Truth Unveiling

We see an image in the sky. We have beliefs that have taught us of higher energies, of God, of spirit, of the eternal and infinite. What we don’t see is that this is all helping us to understand and realise that within us there is a light so bright. Beyond thought, beliefs, programming and structures.

We do not need to look for external influence to feel the brightness that lies within. This leads to distraction, separation and limitation.

All of these beautiful words, labels, programs et cetera have one thing that they are trying to do for us. To help us to believe in the magic! To know that there is something there that supports us.

This does not have to remain in the realms of a deity, a God, belief, spirituality or religion.

This is showing you that beyond all of this, there is a light that shines within.

If only you would allow your consciousness to embrace the Divine Being that you are.

Don’t keep the light from you as just something you have faith in, that you believe in, that is distant and separate from you.

Don’t block out the ability to feel your divinity.

It is time to embrace the Light as all that you are with no separation and limited in ideology.

This is the next brave vibrational step for mankind. To fully embody and embrace true divinity.

“Oh yes, you will have your beliefs and your reverence. And yet it is always something that is separated from the physical human vessel. An aspect higher than the self. This has gone on for thousands upon thousands of years”.

Let it be known that you are light. You are all that which you worship.

Let there be no separation only unity with Oneness. Embrace universal consciousness. It shall be the same for All.

Let your eyes and heart be fully open.

Let the mind embrace higher consciousness.

Let your vessel merge with the Infinite.

It is time for truth to unveil within the heart of humanity.

You are only doing yourself a disservice by limiting your frequency to beliefs, separation and identity.

Trust, believe and be open to receive.

It is repeated – Let the mind be still. The heart open. The Gateway aligned.

Through simplicity in being you will experience the most divine embrace.

You will experience a love so bountiful and beyond measure.

All that was once revered shall be revealed through the heart of mankind.

“I will meet you in the special meeting place I have prepared within your heart“. >Archangel Metatron<

Let love be your primary vibration.

The truth lies within.

With love,


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