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Metatronia Therapy -Source Dynamics

Metatronia Therapy is Source Frequency. It may be termed as “Electromedicine” (healing through Source Light electro-magnetism). It is Quantum vibrational Light assisting the preparation of the Human vessel (form) for Ascension.
The light received from Archangel Metatron aligns you with the Divine light and conscious vibration of One. Separation becomes unification throughout all living systems. Metatron re-unites you with your Soul Song and re-ignites the flame within, aligning you with your divine truth and the glory therein. MT is not solely a hands on healing energy. It works through physical and distant application.
The vibrational integration is formed from the intelligent and most conscious life Light (the encoded light from which all is created). Metatron is assisting the re-integration with “Divine Wisdom” that “vibrationally” restores and alters the physical vessel back into its divine body of light through ethereal and chemical interaction and restructuring”.
Metatronia Therapy is not bound to energy healing. It has a unique purpose that is here at this time to assist the light evolutionary process for mankind, and is beyond measure. Those that feel ready to embark on their ascension journey may feel drawn to this vibration. There are great transformations that take place when receiving healing or becoming attuned to MT. Trust, believe and be open to receive, in your divine surrendering to the Light of the One.
MT is involved in the Bioenergetics* (‘*energy flow through living systems’) – the Energy transformation with the human system from connection with higher light vibrational codings thus aligning the human vessel with the true light blueprint required for Ascension.
There are many ways, perhaps, to explain the process and “mechanics” of Ascension, however, with Metatronia vibration it is all kept very simple. As your vibration shifts you begin to feel the greater connection to Source and the myriad of support and transformation that brings to the Vessel.
We cannot quantify or measure Source as the exact mechanisms are unknown from a linear perspective. What is known is that as your vibration begins to shift and align, a whole new level of light and life experience is opened before you, as you begin the journey to your true awakened vibrational state. Truth is what you feel, and what you feel becomes your truth. Source unveils the truth to us through our vibrational experiences.
“At the direction of the El’Ohym, Metatron creates and generates the sacred geometrical Light Codings of the Ascension Programs for Humanity’s Return to Source at this time. Metatronia Therapy re-aligns you, as an extension of Source energy that you are, to your original Source Frequency. As well, as reintegrates the Metatronic Consciousness within you and corrects the electron spin field, to pure positive energy. This then aligns one to anchor and embody the Divine Light of the One that you truly are, within the holographic matrix. Metatron aligns, corrects and unwinds the perceptions of the mind that has perceived the self as separated and fragmented, and offers an accelerated opportunity of re-alignment to the Pure Inscription of Light of Source that you are”.
This divine Vibration is involved in the light evolutionary energy transformation mankind is experiencing at this time and is ever altering, ever expanding, ever aligning us. The frequency does not allow us to stagnate. As you surrender to this vibration it assists you as you shift higher into becoming “Divine Being of Light”. Your true source essence is revealed unto you.
Your part in this is the surrendering and expanding, aligning and awakening journey. Right now is exactly the right time. When you are receiving healing or becoming attuned there is a vibrational union that connects you to the true light that is Source. This light is always shifting in line with the Divine Universal law and order.
This is “Light preparation of the Human Vessel” in all its forms. We are awakening to a new state of being, a higher, conscious awareness of the greater reality. The truth that we are becoming as we open to the dynamics of Source.
The healing frequency is only but a small percentage of what the Frequency is about. Healing the self, healing others through linking with Metatron and Sacred Geometric Codings. There is greater transformational work going on within the self bringing about many changes on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Aligning your Soul Core Resonance. This occurs through “Vibrational Light embodiment regenerative stages”. For some this is very swift, for others it may take a little time. There must be a time of surrendering, to just allow, to just be, to allow Source to make itself known to you, above and beyond the carnal/egoic structures of man. For your true light exists beyond restriction.
“The truth of light will be known to those who truly seek”
“What you class as “healing” is more so vibrational alignment. Within your becoming vibrationally aligned your vessel (body) in all its physicality (mental, emotional, physical, ethereal) becomes at- one within itself within the Universe. You become aligned. Within the source light is a myriad of unique energetic “prescriptive” elements specifically “entwined” for your unique formation. This light encompasses “elemetal” inscriptions that assist what may be misaligned or requires “rebooting/replenishing” within the living system. This we apply to you through the Light of Source”.
Through the link with Source coding – Archangel Metatron is catapulting many into their true soul state of being. You are coming into your divine power/essence/true soul source activation. You are being opened to a magnificent journey of the self, opening, letting go, shedding, undressing, release from old programmings, old behaviors, control aspects, ego aspects, linear mind, structures, control and blockages. Spontaneous healing of the many bodies within the physical vessel (body). The challenge perhaps is your divine surrender and devotion to your own soul path and journey.
“This Therapy is much more than what many term “energy healing”! It is not “energy healing”. It is alignment to Source”. – Valorie Farber – Metatronia Trustee –
Tammy Majchrzak
Metatronia Foundation of Light
October 2016

