Vibrational Freedom Pledge

So rejuvenating!

We are not here to carry the burdens of others or tolerate behaviour that just brings our energy down.

At times people don’t see us for who we truly are. They see a version of us that fits their own agenda and separated ideology.

This is manipulation and narcissistic behaviour. You’re not here to tolerate that. You don’t have to tolerate that. Period!

“I make a pledge to Source to now release from that which perturbs my spirit”.

It’s that simple. It’s done. Let the Universal Light Source take care of the rest for you.

Time wasted enough on energies that just drain you. False relationships based on tolerance and a feeling of having to behave a certain way to fit into somebody else’s world. No!

Be brave enough to let go of that which was perturbs the spirit.

It doesn’t matter if this is acquaintances, colleagues, friends and even family. It is only you that can make the choice. Toleratation or emancipation.

It’s quite simple.

“If you don’t get me, you don’t get me”! That should be your motto of choice.

People will play mind games and think that you are oblivious to the game-playing.

The thing is, everything is about vibration and energy and both are so easily interpreted.

If you’re vessel alerts you to something that doesn’t feel right, go with that as it is usually correct 99.999% of the time!

Be mindful of the energy you are allowing in and more importantly be aware of the energy that you are giving out.

You owe your vessel nothing less than positive, empowering and bright frequencies.

Anything that impinges on your chosen state of wonderment, you can release and detach from it in an instant.

Surround yourself with vibrant, positive people. Your emotional guidance system can easily feel their light.

Yet it goes peep deeper than this. Choose those that are in alignment with their own beautiful frequency and give out love freely without any agenda. Choose those that truly see your light. Choose those that see all of you.

The vibrational and conscious choice is yours to make.

I choose to be free.

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