Metatronia Foundation of Light BLOGS

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Divine Design Awakening


“You are expanding into light unknown yet you know the old ways no longer fit into this glorious garment that is expanding and multiplying itself. No longer a contained vessel but one that is expanding and elevating. You feel the difference. This is evolution. Change at the highest level. Light Metamorphosis. You may be feeling much coming to the surface that repeats itself. Old habits, conditions, learned reactions and behaviours. The light expansion brings these to the surface so that you can feel the difference in frequency. That which was low moving into the higher light threshold where density cannot be contained. It may feel very new and you may be apprehensive but…let go. This is your becoming. Embrace all that you are through your dynamic light expanding. Returning to grace. Returning to love. Returning to your divinity. No thoughts just being in divine equilibrium. Like pieces in a puzzle moving into place. Allow the shift”.