New Beginnings

What a wonderful Zoom event we had last night for the introduction of Goddess Metatreiya’s – “The Emergence of Divine Feminine frequency”.

The recording and other Goddess Metatreiya services are now listed on my website. With an introductory offer that will be available until the 1st March 2022.

This particular training is open to those who are at Metatronia Healer level I.

The event was momentous for me as it marked the end of group Zoom events and also so divinely completes the Divine Metaphysics services that I offer.

My focus now is on one-on-one light consultation, mentoring and Metaphysician training.

I no longer entertain any elements of separated consciousness. My services are there for those who are serious about ascension and their vibrational transformation, and as such, there will be a level of training completed so that practitioners can be listed on the Foundation of Light Practitioner website.

All Metatronia Practitioners are now listed on an annual basis which means that they can be contacted for their services as an Ambassador of Source Light and have reached such a level of vibrational integration, expansion and alignment through Metatronia training and mentoring.

So it marked a beautiful end to many years of working with groups. It has been an absolute pleasure and an honour to meet so many beautiful, vibrant, authentic souls.

A new phase has begun for me with the concentration on specialised individual light transformation, mentoring, Energy Practitioner support and Lightworker training.

Metatronia Foundation of Light provides an unparalleled and exceptional level of service for those who are serious about their Ascension journey.

I am excited to begin this new journey with the focus now on Divine Metaphysics Light Consultancy, working one-on-one with divine souls and supporting every step of their journey of light.

With love,


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