Metatronia – The Ascension Energy

Metaphysical Transformation through Divine Light Integration.

Vibrationally transforming through the majesty of Source.

Light Counselling, consultations, Lightworker Attunements, training and mentoring.

Opening to the truth of Light on a cellular level through connection with Archangel Metatron.

The verification of Source Light and how it supports us will always be felt on a vibrational level.

Working with Source Energy is fascinating. We experience so much in the way of awareness of the simple yet profound dynamics of the Light.

This is vibrational Light integration, healing and alignment. We don’t talk about it. We don’t explain it. We don’t analyse it.

For the Light knows. It is conscious and intelligent.

We take the separation away, which leaves only the fullness of Light.

We remove distortion, which leaves only divine transparency.

We remove analysis and speculation, through Earth bound frequencies, which leaves only the vibrational dynamics of Source truth.

Metatronia Energy involves connection to Source. The most divine and conscious Light.

Energy work is altering. We are opening to the truth of light.

Are you ready for a Quantum leap?

Tammy Majchrzak
Divine Metaphysics Consultant

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