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Lightbody, Lightbody Vehicle & Activation


Your lightbody is an integral part of you. It does not require activation. Many claim to assist you in activating it but the truth is that it is already activated. What is required is the conscious awakening and knowledge of the Lightbody rather than its activation. If it was not already activated you would not be sitting here now reading this!

The lightbody is responsible for the vibration that gives life to the human form. Without the light it would not be a living form. You would basically not exist. The light sustains all life and gives energy to all things. If your lightbody was not activated then you would not be a living, breathing vessel. This is why we must awaken to the truth of our divine makeup. The very essence of christed light that we are, so divinely designed.

We are not a 3D being. We are a Star, a multi-vibrational-dimensional lightform. Connected to the very light that created the ALL. This is why we are able to open, awaken and transform our vibration the very moment we surrender unto the ascension path.

Awakening to our true divinity. Connecting to all that we are and feeling the truth through Source vibration. So be wary of any claims to “Activate” the very heart of your being, for it is already alive and on fire with the codings of the Christed one. Your very consciousness is what needs to be “activated”. Your “Higher” consciousness is what will awaken you to the higher vibrational dimensions. Your Lighbody is not separate from you. It is the very essence of who you are, and why you are.

Your LBV System is part of you. It always has been. You would not exist without it. When you begin to work with your Greater Light Body vehicle you begin to expand in your consciousness to learning and acceptance that you are more than what you currently believe yourself to be.  But it is more than this:

You are not just a Human in a physical body. You are Soul, Spirit, light, first and foremost, exploring this dimension from within your Lightbody/Celestial Body. Part of which is the LBV. This is your Greater (Light) Body. (Gematria body) Your higher garment formation. This is NOT OUTSIDE OF YOU. IT IS your true formation.

Once you grasp the concept of this, then your journey will be a great one, of freedom, of salvation, of true knowledge and participation with the great Oneness.

“We can  no longer carry the burdens of the 3D mindset – the old ways of being. We must be free from our “old self” to find our true state of being in order to ascend”.

The Earth and Universal energies are altering, as man is evolving…we must therefore expand our practice to include lightbody awareness and connection in order for us to evolve with the Light that is us and to be as one with that light on a vibrational/energetic level.

  • It is into the light omnipresent that we are born.
  • It is through the light omnipresent that we truly live.
  • It is through the light omnipresent that we sense, feel and know, the great connection that is with us all.
  • For the light is what connects us to all that is, and the light is what brings us to who we truly are…

The Lightbody is not about exacts or trying to fathom how it works. The lightbody is part of you, your divine light matrix. We are not privy (open) to the divine mechanics. What we are open to is the knowledge, through vibration, that the lightbody exists and is an integral and intrinsic part of our divine make-up. The lightbody cannot be activated for it is already alive and alight with the codings of Source. Your part is to become consciously aware of its ”existence” and enhance through the physical. Aligning and igniting your full divine light essence, in turn, ascending into your self mastery. At one with the One. It is through simplicity and surrender that the truth of the Lightbody is revealed unto you.

Lightbody Vehicle & Lightbody are as One

  • Man must raise his conscious vibration in order to connect to the higher light vibrations within the Universe.
  • It is often called a “vehicle” as it transports us to higher vibrational dimensions
  • The MerKaBah – Vehicle of Light – is the only method where man can reach these higher realms.
  • The Vehicle, the mechanics, that bridge the two worlds – the earthly, physical incarnate meets with the eternal, universal, omnipresent One Divine Light. But this is not separate to you! It is the “Consciousness vibrational level” that ascends/rises and enables you to “connect & journey”.

Your LBV is not fixed. We must acknowledge that our LBV is ever expanding, like a flower opening into full bloom, ever altering in line with our own Ascension vibrational journey. Crystallized Diamond in its formation. Sacred Geometric Flowering matrix.  Nothing is set in stone. THINK INFINITE EXPANSION…..THEN YOU ARE CLOSE!…”

“If you are looking for exacts or for someone to turn this all on for you then you are way off! The Lightbody connection can be felt in the calm serenity and the dwelling place of deep sanctity that resides within each Human. It cannot be placed or manifactured by the linear mind. It cannot be learned or applied through academic instruction. The Lightbody dwells in a vibrational place, that once united and connected with will forever enhance the human experience for you will open up the true vibrational essense of who you so divinely are”.