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Archangel Metatron

I often am asked “Who is Metatron”? – and as I answer I ask you to feel what resonates deep in your heart centre. For what you feel within you as sensation that comes within the heart so this is truth.
Metatron, Archangel Metatron, Lord Metatron – He is the brightest light. Not a physical form as we know it, as humans,  but the brightest and highest of lights, that sits closest to the Father/Creator/God frequency. For it is all about vibration. Some put him in a physical dressing, as in, they see him as an angelic form (which is often a human pre-disposition, a human creation).
Metatron is a vibration of the highest order. We will experience him however we choose to experience him, but above all the carnal structures and imaginations, he is pure source of the highest vibration. He does not judge, for there is no judgement. He is pure Light, pure Love, pure vibration. Some state that he is here to fix humans and to judge us to put us on the right track. That is incorrect, again that is a human pre-disposition, that of judgement. No higher vibration is here to judge us, rather to assist us in alignment. For there is no judgement in the the higher realms, the vibration is above all that the human mind can construct, and above any old belief systems, whatever form they have taken.
Perhaps when we put away the need to identify and control, or live from old methodologies and beliefs, a place of eternal knowing will unveil itself within us. that which does not require structure or identity, but lives from a divine consciousness and not a “learn’ed” one.
We have the ability now to live as our divine truth, which will release many of the old mechanisms and beliefs.
Archangel Metatron is here at this time to assist the Light Evolution of mankind. Whether we choose to believe this or not, this is what is occurring, right across the spectrum, for all living Beings, for all living things, for all that exists. This is not new, this is from the beginning of time, there has been and will always been divine plan and order within the universe, and now we are living in a time where we can consciously awaken and be part of the divine evolution.
“There is a washing away of all that is not truth”…………
If we are to truly begin to understand Archangel Metatron and his role in ascension, then we have to begin to let go of any pre-conceived notions and let our mind be still, opening the heart to the eternal gateway, wherein lies no explanations or conditions for they are not required. A place where the truth will flood our very soul.
Metatron is the highest guiding vibration in the Universe. He works from the instruction of the One/Creator Life Force. He is the overseeing vibration of all light and life that exists within the Universal Spheres and has a very close affinity to mankind as he assists the great Leap (Light Ascending Evolutionary Process). Overseeing all transformation and ascending processes and vibrations. There is no higher resonance.
Life is ever changing, ever evolving. If we look briefly how we are born, we grow, we alter in height, shape, size. Our minds, they grow and we feel that when we reach that of adulthood the growing stops, even as we get older, we may shrink, our body is constantly changing. We are constantly evolving and changing even if we are not so consciously aware of this fact and process.
Metatron lights the way to our very soul. He works through Source Divine Sacred Geometric Coding/ Diamond Crystallined vibration. He is an eternal source of endless divine energy flow. Linking us consciously and physically to the continuous flow of the eternal One True Light that exists within and all around the Cosmos. This knowledge and understanding is what will free mankind and bring him back to his true divine state. The Master Key is simplicity in form and being.
These are the most important key ingredients that Metatron guides us to use in order to connect with him without hinderance or barriers. If we ask him to assist us, our part in this process is to take part, with all our heart, mind and soul and to trust the process.
We will experience major transformational changes. His purpose is to bring humankind to the true higher frequency. The secret here is that he knows you, your blueprint. Your part is to trust in this process, and some parts of this journey and awakening process can be and may be uncomfortable to experience but is all a part of the divine opening and transformation into the light. He is able to reset and align you to your true state of being.
What does Metatron look like? – You may visual him with a physical Angelic appearence, or just sense him as the vibration that he is. His true form is that of the highest purest light coding and vibration/energy/frequency. Try not to limit him to a particular colour or a “learn’ed” way. Let him flow to you without construct, without limitation. With complete free flow.
Let him flow as the divine light that he is, through every part of your being, he does not require identity, an aspect we so rely on as humans”.
Metatron will work with each divine human soul, so uniquely, so diligently, so honourable. Your part in this process is to honour this connection as it is opened before you.
Are you ready and open to receive? If that is so, then a most magical and transformational journey awaits you …

