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In the stillness and calm, peace and silence is where we feel that we are truly part of everything. As one with the Oneness of the One Source. For we are all One in loving Unison. Seek the silence daily. Seek the deeper breath that reaches to your very soul. breath in the light of the One and allow yourself to dissolve into infinity. Love flows through every part of every part of you, allowing you to release and unburden. So that you can feel how infinite you are, and how in your dissolving of the past, you can begin to live in this very moment, right here, which is where you find your deepest connection to the One. Trust in this process. For you are as One and infinite.

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Lightbody Beckoning

luz 5

Light up light up! Come up to the light….your lightbody beckons you to come up and match the frequency. How? you may ask? By letting go, surrendering and releasing the constant lower vibrational mind set of constant thought process. The thoughts that lower your vibration or keep you in a circle of emotional turmoil….

Lift up lift out up to the light, embrace the divine light that raises your frequency. Your part is to match this divine christ frequency of light by trusting and letting go. All the little things, that perhaps cause you angst…let them go, let them flow free, released from you, like a feather floating upon a river. 

For your light is anew, fresh and vibrant within your lightbody…match like with like we are guided today….do not work or fight against but surrender and settle your thoughts. 

Release the constant fight and struggle, for in the mind it causes muddle. 

Embrace the lightbody frequency, surrender, let it come to thee.

The key – to release the lower vibrations, uplift your heart to the light of rejuvination.

Lift up, lift out, let your heart sing, as the soul is now remembering.

Cease the fight and let the mind be free, for in this freed, clear, silent space is eternity!

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Jacob’s Ladder

As we ascend we journey on up the ladder of light. One rung at a time. Each step opening us, expanding us, lifting us, higher and higher. For we cannot carry the burdens we so carry, each of us, in energetic form, holding on to the past, keeping that blanket of security we feel we need from our emotions/experiences. Some serve us well, others not so well. We cannot carry these burdens as we step up each rung of the ladder. 

We must trust in the great unfolding, unravelling, releasing of all that we believe we are at this moment, into the truth unveiling within us as we step higher and higher with each small but magnificent step. We trust as we move higher. We unburden and unfold to our truth that light which lies within us. Our new garment of light is being created with each moment that passes that we are more and more in light. The light is the fabric, the trust we have is the silk that binds the garment together.

Majestically weaving as we trust and move higher. Creating our new Oneness with the garment which lifts us to the higher realms and higher consciousness of Being. Trust in the process for we are unable to shift higher if we are so burdened by the past or holding onto the lower vibrations. It is just not possible.

Through our conscious expansion, letting go, releasing and unburdening that higher garment is created and purified, bringing us to the higher light resonance and higher consciousness that brings us oh so much closer to our true resonance.

For we are vibration and the higher vibration beckons each of us to be in that place of higher light so that we can experience our ascended state. The bliss, the peace, the love, the purity, the harmony, the completeness and our true aligned state of being.

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All God’s Things

red rose.jpg

A drop in the ocean

A ripple in a stream

A whisper of Wind

A moment of a dream

A beating of a heart

A flutter of a wing

A rush of a wave

These are all God’s things

A glint of a starlight

A glare of the moon

The heat of the Sun’s rays

These are all God’s things

The light in your heart space

The thoughts in your mind

The dreams that become real

These are all God’s things

A dream of creation

A moment of joy

A pull on your heart strings

These are all God’s things

The peace in the silence

The stillness of love

The connection of friendship

These are all God’s things

The space in the silence

The darkness of night

The light in your vessel

These are all God’s things

The peace and the truth

That lie in each moment

The stillness and silence

That cannot be broken

The depth and the feeling

The truth of the divine

These all lie in God’s heart

And in yours and mine

So enjoy every moment

That Life brings to thee

Knowing that you are

Part of God – eternally

The whisper of nightfall

The sound of a prayer

The beating of your heart

Tells you he’s there

In each waking moment

As a nightingale sings

This is all Onenenss

The light that God brings