In Touch with the Rhythm of the Soul

The last few days I have had it highlighted to me how the denser energy of others can greatly impact us. Not a topic many will wish to have highlighted, nonetheless something that cannot be ignored. Not at this time of great vibrational awakening. Abusive, addictive, dominant and controlling personalities take their toll on those Continue reading In Touch with the Rhythm of the Soul

Transmergence & Transfiguration (Reborn Anew)

Some may be sensing they are trudging through mud. Unable to do anything. Everything seems to be “on hold”. What you are used to doing now seems to be a bit of a chore. The Human vessel, along with Gaia, is in a state of “transit, transmergence and Transfiguration”. Taking on new light inside the Continue reading Transmergence & Transfiguration (Reborn Anew)