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As a Child

A new living life sees awe and wonder in the world. Babies, Children, when you look into their eyes you can see the simplicity in the vibration they are living from. Beaming out love and wonder. They are exploring and uncovering the beauty that lies all around. They beam love from within as they know no other way. They are simply being. As we grow older we seem to lose the awe and wonder as we gaze upon the world, often drudging through thick mud as we move through each day. We carry, we are burdened, we are heavy, we are density. The key for us is to feel the awe of the child, feel the wonder of the child again, that we once were, and still are, just in a bigger body! Feel the simplicity of being, see the love and magnificence in just being. Look out at the many wonders around you, that the world is and has for us, perhaps there are some things that occur and make it not so rosy a place, but when everything is stripped back, when we are, just being, we will once again live simply as love, divine love, without the burdens of life upon our shoulders. A child is free, a child is light, a child is unburdened, a child sees delight, in all things. Be like the child.

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Inner Silence


“I don’t want to talk;

I don’t want to debate;

I don’t want to fathom;

nor cogitate;

I don’t want to seek;

or look to find;

I want to let go;

of the cogs in my mind;


To rebirth in the new;

The simplicity of all;

No longer to be blinded;

Trying to unravel the ball;


I was lost in the Abyss;

of all that I think;

was truth up to now;

in the books, in the ink;


Written over time;

as I have sought to find;

Going round in circles;

the loops in the mind;


No longer to fathom;

No longer to seek;

But to know of the One;

Through the heart and it’s beat;


In the silence of knowing;

and the stillness of being;

The truth of the divine;

I awaken, am seeing;


No more must I wonder;

No more must I roam;

For in simplicity in being;

I feel, I am home”

Tammy L Majchrzak

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The human vessel is “transmuting” as the lightbody frequency is literally alive with light. This light strengthens, aligns, awakens and is literally “transforming” your very being as you are evolving into light. This light has always been around you, and at this time the human vessel is altering in its “transfiguration” into Homo Luminous. You are awakening and physically doing so throughout every part of you. As your vessel (body) is taking in more light there may be some resistance felt. There are many symptoms of ascending vibration and the human vessel portrays these alignment vibrations in many ways. You are guided to be still and know, that any light embodiment symptoms will soon pass as your vessel adjusts to the new frequency. There are many adjustments now taking place. You have felt this on some level, be it emotionally, physically, mentally or indeed “spiritually”.

Much of which you have done in the past, which is habitual and conditioned in nature, which has found its home from within the limited consciousness, will no longer sit well within these new light Quantum vibrations. For they are of the highest, purest, most positive ‘Ions” that are filtrating through your energetic systems, as what can best be described at this time as electromagnetic energy spirals, working deep into the DNA. Rainbow, metallic, sparkling, divine Source emanating as light within. You are being “illuminated”.

With the “sensitivity symptoms” much can be “experienced” within the Pineal Gland/Head area. As this is the integral meeting point of higher vibrational light integration” along with the heart center, being the first point of light. We may experience:

Hightened states of awareness

Feelings of coming out of body/fluidity/liquid/dissolving/dissolution



Constant thought process

Contrasting Thoughts/Emotions

These symptoms will lessen. They serve as marker to validate the light integration. These symptoms show how much man has literally “existed within his thought led processes” and as these symptoms that are “fired up” lessen, man will begin to live from the higher light frequency, which is heart led not mind fed.

Much is occurring within the light transition. You are literally becoming Light. Yes, there remains the physical body, and when we mention dimensions we invite you to look at this as vibrational dimensionality. As your vibration is raised through the light connectivity, you are literally able to transcend above and beyond the linear stasis. That is, you are now, as you surrender unto the divine transformational process, and acceptance thereof, able to journey to higher vibrational dimensions of “reality”. This becomes real. It is not something outside of you or separate but part of you. This is why when you are meditating, you are now able to link in more swiftly and be one in to the higher realms through Quantum Connectivity.

As your consciousness expands outside of the linear, corporeal, living physicality into the embracing of all that you are through light evolution, you are awakening and becoming that which you are already “programmed” to be. Conscious Awakening into your Becoming.

Awakening unto the light, that courses through your very being. Physical shifting to liquidity, fluidity as you are one with the light.

You are programmed and divinely designed this way. There is no evading. It is and will be and is occurring now, outside of your earthly conditioned beliefs and rigidity in concept. You can choose to journey unconsciously or you can choose to journey consciously.

Shifting, aligning, awakening to your divinity as you are literally transforming into Quantisity. This is your sovereignty. Become, be still and know.