Gathering insight from the Masters through Time

Thoth Emerald Tablets – Tablet 3

“Man is a star bound to a body”.

leonardo merkabah 3

“Grows he in time to the formless, Know ye, ye must become formless before ye are one with the light”.

(The Emerald Tablets – Tablet 8)

“Man has a natural light, but also a light outside the light of nature by which he can seek out supernatural things… And it should be known that when a man prophesies, he does not speak from the Devil and not from the Holy Spirit, but from the innate spirit of the invisible body in which man has his origin.”



(Extracts from the Lightbody Workshop, workbook and teachings)

Tammy L Majchrzak

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Light Mechanics – Water Osmosis

DNA strand 1

As the codings of Source Light enter our vessel (Body) there is much that occurs. There is a very magnetic and electrical form to Source although we may never know the exact make up, we know that there is this electrical magnetism in the light. A kind of Osmosis that occurs as the cells take on more light. Filtering, releasing, adjusting through the electromagnetic spectrum.

Water is necessary – Our vessel requires water in order to assist the energetic uptake of the light’s frequency. The water acts as a conduit, to assist the “Osmosis” and “Oscillation” of the magnetic current. But does it go beyond magnetism? Source has a very magnetic pull to it, as it keeps all in great unison, in great order, just as the planets have their movements, they too are kept in such divine order by the great magnetism. It is a force beyond any measure or weight or description, but we can try and understand to a certain degree. So the water acts not only as a conduit and assisting hydration but it works beyond this. Water aids as a recepticle for the light to be held and transported within the vessel. It helps with the rhythmic patterns of the light as it journeys throughout our physical form, acting as a kind of harness and attraction for the divine frequency.

As Source light enters our system there are many sensations. Some report of a sensation of “Bobbing”, moving back and forth rapidly, and as sense of whirling. This is partially due to the light particles entering the system as vibration and creating a whirlwind, magnetised vibrational pull.  The greater the spin, the greater the magnetism. Rather like the workings of a planet: 1) a liquid conducting (metallic) (Crystallined) interior and rapid rotation.  

Your vessel is being ignited with the light of the one and we feel this very strongly as pulsating, rhythmic, pulling light. lifting our vibration, recalibration of the electrics.

All our physical body functions are controlled by electricity. The human body acts like a “piezoelectric crystal”- “Marcel Vogel, the world-renowned crystal expert, has pointed out that the human energy field exists as an array of oscillating energy points that have a layered structure and a definite symmetry, and that these properties fulfill the definition of a normal crystal in material form”. –

“Blood and nerves and certain other parts of the body are electrical conductors.  Nerves must conduct electricity because that’s basically how they operate.  Many of the cells in your body are loaded with mobile ions like Calcium in order to perform their basic functions, and blood carries ions both to deliver them where they’re needed and to maintain osmotic pressure and acidity”. – water conducts electricity!  – some basic physical aspects, but it goes beyond this. Our form is beyond the physical. 

Source vibration is beyond measure but what we are beginnning to fathom is that the human body is also beyond solid structure and form, it has a higher vibrational aspect that links into the divine dynamics of the Universe. It is all so divinely put in place and works in great unison. The Human body has been designed as a receptor and conduit of and for divine light.

Source light begins to alter the vibrational spin within the body, creating and causing a great release and ALIGNMENT/RECALIBRATION mechanism, which is then felt in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. When the vibration of something is altered, then there becomes change. When the vibration of something is negative then positive energy alters that vibration, bringing it in line with the divine. That is how source assists us. It alters our vibration so that we begin to resonate at our optimum level. Lifting our light. Raising our vibe.

Metatron guides us that only so much is revealed, some has to be fathomed, but ultimately in our surrender we begin to fully understand beyond words. To feel is to know. What is there to fathom? Just reside in the bliss as you awaken to the divine.

