Ascension is real. It is not a glamour to be played out in the separation identity. It is becoming more and more apparent how some so called spiritual teachers are reeling people in with falsity.

I don’t usually waste time or frequency in the confines of the denser realms. Yet I felt this observational message to be necessary to assist the journey of transparent, authentic Ascension.

“All that Glitters is not Gold”.

When we truly connect with Source, our eyes become wide open to the vibrational authenticity of Light. We relinquish all that is not truth as our vibration shifts in alignment with Source.

So what we experience with spiritual glamour is just that, glamour. It is designed through separation consciousness to reel you in, and the price to pay is not only the price you pay but the inauthenticity of it all.

Working in the glamours restricts your vibrational freedom.

For instance if I was to say that I’m going to do a workshop where we link in with the Starlight Galactic Federation who will raise our consciousness into the 25th dimension. The initial response would be “wow, got to go to that”! But I wouldn’t do something like that because it’s not true, it doesn’t exist. It simply wreaks of inauthenticity. And yet so many are buying into this sort of thing.

If one has a sacred vibrational experience from anything then that is validation. We receive vibrational verification when we are truly working with Source. We feel it. We feel it’s divine geometries at work within our own vibration. Divine, loving, blissful, energising, vibrant physical sensations of Source’s unification within our vessel.

We must be aware of human naïveté and elements of vibrational confabulation.

From this you can possibly grasp what I’m talking about. These grandiose separation expressions just simply do not have any real vibrational foundation or have anything to do with authentic ascension.

To truly experience the Light there is a direct connection to Source that illuminates the vessel through its divine geometries of light.

Archangel Metatron directs these Source Light codings to assist the Ascension of mankind. It is not a game of glamours. It involves vibrational shifts.

Through our own vibrational purity is how we most authentically connect to Source. His light illuminates in truth. As a specific vibrational experience. Our vessel alerts us to vibrational truth.

The reality is, that we are not truly experiencing our Ascension journey if we keep loading up the vessel with glamour and falsity. Source brings energetic light alterations that raise our conscious level.

This light dynamic is pure, loving, abundant, transforming and transparent. This is the essence and divine frequency of Source.

A fundamental Ascension dynamic, in line with the Light of Divine Law, is the rising of our vibration so we may experience the majesty of our divine blueprint.

The Light of Divine Law has a primary aim that is to orchestrate and guide the conscious evolution of humanity.

For each divine soul, know that the One Light will guide you on your true journey of Ascension.

As you journey you will uncover, feel, experience such brightness. A light you will recognise from its divine geometry, a light of its very own Source. The Source of Universal conscious evolution.

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