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dawn image 1

“Let the gates open, let the light unfold

many things for us to behold

And in our search and in our plight

 we surrender to divine light

In our trust and in our expansions,

we are open to the many mansions

the many doors, and many halls

A journey forth that beckons all

Lifting up into the light

Ascending forth with all our might

Surrendering all unto thee

The creator of eternity

And in our journey let us let go

Of any doubt, of the need to know

Then the light of one thy compass be

The divine spark will encompass thee

And in this trust, the beckoning

Will lift you up and spread your wings

No absolutes required by thee

To feel and sense eternity

For within man their lies a spark

A fiery place a lantern dark

And once this lantern becomes alight,

The vessel will begin its divine flight,

With man in toe in his dissolving

letting go and light evolving

In divine surrender he opens the door

To journey as one with the Creator”.

MTFOL Archives – 26th March 2015