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Let your burdens and troubles release now;

As you bathe in the pure bliss of light;

Let all of the turmoil dissolve now;

As like day you become one with the night;


Let the glory of love shine upon you;

Allowing the mind to be still;

Knowing you are part of the Cosmos;

Divine love, Divine light, Divine will;


Let your Heart’s expansion embrace you;

As the light fills your vessel with Glee;

Knowing that you are united;

Unified as One eternally;


Let not your fears deter you;

Or the mind play its tricks and divide;

For nothing outside of the truth now;

Within your vessel so pure can reside;


Much vibrational work undertaken;

Aligning your vessel with light;

Divine love and Purity igniting;

As your vessel begins to take flight;


Up into the arms of the Cosmos;

Into the light of the All;

Embracing the truth of the eternal;

For you are as One with the ALL. 

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All God’s Things

red rose.jpg

A drop in the ocean

A ripple in a stream

A whisper of Wind

A moment of a dream

A beating of a heart

A flutter of a wing

A rush of a wave

These are all God’s things

A glint of a starlight

A glare of the moon

The heat of the Sun’s rays

These are all God’s things

The light in your heart space

The thoughts in your mind

The dreams that become real

These are all God’s things

A dream of creation

A moment of joy

A pull on your heart strings

These are all God’s things

The peace in the silence

The stillness of love

The connection of friendship

These are all God’s things

The space in the silence

The darkness of night

The light in your vessel

These are all God’s things

The peace and the truth

That lie in each moment

The stillness and silence

That cannot be broken

The depth and the feeling

The truth of the divine

These all lie in God’s heart

And in yours and mine

So enjoy every moment

That Life brings to thee

Knowing that you are

Part of God – eternally

The whisper of nightfall

The sound of a prayer

The beating of your heart

Tells you he’s there

In each waking moment

As a nightingale sings

This is all Onenenss

The light that God brings


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God’s Gifts Are All Around Us

Such beauty lies all around us,

In flowers, the birds, the trees,

Such beauty is upon us, the wind,

The sun, the breeze,

Take time to feel this beauty,

Allow your eyes to catch a gaze,

A bee upon a flower,

The warmth of a sunny haze,

Slow down enough to notice the beauty in each day,

The smell of flowers, the sound of birds, and the sun’s oh so warm array. 

God’s gifts are all around us, the grass, the flowers, and the trees,

The colours of a rainbow, the warmth within the breeze,

So take time today to slow down, take time to sit a while

And take in the sights around you, they are sure to make you smile. 

Fill each day with such divine things,

A bee upon a flower, 
a sunbeam in the morning,

The droplet in a shower, 

The fur upon a bee’s back,

The dew upon the ground, 

The beauty of the music,

When the bird it makes a sound

Take time to see that nature provides you with a break

Her beauty is all around you,

This time that you must take brings balance and such love,

To all around your being, so take this in, and love it all,

The wonders you are seeing!

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Move On Dear Child

Move on dear child, cease the fight.

Seize your energy with all your might

For you are a soul, so worthy of,

So many gifts, so much love

Its up to you to end the fight, 
To lift into the divine light,

Take the step, behold the start

Of the awakening of soul, mind and heart

Make the step, release the fight, 

Trust in us with all your might

For we are here to light your way

And carry you, every day

We hear your cry we hear your call, 

Make that step; show your all, 

Step into the divine light

This will cease the endless fight

Know that you are not alone

Know that as we bring you home

To the divine light in your soul

Then once again you will feel whole