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Awakening from Slumber

Is Mankind altering or just awakening to the truth?
Is it because of our awakening from deep slumber and the altering in our consciousness that we are now opening the gateway to the truth of who we are, through vibration, through our divinity, through our divine connection as one with Source?
Or is it that we are living in a time when much is occurring on an ascension level more so than before?
Is it due to the raising of our consciousness that we are now open to so much more, and feeling this on a very physical level because our vibration has been raised?
Or is there a divine hand that is assisting us. The divine wave of One Source light that assists all.
Are we in the midst of the pinacle of our Light Evolution? Or are we just more aware? And does this awareness unlock great mystery? Like a divine jigsaw all being put into place.
Has this always been around, we just have not been in the right consciousness frame to be able to experience?
Is it because of the wave of higher consciousness is sending a ripple that is expanding and increasing the ascension codings?
Is it a point in time, divine timing that all this is coming to fruition? An exact point in time or has it always been available?
Is it all about divine plan and ordered Universe?
Or is it that we are only now just truly awakening?
Is there anything new under the Sun or are we just more consciously aware?
Is it through our awakening that we are moving more swiftly on our ascending journey?
There may be many avenues but there is only one Source. And this Source is what we connect to and what is awakening us, however we journey, whatever we do, however we do it, wherever we venture, whatever our interests. Ultimately our journey is to awaken to divine truth and to feel it in all its glory above the glamour, ego, dressings and labels.
Is it because we have taken the step to expand into our divine consciousness that we are being shown more and more…matching like with like….Unification…recalibration….all in line with divine order?
Is it that in our divine surrendering we make it more possible to feel the ascension expansiveness and connection? As we have handed over and given up old ways.
Is it all in the vibrational shifting, all in the vibration, and as this rises so to does our experience and journey with Ascension?
Has it always been there, and it was just up to us to awaken? and as we take that conscious leap we become aligned to the divine codings that are a key to our divine truth. The reason why we are, who we are and what we are.
We will all have our own belief systems and controls, and ways of explaining, but ultimately above anything that we do, sense, feel, experience, there is a divine plan and order in place. There can be only ONE… and when the world wake up to this there will be greater unity, greater peace, more love flowing freely, joy, harmony and abundance.
In the fractured society where over many years there has become a great divide espeically through what you call “Religion”. When all look to the One Light then there will be greater unity and peace bestowed on Earth. When this will occur, will it ever be so? The answer dwells in the heart of mankind.

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Source – Divine Conscious Intelligence


Source light is conscious and intelligent. So with this consciousness and intelligence it knows exactly what is required in order for you to ascend. When we begin to understand this, beyond a linear level, interpretation and feeling from the heart, not trying to interpret from the mind, we begin to fully integrate with the divine mechanics of universal light. That which is already programmed within us. There is nothing for us to force, releasing all expectations, we hand over to this great intelligence. That which is not separate from us. That which is eager for us to see all that we are, in our divine creation. In this stillness and surrender we find a deep inner peace. Something begins to awaken and we just become, that which we are divinely designed to be. Optimum vibrational functionality.