As humans we try and fathom and work out and have to have exacts for something. Perhaps when we fully let go and trust, is when we will begin to understand the mechanisms of Source. Somethings are just out of our control and just are. As we just are as we have been so intelligently and divinely designed.


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The Alchemy of Love


Sometimes you just have to pour on the love. Any situation that perturbs or unsettles you try not to think about it or analyse it or worry or try and fathom, or weaken yourself by trying to sort it….just pour on oodles of love.For love dissolves all that is not aligned. Love breaks through any barriers… dissolves. For some this may not be easy, but perhaps give it a try….love dissolves…love nurtures, love fixes, love binds, love aligns and love heals. It is a far easier way. Let love be the potion to fix…let love be the potion to heal, let love be the potion to dissolve, all that may bring dischord. For love is magic. Love is alchemy, love is the pure essence of Source, the divine, and is your true resonance. Love brings resolution. Be love. Love is the frequency that flows so naturally, so abundantly, beyond measure. Love is free and will heal. Love is free and will ease, Love is free and is abundant. Let your vessel ooze its divine delight, its innate vibrational wisdom, that of infinite love. The magic that is part of the very fabric  of  every living thing”. 

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Above the Glamours


Above all the scriptures, writings, channelling, guidance, above all of this lies pure Source. And it will speak as divine truth to you through vibration. It does not work through glamours or labelling. Inner Light Sensation is your verification. What you feel as the most divine vibration is absolute truth. What use are words when you cannot feel? What use are promises if it is not truth? Humanity is moving into a new wave of communication. That which is from the heart. That which is silent. That which cannot be quantified. For there is much ego surrounding spirituality. Much game playing. Much ego boosting. That which is divine lies above the carnate. Above linear structures. Above competitive vibrations. Above egoic Function. Above illusion. For Source does not exist through dressings. It dwells only in absolute truth. Which lies far from glamours. When the ascending journey begins all is stripped away leaving the mind as a conduit for divine light connection and not as it is currently being used as a strengthener for separated consciousness and disillusion. Go within and seek that which already lies there. Source connects to you constantly. Truth comes from within as it flows from the divine eternally as part of your Being. As you surrender unto the light you will encompass all that is. In divine surrender. You Do not require identity to form who you are, or to make who you are. Mankind has formed himself layers of identification which only serve to bring him further into separation. Do not fear the magnificence that you already are. Source always serves you and will continue to serve you. The only request perhaps, is that you begin to trust in the revealing and unveiling of your true self.

“Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.” – Max Planck

“An ego leads itself into the depths of disconnection whilst knowing itself as fundamentally faux.”


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Source Divine


I believe in an absolute divine truth and that truth is beyond all. It cannot be measured or quantified for it just is. That truth is beyond what we term religion and spirituality. It is the One, the All. It is all truth beyond individualised beliefs. It is the One vibration that is all things. It is what all stems from and is created from. It is Source. I have known this ever since my incarnation on this earth, within this human vessel/vehicle. Which felt the contrast the moment I took that first breath. Many feel this. This is not beliefs or conditioning. This is a deep inner knowing which is verified as we connect to Source. The One. The All. Mankind will open to his truth as he surrenders unto Source. It is beyond the linear structures. It is our true resonance. And this truth will be known through vibrational verification. We will be and live from divine truth as it is revealed unto us. Which comes from vibrational alignment. We align with the All. Source is not control. Source is not religion. Source is beyond spirituality. Source is. We are source. When we fully awaken to this all else will fall to the wayside. As we become that which we already are, consciously. Let the truth of light be known.

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Metatronia Recalibration Star

Metatronia Recalilbration Star

I was guided to take time to create these images to assist in our understanding of the Light recalibration that we as Human’s participate in (whether consciously or unconsciously applied). Our energy is being recalibrated at a constant rate through Source Light Emissions (some term as Photons, EMF, Atoms, whatever you wish to call this process) (Creator Life Force)  the light recalibration is being undertaken at a constant rate. It is rather like creating such shapes. You start off as, shall we say, “one Dimensional”, one point of a Diamond Star, and as your vibration expands, awakens and ascends there is much calibration that occurs within the lightbody, down into the physical aspects of the Human form, rather like the growth of a Star (lightbody expansive awareness/vibrational growth and shifting.

