will occur is an outburst where truth is being shown to you through vibration. If it is not witnin your alignment it causes you to be out of alignment. This can have a great impact on your vibration.

Be who you are divinely designed to be, through your vibrational reality. That time is now. You may have bent and wavered under the density of others around you. Springing back and forth, back and forth, negative to positive, light to dense, dense to light, which can become very tiresome. It takes its toll on your polarity and burdens the heart with a false reality.

Our vessel “polarity” is no longer able to carry this old frequency. It can cause great frustration and can begin to affect your mental and emotional vibration. It is no longer to be a focus, rather to be let go of so that there is greater alignment and freedom within your energy body.

Fill your life with positivity right down to those that share your every day life as positivity will feed positivity. Bring light and love to all that you come into contact with, this will positively affect their polarity. Light brings love. Love brings life.

Now is the time to stand in the truth of who you are, removing any density that is around you. You are not here to bend to others, rather it is all about divine flow, ease, love and lightness. Anything that weighs heavy is being removed.  It is time to let go and trust in what is being vibrationally shown to you”.

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Meta-Tronicles – The Key is in the Alignment of Your Energetic Alignment – July 2014

May the light always be your pathway;
May the light always guide your way;
May the light be the One that surrounds you;
Through each sleeping night and living day
May the light be the one that adorns you;
With rays oh so golden and bright;
It is the light that will always surround you;
Through all of your struggle and plight
The light it will never desert you;
Or bring you false hope or desire;
In divine truth it lights the flames of life within you;
For you to reach to that which you truly aspire
Know of the light that is within you;
Surrounding you and is all that you are;
For as the Light is as one with the Universe;
You to are as one with the stars.

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Meta-Tronicles – The Voice of Inner Silence – July 2014

We are reminded today to seek the voice of silence. To seek the sound of stillness and to know the love of the One that resides within us. There is no powerful a sound in the universe than that of inner silence. Bathe in it daily. Be it as much as you can. And from this silence much truth, divine truth, and knowledge will be found.
As we journey on our Awakening and Ascension path we come to a point where there seems to be a lull, nothingness almost. We question our connection and if the light is actually there. The answer to this is “yes” the light is always there, but in times of nothingness and lull moments, is when we are asked to draw deeper within ourselves for the trust and love, honour and connection with the One True Divine Light.
For it never leaves us. The nothingness moments are the moments of the greatest connection. It is within ourselves that we lift up and out and become more in our alignment. So if this time is upon you please trust. There is nothing you need to do right now other than trust that the Universal light is within you, forever shining, and a shift is upon you. Seek stillness, peace, silence and divine connection within yourself through this silence. It is within this silence that much can be found.
Mankind has a way of disconnection from source light within his linear mindset, or lower vibrational mindset, or so he believes. The light does not leave us, only our thought process that believes it to be so. Perhaps this is something to ponder over just for a short while. The light it never leaves us.

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Meta-Tronicles – Eternal Glow – June 2014


“Always go where your heart leads you;

Where your soul dances and your eyes glisten with pure delight;

Feel the harmony and light that shines forth from within you;

To know is to feel…to feel is to know…;

That within your heart lies the eternal glow”. 

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Meta-Tronicles – Within Every Human

“There is a place inside each and every human being that knows only love, joy, peace and divine oneness. It is your divine coding. The plan for humanity is for each human to find and unravel to this place within each heart to find eternal freedom”. 
Tammy Majchrzak, 25th May 2014 

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The Light & Heart of the One

“I am the light, the heart of the One, raising the vibration of all who seek, bringing the love of the One who knows. Into the heart of many. I am the light of the One above, eternally emanating light, joy and love”. 