A conscious and intelligence that knows us, every part of us, as the divine truth that we are and so when we turn our awareness to Source, consciously so, we begin a journey of divine discovery. The beauty here is that Source knows. There is  nothing that we need to do other than to trust in our awakening, connection and expansion, and the deep love that the Universe holds for us as we embark on the upward vibrational journey of ascending into our divinity.

There is no Heart to awaken, activate or ignite for the Heart knows. Beyond the physical Heart is the seat of our Soul. The divine love that is present in all that is created. What there must be is an opening and trusting in this divine intelligence – Source.

When we begin to release all that is no longer part of or assisting our divine light matrix, the Heart is freed up and is then able to be at its optimum frequency, with nothing to cause separation from our true vibration. We are no longer off track. We are right in alignment with the light codings of the divine. Like a puzzle, a map, we found the final piece, we are on track. We are plugged truly in! To find our way, we must first find ourselves, and the truth therein through awakening to our vibrational reality. This can come from a simple shift in consciousness.

I see Ascension a little like this:

As an Apple falls from a Tree, it’s journey is downward, gravity pulling it to the Earth.  One day the Apple does not wish to fall from the Tree and embark on the same journey, over and over, repeating the same old pattern, growth, ripening, falling to the Earth. Instead the Apple wishes to alter this, to explore, there must be something more? And so when it is next ripe and beginning to fall it sprouts wings and begins to fly upward! This may sound a little bizarre to some but I was looking for a way to explain the Ascension. The Apple no longer wishes to follow the same old routine and patterning. Instead, it steps out for itself and answers the call of awakening. It is no longer clouded by constant separated consciousness, following same old, same old, instead it wishes to step out and rise above, to learn all the possibilities of the dynamics of its true self, and so steps outside of old conditioning and behaviour. It doesnt just want to drop to Earth and thats it. Instead, one day it awakens from deep slumber, a spark is ignited in its consciousness and begins to exercise that which is installed within its very DNA, that to uncover the very truth of all that it is.

When we embark on our spiritual path, soul journey, soul awakening – let’s call it Ascension, as it all points to Ascending, we may experience a little hesitance where we are coming out of the old and embarking on a new journey, new discoveries, new vibrations. So at times it can be a little daunting.  Coming out of the shell that has taken care of us for so long. Let’s face it we knew the drill, the patterns, the controls, the conditioning as we bimbelled along in life, as that is how we thought it was. But there is more, within yourself and uncovering the truth of your vibration, there is so much more. For we are not limited to mental, physical and emotion. There is another “dimension” to us.

We can talk of electromagnetic energy, Protons, Light, Atoms, Adamantine particles, magnetism, all of this, but the truth is, in its simplest form, that we are Light, every one of us is light, and we can choose to live from a limited supply of light or plug ourselves in fully to the divine consciousness and intelligence that we are. That is our choice. To awaken and ascend or remain in slumber and stagnate. All that it requires is a flick of a switch within our consciousness. Letting go of belief systems and sceptism. Letting go of all of those things, and just allowing ourselves just to be. Being open to every possibility. This will open the doorway for divine truth to enter.

We are Source. But along the way we have separated our consciousness and brought in self vibrational limitation. This is nothing new, this is what we are waking up to, our unplugging from Source. However, we have never been unplugged, just our separation systems got in the way and clogged the light mechanics. We are now in a time where we can fully open and awaken to the true light that we are, through divine light mechanics (conscious awakening to the higher divine plan and ordered Universe). The mechanics being that we are SOURCE. It eminates through every part of our being. We are divine love, divine light in all its glory, we just somehow along the way, forgot.

Trust in the conscious and intelligence of Source, for it is who you truly are. Just like the Apple taking flight, you are altering, you are shifting, you are awakening and you are ascending and the Universe has your back every step of the way.

