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Eternal Light

In those moments that you are lost, you have an internal, Eternal light that shines and will show you the way. Listen, feel, go within. In those moments that you are lost take a big breath in and stop. Don’t think, don’t even analyse, don’t do a thing….do no-thing…..just be….and in this moment of connection to the internal light within you will see your heart that shines and beats to the rhythm of the Universe. To show you that when you connect within even if just for a moment, you are shown the answers to every and any question you may have…..that the answer is just to be….and in that trust and surrender moment, the universe is greatly assisting you, because, dear One, you have stopped and taken a breath, and let go and released…..and in this time of divine connection much will be shown to you….hand over, all of it, in that very breath, and know and trust that all is well, that the Universal rays of the ONE are with you and working for you….you are never alone…..take that pause, let go and trust, release from the linear matrix and listen to your heart, your breathing rhythm and allow Source to unite you with the infinte you. In the moments you feel chaos or feel burdened, go within. In the moments of doubt and density go within, if only for a moment. Breath, sigh and just to be. And in this moment there will be a great unification within where you will know what to do. For anything that is turbulent or perturbs you is your soul light or you may know it as your internal guidance system/emotional guidance system, alerting you to stop….take a moment and release….and all will be well, as you hand over to the One. Let the star light guide you and bring you home. Have faith and trust.

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Beyond Barriers

Allow your vessel (body) to be open to the light of the One, as it unites within as the soul’s eternal flame.For you are not bound to the physical, you are not bound to the mental, you are not bound to the carnal.You are eternal light, eternal spirit, eternal soul, eternal fire.
Let the silence speak for you within your vessel
Let simplicity be your guide
Let the light unite you with eternal truth
We are not bound by time. We are not bound in rigidity. We are free flowing Beings of Divine light, travelling freely beyond the controls of space and time. We are not bound, we are forever free, eternal in our spirit. The inner fire and love blazing eternally.
Unbound, moving freely.
“In the stillness I am at peace
In the silence I am as one
Unified with eternal light
Communicating with the Creator life force
Let light permeate every part of my being
So that I so become that light, flowing as free as the breeze
Every part of my vessel dissolving into eternity
Release, transformation, Alignment, Resurrection
Eternal Soul, Eternal Light, Eternal unity, Eternal Love
I am that….I am…….
As one with the All
Flowing freely on the waves of the divine
Beyond Form, into the Aether, where the planets and stars dwell
Where the Creator beckons me to the freedom, beyond limitation
I am divine soul, I am divine Light, I am divine love”