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Meta-Tronicles – Divine Eternal Light – November 2013


You are as eternal as the presence of the Stars in the night sky above you. When you have the time perhaps take a moment to look at the sky and vast space above you in the night’s sky. Breath in this eternal vastness. Let yourself expand and open, unfolding, releasing and awakening. For you are an omnipresent Being. You are eternal, you are divine and you shine so bright.
“Oh Divine One. Know that you are eternal. Know that your light is omnipresent. You are an eternal divine Being created from and as Source. At one with the divine. There are no limitations to you. As the stars shine eternally so do you. Know this and feel this. For when you release from your own shackles and beliefs, controls and restraints of the 3D dwelling then much occurs. There is nothing you cannot achieve, manifest and become. Know that the light within and around you shines eternally. There are no separations. As above so below. We repeat…As above…so below.  You are part of eternity. Expand yourself and bring into your mind’s eye the visions of the Universe, Planets and many star lights that shine above you. You are without limit. Only those that you bring and put around yourself. How much can we teach you? How much can you trust and let go? You want it all now. You want to apply the new on top of the old. We guide that there must be an aspect of surrender, a recalibration within your light synthesis, so that you are able to open fully to the truth of your divine design. We assist, as Source, in the resetting of the vessel’s light, so that your vessel is free to dwell in its true divine state.  You ask for it all to be done magically, in one swift blast! That is the quandary perhaps for you at this time. We ask for you to trust in the surrender aspect of ascension. The more you open, trust and believe in the divine light within and around you, the far greater the connection. You are without limit. We repeat, you are without Limit. You can create and manifest anything that your heart desires. But with this you must be prepared to release and surrender all that you currently believe yourself to be. For this is your boxed in limitation. Be at one with the Universal surroundings. Your light alteration and transfiguration begins the moment you trust in your connection to Source. We are assisting in opening the vessel to the true fullness of being, beyond any controls and beliefs. For in the freed vessel, great truth will become uncovered. Silence, calm serenity, simplicity, as you open to your Source.  Be at one always within yourself. Feel the beating of your heart, in unison with the One vibration that serves you all. That unfailing light that is and shall always be with you. Great Universal harmonious balance is what is emerging within your vessel.  You are in a time now of great shifting. It may feel as if a stagnated energy is upon you. Feeling out of sorts, or needing to constantly do something. This is part of the shifting. This is what we bring to you for you to see how much control your belief and mindset can have on you. So we ask that you brush this to the side. Any thoughts and feelings of loneliness or not feeling as you perhaps felt before. Let go and do nothing for a while. Let your vessel open to the peace within and the divine dynamics of light that are assisting your awakening, aligning, expansion and ascending process. Let us do the work we are here to do. To assist you in the deepest silence but most magnificent of light, that opens you to a whole new level of conscious understanding. There is a period of resettlement into the new garment you are in the midst of creating. Laying layers on top of old layers will not suffice. Your vessel requires a period of recalibration in order to reset without past stories. There is honour and gratitude that brings you to this very point, for the journey that brings you here, however, it is now time to release so your vessel can be free to soar with the stars. be present in this very moment. In times of inner turmoil bring your focus to your heart and breath. Feel the presence of your vessel and its magic that lies in being right here, right now in divine unison, not caught in the mind or thoughts, just being very present, releasing time, release your constraints.  The rush of light and great connection is with you. This is just part of the shifting. If you can truly surrender and bring yourself to the knowledge that this is part of the shift, then you will shift and work through the final stages of what you class as 3D limitations. Free your mind, open your heart to greater expansion of the Soul. Release any measures/boundaries and controls. Learn to surrender into the vastness of your eternal soul.  The light is assisting you and the keys given will ensure that you pass over the gateway that leads to the eternal light.  As one with the stars. As bright as any that shine. You are part of all that is. You are infinite. Know this and feel this. Then the final shifting within your consciousness expansion is complete. This cannot be done for you. This takes your commitment and your surrendering to open up to the bountiful vibrations that are open to you and lifting you to greater vibrational heights, dimensions and realities. We will show you, we will bring to you and we love you, always. We ask only that you begin to shift your consciousness from the way of measuring and applying and to just be at one within your being. This point of vibrational stabilisation will bring much to you through your trusting and expansion”. 
You are light divine