We cannot layer the new on top of the old, there must be a time of unification, vibrational truth integration and trust and with this, that which no longer serves us will melt away, dissolve and be released. This also is nothing new, we are not learning anything new, we are awakening to vibrational truth, and along this journey there is a guiding light and intelligence so bright and majestic that will light your way. An intelligence that will answer your call and guide you. It may take you to places within that are uncomfortable, or decisions to be made that are difficult but ulitmately it is always pulling you higher, that essence that you are magnetically linked into is calling and it will bring to you the most magnificent of awakenings, events, sensations, feelings and vibrations, so that you begin to live life fully alive and to experience all that you through the highest vibration, that of Love.

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Ascension – Master Key


“Mankind cannot ascend in the current mindset and with the current burdens that he carries along in his emotional and mental body. In order to ascend the current limited and lower consciousness existence, man must be lifted into a state of altered higher consciousness through energetic and vibrational enlightenment and awakening mechanisms so that he has literally become one with the light (Zero Point). Match like with like, as above so below. These energetic light codings are available to mankind at this time as they have always been. For those that so choose and wish to ascend, the key lies in the conscious expansion and surrendering of old ways, to work in line and in unison with the surrendering mechanisms in order to reach ‘At-One-Ment’ with the vibration of the One”. *

*This is the Master Key to Ascension.


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Jacob’s Ladder

As we ascend we journey on up the ladder of light. One rung at a time. Each step opening us, expanding us, lifting us, higher and higher. For we cannot carry the burdens we so carry, each of us, in energetic form, holding on to the past, keeping that blanket of security we feel we need from our emotions/experiences. Some serve us well, others not so well. We cannot carry these burdens as we step up each rung of the ladder. 

We must trust in the great unfolding, unravelling, releasing of all that we believe we are at this moment, into the truth unveiling within us as we step higher and higher with each small but magnificent step. We trust as we move higher. We unburden and unfold to our truth that light which lies within us. Our new garment of light is being created with each moment that passes that we are more and more in light. The light is the fabric, the trust we have is the silk that binds the garment together.

Majestically weaving as we trust and move higher. Creating our new Oneness with the garment which lifts us to the higher realms and higher consciousness of Being. Trust in the process for we are unable to shift higher if we are so burdened by the past or holding onto the lower vibrations. It is just not possible.

Through our conscious expansion, letting go, releasing and unburdening that higher garment is created and purified, bringing us to the higher light resonance and higher consciousness that brings us oh so much closer to our true resonance.

For we are vibration and the higher vibration beckons each of us to be in that place of higher light so that we can experience our ascended state. The bliss, the peace, the love, the purity, the harmony, the completeness and our true aligned state of being.

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We are quickly approaching the completion of the Lightbody crystallined formation. What does this mean for you? Many things. The most important being that your Lightbody will soon be running at its optimum level as it takes on the crystallined codings of the One Source frequency. Metatron being at the forefront of this activity. Bringing down to each and every human the new codings to enhance their lightbody. Many changes already have been experienced and as we move into December and the marked dates that the Mayan culture brought to us of 12/12/12 and 21/12/12 being very significant.

But what is the significance? We are guided to not look too much into exacts. For much is felt on an energetic level as the lightbody is shifting and altering in its vibration bringing to us many changes and alterations in our consciousness first and foremost, our energy is raised, and our vibration altered to one that can no longer carry the burdens and lower frequency of the 3D (third dimension). Your active participation has always and still remains a requirement. Your active participation in trusting, believing, opening and surrendering to the great work that is being done beyond the 3D realms of reality. For life is altering, we are evolving into Beings of the Golden Age. Returning once again as we link to the One Source Collective consciousness that in the past fed us, nurtured us, assisted us, guided and protected us. This is our true dwelling place. It never left us; rather we detached and left feeling that we could manage and exist in a new detached state of being. We are asked now to FEEL rather than seeking answer. “Through feeling you will gain understanding and trust as to what is occurring for mankind. Allowing the mind to be free from thought as much as possible through Lightbody Vehicle System practice”.

