You have your wings



There is a sense of calmness. A stillness. Above all the chaos and confusion, delusion and illusion. You are learning to stand firm in your light. A sense of peace and serenity within you. A light ripples through you. The sensation of divine love. Of being held, supported and nurtured.

A deep, ancient and most divine reunion is taking place. A knowing that you are connected to everything and everything is connected to you. Unity, unification, Oneness.

In your stilling you are sensing the peace of eternal light. It is from this light that you are born, and from this light you return. From this light you are living, breathing, whole, complete. At one.

As a living, breathing vessel of divine light, you are sensing more and more, the vibration of love that lifts you higher, not only in consciousness, but in form.  As you breath and become more in light, you bring your vessel into a place of vibrational freedom. This is not born from the mind, but awakened within the Heart.

In the lifting of the vessel, through the free flowing light, this becomes you, renewed, alive, awakening, aligned.

The energy you feel within is the place of the One. The all encompassing light that is your source. You feel it now burning within you. Such a divine place of stillness, of love, of wonder. The light will no longer hide. It will reveal divinity in all its glory. It will no longer wait in the shadows to be acknowledged. It has waited,  time long enough.

Let it be known that this divine feeling is your true vibrational setting. It is for you to sense, to feel, to know, to be. This is the light that we are showing you. Revealing to you, pulsating within you, at the very heart of you, the light that is you. Now revealed to you, as vibration. In love you are light. In light you are love.

Feel the peace. Notice how everything is expansive, yet all is felt within you as an abundance of divine light, divine love, divine knowing. You have lifted up. In your trusting, opening, expanding and aligning, you have your wings.

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