Quantum Light Unification 170223

There is a place of such sacred significance that is encoded within our divine design.

Above the vibrational limitations of separated consciousness entanglement lies a unified energetic field of Light that unites everything.

It is the vital life-force of Source that enables communication and although it cannot be physically seen, it very much exists. A vibrational field where we are able to truly and authentically experience the divine.

When we remain in the vibrational realms of separated consciousness, we limit not only our consciousness, but we limit our full energetic ability to experience Source connectivity and the ability to tap into our divine capabilities.

This is the next evolutionary step for humanity. To lift out of separated consciousness so as to experience the glory of our divine design. The Source is encoded within our DNA.

Some term this as “Lightbody”. Our origin is a Vessel of Light”. We are a most sacred vessel that is already alive with Light.

Imagine a vessel encoded with diamond-like microscopic atoms. These atoms are already fired up upon conception.

As we journey on our Ascension path, we begin to comprehend the importance of our body’s vibration/energy.

The higher the energy, the greater the atoms. The higher the energy, the brighter the cell. We have the ability to raise the level of Light we have and hold within our cellular structure.

We meet it half-way in order for a divine Unity to begin. We meet Source in a most sacred vibrational setting. A setting of positive frequency. The highest of which is love.

Now, back to separated consciousness. The next step on our light evolution journey is to release from all aspects of separation. A handing over that we must each do on a personal level. A handing over to divine consciousness.

It may seem complicated but it is not. The step is thrice-fold. A Trinity:

“First, you must simply let go. Secondly, you must be open, thirdly, just trust”.

Archangel Metatron has always guided us to “Trust, Believe and be Open to Receive”.

The “Open” element is concerned with stepping out of separated consciousness. This open Receptivity is monumental.

We stop the limitation of running the show from our mind/thought led reality, thus making a gateway within the vibrational pathways of the brain/mind/thought systems (synapses) to allow Source intelligence to communicate with us. We must create this space. We must release from self-limitation.

Source communicates with us through vibration. That vibration is in the same form/wavelength, as the encoded atoms within our cellular structure. We are ‘wired’ to communicate with Source.

If any element of separation enters the consciousness stream, the Light connection becomes weakened.

Our vibrational strength and conscious evolution lies in trusting in this divine connection. It is the same process for each human vessel.

It is time to experience all that we are. We are already feeling boxed-in vibrationally on many levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally. The only way now is upward. In consciousness, in vibration, in Light, in love. We created the energetic expansion as we release from separation.

Source will bring to you a vibrational experience that will verify its existence. Showing you a glimpse of the magic that lies within your divine design.

This is the next step for all of us. To boldly go, awakened in conscious unity, to where we have already been light-encoded to venture. This is Ascension. This is our journey.

With love,


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