Removing the Veil



Source is revealing great truth to us through vibration. What we sense, feel and experience in the vessel through electromagnetic pulsation. There is a removal of the veil of false beliefs and misconceptions in reality at this time. We do not have to place that upon ourselves which is not our truth.

There is no necessity to live through placements of veils that hide our true identity. Our true identity is formed from love, light, truth, authenticity and divinity.  When we become more consciously aware of our vibration, that which is not truth will feel uncomfortable within our body of light.

If we are in a place of imparting wisdom and sharing that which is of the highest order, it comes from a place of stillness, authenticity, joy, harmony and a place beyond distortion. It is a vibrational sensation within the vessel where there is no identity or control, a place that resides within every human heart. It is not through Identity, ego, grandiose expression but a place of peace, love and simplicity. That is the true essence of Source. For us to truly feel our divine authenticity, there must be a relinquishment of that which is not truth which we have created through separation identity.

Many are creating a world and reality from their own beliefs, what they perceive to be real as they believe it so, through the lower, carnal structures/mentality/limited linear perception. Some of these beliefs are being shared with others to create another reality which has its foundation on falsity.

When working in the realms of the divine we must always be open to truth and as we awaken and align, our vessel will go through a period of “great awakening” so that all that is not truth is vibrationally released.

The true language of Light is silent in its sound. It is an expression of Source through the vessel that reveals its greatest magnitude through silence. One must feel this to experience the highest truth with regards to how Source communicates within the vessel. Source has many expressions that work through our living, breathing physicality, and the divine geometries of light are experienced most exuberantly through silent connection.

As human beings we have learned to interpret our spirituality through beliefs & learned practice, yet when we fully surrender, open and begin to understand the divine mechanisms of Source, the Sacred Light reveals much through silence.

We have within our divine design, built in codings that ignite a whole new level of being through the conscious acceptance that we are light. Within these divine mechanisms our vessel will alert and guide us to truth, through vibrational response to outside stimuli. The more that we are at peace within and are open to truth, vibrationally so, the greater the connection to Source. The more settled and aligned we become.

We have the opportunity to ascend in this lifetime as the gateway is open. There is a removal of the veil, that which we have held so far from us. We are asked only to trust, believe and be open to receive, through the divine dynamics of the living light.

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