As your vibration rises, more points are added. You grow into higher “Vibrational Dimensional realities” beyond your current limitations. Your One Star multiplies as your frequency is raised. Stretching, awakening, expanding into the truth of who you are through Vibrational Expansion.

I am trying to explain this as best I can with what I am shown, which to some is not a new thing, it is an interpretation of the light eternal and the evolutionary journey that we are all undertaking at this most precious and delicate energetic time. Of course we are looking for some sort of “linear explanation” as to what is occurring. However, much of this cannot be explained for it has to be experienced. What we can assist with it to bring brief explanation of sorts as to what is happening with regards to our light expansion and evolution on this human journey. We are experiencing and for some this is a very uncomfortable time. There can be moments of great doubt as to what is this all about? Bring some new modality to sort all this for me? Like some magical fix! You don’t require some magical fix, as that doesn’t exist, not with regards to Ascension. This is a very personal journey and you are ALREADY being fully supported on high by the Greater Plan and Divine Order.

We are designed as positive and loving Beings. We create so much when we are aligned with our true vibration coding. 

Back to the Star Analogy.  – The points of the Star must be carefully put in place. This is what I was shown while being asked to do this exercise. Each point is calibrated specifically in line with the divine blueprint. Weights, measures, recalibration, positioning all of which we feel as vibration, which thus, we feel as emotion, feeling and physical attributions of the ascending mechanisms/divine mechanics.

The Star as such is not an actual, but an expression and explanation of the ascension mechanism into the physical that Humans are experiencing at this time. A kind of visual to assist the linear understanding of that which is actually above and beyond linear concepts. But a little is open to us for our interpretation up to a certain degree/level.

Each time I was positioning the Star point I could feel how careful and precise a process this indeed is. It is so divinely undertaking and we definitely feel all of this infinite adjustment “Light technology” taking place.

As Humans we feel, for we are vibration. So every experience is a vibration. Every vibration brings an emotional feeling/experience. This is how we know we are going through adjustments. So that the points of the Star can fit exactly right and how they should be…again it is mentioned…divine plan, divine order…..divine recalibration.

The adjustments can take time, for some it is very swift, and as each point of the Diamond Star is put in place, with the necessary adjustments taking place, we are going to feel this on some level or another be it:

Feeling lost

Feeling emotional

Feeling as if there are great shifts occurring

Feeling the need to retract

Changing in relationships

Hamster wheel Scenario – round and around we go until we step off the wheel – things perpetuating time and time again until we surrender…”Ok so I am ready, I let go, I trust, I am open to the All….I cannot fathom this, so I am going to just trust and allow the Universe to open before me”….this takes courage…..but you will experience such magnificence when you make this major ascending step. 

Vibrational sensations  – some which can be high, some which can be opposite (an opposite in emotion/sensation during ascension recalibration is not always a negative. It can be highlighted to show us that something requires release, alteration or letting go of. This can be in relation to work, career, relationships and especially, definitely in relation to mind thought process and how we feel, express and “are” within ourselves. 

I will not write down ascension symptoms as they are too numerous to mention although much of this is based on vibration. For it is all about vibrational interpretation and lightbody expansion, which has a profound effect/affect on the human system.

As the Star grows and is put in place, we see from both minor and major adjustments of the “recalibration wheel” that our energy is altering and the new is replacing the stagnated old.

Some of this I am unable to interpret as I see it as fast moving visuals. It is not communication as we know it, but rather a vibrational experience. So interpretation can at times be a little “challenging” to interpret into the linear. If we are aware of our vibrational adjustments then we are beginning to understand on some level the magnificent workings of the greater plan and divine mind. That oversees and governs all of creation. We are above and beyond the carnal, the linear, the restrains and limitations. We can, and we will experience the truth of who we are, when we fully awaken to what is occurring beyond that which we feel we already know!