The mass consciousness on these dates, that is the coming together of the collective (same thought frequency of coming together at this time) by, it is hoped, millions of Beings across the earth’s vibration assists in the shifting that is coming to mankind. “It is this mass collective coming together in consciousness that creates waves and vibrations that send out to the Universe that mankind is heeding the instruction of times of old which are now coming to fruition. (When you plant the seed, the tree begins to grown and then bears fruit)”.

This was the wishes of the ancients, the golden ones, the One Source essence. This is the shift we are encountering and the greatest step that mankind can take is in the global unified coming together in mass collective consciousness to assist in the raising of the vibration. This is why the 12/12/12 and 21/12/12 dates were outlined thousands of years ago so that mankind had a point/date/time zone to collectively come together. This mass consciousness creates a vortex, a vibration that sends out a beacon of light from Earth, rather like a signal to say “ok we are ready we hear you”. The Mayan culture assisted us greatly in documenting these dates. We are forever grateful for the work that they have done. Their trusting, as we do now, assist in moving mankind back to its true vibration of One.

These two significant dates are not the end but the beginning of a new age for mankind. Many term this the Golden age for humanity. The living once again as one consciousness, no separation. But it is not a quick fix. The work is continuous, ever continuous but the shifting and realignment with the crystallined codings coming to us now is what is altering our lightbody formation so that we connect even more so from the earthly form/vessel/body that man dwells in. There is still much to do but we will journey on from the new year of 2013 knowing that we are complete in our lightbody formation. This will bring greater meditation experience, higher vibration being held within the physical body. A new way of being, thinking and doing. But the work continues for ourselves. New codings, new practices. These will especially be felt for those who are attuned to Metatronia Therapy as Metatron works directly with us to assist us and move us forward.

If you can look at these alterations in our evolutionary process from one of an energetic nature, frequency/vibration then you are right on the mark. There is a lot that is experienced with your conscious acceptance, opening and participation. All of mankind are going through this great shift in expansion of the thoughts, energy and vibration. The alterations to the Lightbody bringing in a more crystal formation/make up. You have felt this, you know this on some level and you are beginning to feel lighter. Or perhaps you are still experiencing the shifting that comes on many levels. Emotional, relationships, work, career, money, dwelling, all of it may be included as you are raised in your frequency and being shifted into a new level of being. You will soon no longer accept the old 3D energies/vibrations as you seek to match your earthly vibration with that of your lightbody formation. This is why the Lightbody System (MerKaBah) practice (daily) is vital for your preparation and ascension process.

Metatron guides us to trust. “That which you feel is altering you and you are fearing, is that which is shifting you to you true dwelling place. Fear not these alterations for we are assisting you in your evolutionary process. This cannot be bypassed. Everyone that dwells on the earth plane is a participant, whether they are actively doing so or blinded still by the controls of the manmade consciousness level of the 3D realms. We are with you, we are among you and we are sharing with you vital keys to your salvation. Allow the light to be your breath. Allow the light to bring you codings to heal, emotional, physical, mental wounds. Allow the light to dwell within every part of you, always. For this is your elixir of life. Your true energy.”

Metatron reminds us that trust, belief, surrender, letting go and being open to receive are vital parts of the ascension process. Control/behaviour/belief patterns etc. often stand in the way of you fully opening to the energies of Metatron (through Metatronia Therapy/attunement etc.). So we are asked to trust more and be open. Letting go of any stigma/dogma or belief systems. Many ask me “why are things not working, why are others advancing and i am not?” and the answer is quite simple. “What is it you wish to see within yourself”? Are you blocking, the answer is a resounding yes. Ego and mentality have a big part to play here. We are asked to let go and trust. Are we being broken down? No, not as such, but we will have stuff to work through, as we begin to be lifted up and out to a higher dimension. Releasing first of the old mechanisms and belief systems. An injection of self love, self worth, honour and trust within yourself and within the energy you are now attuned to and working with. Look not to others but to your own self-expansion and growth. For we are all of unique design.