This light not only works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human vessel, but it enhances the 5 senses, almost adding on a 6th sense. You are awakening to your infinite capabilities through cosmic light transfiguration. You are able to tap into this frequency. It is instilled within your DNA. You are without limitation. It is only the carnal structures that limit you to linear, physicality, when above and beyond you are part of the all, and have the innate ability to just be light, and all that this brings with it.

Awaken within your conscious being, to the light evolutionary process.

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Eternal Light

In those moments that you are lost, you have an internal, Eternal light that shines and will show you the way. Listen, feel, go within. In those moments that you are lost take a big breath in and stop. Don’t think, don’t even analyse, don’t do a thing….do no-thing…..just be….and in this moment of connection to the internal light within you will see your heart that shines and beats to the rhythm of the Universe. To show you that when you connect within even if just for a moment, you are shown the answers to every and any question you may have…..that the answer is just to be….and in that trust and surrender moment, the universe is greatly assisting you, because, dear One, you have stopped and taken a breath, and let go and released…..and in this time of divine connection much will be shown to you….hand over, all of it, in that very breath, and know and trust that all is well, that the Universal rays of the ONE are with you and working for you….you are never alone…..take that pause, let go and trust, release from the linear matrix and listen to your heart, your breathing rhythm and allow Source to unite you with the infinte you. In the moments you feel chaos or feel burdened, go within. In the moments of doubt and density go within, if only for a moment. Breath, sigh and just to be. And in this moment there will be a great unification within where you will know what to do. For anything that is turbulent or perturbs you is your soul light or you may know it as your internal guidance system/emotional guidance system, alerting you to stop….take a moment and release….and all will be well, as you hand over to the One. Let the star light guide you and bring you home. Have faith and trust.

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Awaken from Slumber

It is not that you are opening and awakening to a whole new level of being. It is that you are opening, aligning and awakening from the deep slumber that has cast you away from the true vibrational element that you so divinely are. You have lived so long in a state of suspension/suspended animation that has distracted every essential part of you from the true energetic essence that is your core, true resonance.

I am here at this time, as are many guides and helpers in the higher light hemispheres, to assist you in your ascending process. To align you with the true nature of your Being. Your physical vessel (body) at this time especially more than ever before, is beginning to anchor Source light through the physicality that not only enhances and reconnects you to the divine codings, but ultimately is assisting in the great light expansion and evolutionary process for mankind at this time. For life is not stagnant.

Energy is not stagnant but ever pulsating and moving forward. In your opening and receiving, trust and surrender you are ultimately connecting with the great truth through Light. We speak of the Golden age and the return to the eternal blueprint that you already hold within your living systems. Returning to the Purity and divinity that you are. Awakening to your magnificence. For you are “transcendental” Beings. You are not bound to the physical.

Do not see your earthly life as just physical for this bounds you to the carnal structures and limited systems. Embrace and open to the divine, all that lies already within you. For the gates of the eternal Sun are opened before you. The physical vessel is going through major shifts at this time as it is anchoring and becoming amplified by sacred light photonic waves. There is no Human omitted from this evolutionary light transference. There is much work that is being done in the higher realms to assist humanity in this divine process. In the stillness and silence, and acceptance, you are thus opening the vessel to the divine connection and deep transformational processes that are currently being undertaken. Expand into the infiinite. Let your mind be still, let the heart be open, let your thoughts diminish, let the mind be free as your vessel opens to eternity. And from here you will begin a whole new level of Being”. – Archangel Metatron/Trilogy Masters

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Divine Order

There is divine order within all things, created by the Creator, from divine light formations. This light exists in all things. This light works throught divine order. The key for us is to be in divine order, not scattered and living in a chaotic formation, but surrendering to our divine ordered blueprint. The light brings order to all things, and in our divine surrender we become unified. Not only with all that is created but unified within our own being. No more the chaos and disgruntled, discombobulation that man has created for himself, but living freely, in divine opening, divine connection, with and in divine order, divine equilibrium, divine grace ensues.

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It is not that you have limited consiousness, your consiousness is fully expanded and part of the Whole, and beyond limits/beyond measure. What is perhaps limited is your understanding of how magnificent your consciousness is and what it can do, what it is opened to, what it fully is and what it is part of. So let go of the limitations you bestow upon yourself and open yourself up to the true magnificence and magnitude that you are. Living from limitation only serves to keep you from divine truth. Allow yourself the beautiful journey of expansion and self realisation that lies beyond the boundaries that you have placed around you.  The world is not how you perceive it to be from a limited perspective. The world, the universe and all that resides within is all part of the Great Mystery, the Great Truth and Magnificence.  It is only you that places limits and falsety upon yourself. Open to the grace and truth of the all for there is a power and light beyond all measure that you are a part of, that is actually who you are. Why would you therefore choose to live through limitation?.