We are guided not to push and interpret, but to allow this process to take place. In the divine silence and peace and the time we allow ourselves just to be, without forcing and without demanding from Spirit……universe….Source….this is when the greatest connection takes place, in that time of deep and divine surrender…….Let those Star points be put into position, whatever that may vibrational take, allow the recalibration and alignment process  and then much will be revealed unto you.

Any energy you may have that feels stagnated you are guided to channel that into something. There may be a gift or something to manifest, that energy needs to be used as it has been “calibrated” to be used.

You are fully supported, held and loved during this whole process. Allow yourself to trust in this process and above all, allow yourself to feel all that you are as the divine truth that you are as you awaken unto your light.

The Star images I have created are far from perfect, but, in their creation and the time spent making them I have found great comfort and knowing that the work is continuing, we are never alone in this process and I smile as the times I feel alone and as if nothing is happening, this is the time when there is the greatest bond and I am left totally in awe of this whole divine support structure. In that space when I just am, and I have fully Surrendered, it is in this time where the greatest light, love, unity and connection becomes ours as the One beckons us to explore!

On a final note you may like to try this. If you lie down and relax, close your eyes. Then visualise the top Diamond shape (as outlined in the image above – 1 point of the Star/1 Diamond Extended Point) sitting right in the middle of your head where the Pineal gland is located). Just visualise it there, place it there. See it as Diamond Crystal shining the brightest light. Then allow it to grow, see it expanding and stretching out, out, out, until it has grown so big you are now in the centre of it, engulfed by the Diamond Rays of Light. Just allow yourself to be here. You have set the Vibrational coding with the visualisation. Now just bathe in the bliss. Some may experience a sensation of great warmth come over you as if the body is overheating. This is absolutely fine.

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Recalibration of the Carnal Structures


It’s totally ok to be your authentic self. How many times have you put up with somethings or someone’s energy because you have to or society conditions you to do so? It’s totally ok to say “No, I won’t tolerate any longer that which perturbs my vibration”. Be authentic. It’s real. It’s truth. It is liberation.

The human vessel is undergoing vibrational restructuring. Source is evolving us into the pure light that we are. Your true vibration must be able to roam freely beyond restraints and controls. The old ways are no longer fitting within the ascending light matrix. Your vessel is expanding and recalibrating as love and truth being the primary frequency. You do not have to harness or tolerate. Be free in your vibration. You can no longer carry. It’s not about waiting for a magical fix to heal and align you. Ascension unlocks and reveals the truth of you as your true resonance.

This does not lay On top of the old vibrational garment. For it cannot. It is time to stand in your true radiance. That which knows only positivity. Source frequency is continuously recalibrating and assisting your light evolution. Your part is to allow the overturning, the over- tuning, the vibrational restructuring. That which comes up as resistance let it go. It shows itself as it is the remnant energy that needs to be released. It pushes against the positive and weighs down your frequency. Peace, love, silence, stillness, harmony – all of these and more make up the true light that you are.

Allow the unfolding. Be still and know as your true light is revealed. And if this means you are guided to release from density and those vibrations that bring you out of alignment then those energetic chords will be released. Ascension requires conscious vibrational participation and there may be some “earthly” aspects to deal with. This is our part to play and we can rest in the knowing that we are fully supported every step of the ascending ladder. At times the shifting can feel like the world is on your shoulders and there is seemingly no way out.

Trust in Source. It will show you vibrational misalignment. And there will be physical sensations and physical actions you are required to make for these adjustments to take place. Do not let your heart way heavy. Allow the love and light of the One to show you as it will through vibration in the physical. It is ever working to move you to your eternal bliss. Aligning with your  true divine design”.

Archangel Metatron –

“What you may term as Ascending Vibrational restructuring is not layered upon the old vibrational patterning. There is an overturning and recalibration of the physical energy in order to align with the true eternal light. A rebirthing – and the mechanics of this can push the physical vessel to its “apparent” limit where there must then be a great trust and surrendering into the unknown – Mankind will release from this “carnal” limitation only when he fully surrenders unto the great unknown that will then, in this action of divine surrender, become known”.