No two of us are alike, there may be similarities of course, but look not to others or to mimic them, or to feel that you have been shortchanged because you are not experiencing the same journey as someone else. We are here as unique divine beings. I also get asked “why are things not moving for me?”. The answer to this again is very simple “Are you ready? Have you fully surrendered? And to that we mean to let go and allow the universe to work with and for you. Handing over thoughts, controls, fears, anxiety, worry etc. and how do you do this? You just let go. So lets put that into a simple scenario:

Sam gets up every morning. She has a routine, worry fear etc., how to pay the bills, not liking her job, worrying, angry, fearful of things not going to plan, not liking how her life is right now. She reaches out and becomes attuned. So she is now opening up to a higher frequency. There may be heightened emotional states that are brought to the forefront by the MT Energy. As Metaton’s energy begins to work its magic. Delving deep into all the recesses, clearing and alignment. But Sam still feels the need to be in the old Sam mode. She knows no other way of being. So this is where Metatron asks us to hand over. Sam goes for a long walk in the woods, perhaps some tears, she is on bended knees and she cry outs “please help me I know you are there, please guide me and assist me, I know not what I am to do but i know you are there”. That’s it. That’s all Sam needed to do. To hand over all control and to the universe this is magical. They hear her, Metatron hears her, and the energies begin to work. Sam feels unsure. She is not quite fully understanding but there doesn’t need to be understanding. Only the realization that she is now connected to an energy and vibration that through her OWN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT although she was unsure what she was asking for to make her life better, she has laid down the gauntlet and stepped out of the fight…..she has in essence surrendered. She begins through the intervention of Metatron to alter her mind set. She no longer worries about where the money is coming from or worrying about clients etc. she begins to realize that the moment she LET GO the universal energy has more SPACE to work from as Sam is lifting up and out of 3D mode.

So over the next few weeks Sam experiences some shifts perhaps more tears, some awkward moments, perhaps she is made redundant and begins to be fearful again but behind it all she trusts the universe and metatron are bringing her to exactly where she needs to be. She let go of all control and begins to go with the divine flow of the universal oneness. Synchronicities start to occur. Opportunities that can come in many forms start to come to her. She begins to alter her mind set even further to just trusting and going with the flow. It is not an easy journey; she has had a lot to work through, but is reminded that POPE (PROJECTION OF POSITIVE ENERGY) is the fuel for her ascension process. Trusting, believing and being open to receive.

Sometimes this is a difficult process for some. They are not sure exactly what it is they are working with but they feel changes on certain levels. The key is to let go and surrender all that you currently believe to be your reality. We are reminded of the parting of the waters, the feeding of the 5000 (not that i am religious not in any shape or form) but we are reminded here that miracles do occur. Changes will come to you the moment YOU STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX, the old mindset. This is paramount. Trust and you will be guided. Let go and you will see the light…surrender and you will be moved…beyond your greatest expectations. We are trusting in something that we cannot see but that is very much about us. Multi dimensional higher vibrational reality is coming to you. You FEEL IT you SENSE IT and you see it in action before your very eyes the moment you SURRENDER.

I hope this helps on some level. To gain understanding of what it is we are working with is important. Its not a three dimensional energy so you cannot look or work with it from a 3D perspective. It doesn’t work that way. Your handing over, letting go, trusting, believing and surrendering will move you. If you are not ready to hand over everything that no longer serves you and be open to receive, often beyond any expectation then you are not ready for this journey. Do not fear it, embrace it and let yourself be moved. This is your birthright to be brought to where you were meant to be and the energies that are assisting you will always bring you to where it is you are to be. Lift up lift out…. Metatron is with you and he asks only that you trust…in something that you cannot see but trust. We are assisting you in living from a higher dimensional reality that will bring you many amazing experiences. Remember POPE (Projection of Positive energy) as much as you can as this leads to higher vibrational energy that runs through you. You are a being of divine light so allow that light to shine through you. Do not fear the release of the lower energies for they no longer serve you and they come in many forms. Metatron will guide and assist you the moment you surrender.