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Self Worth

So why is it you feel unworthy of the many gifts the universe has in store for you, as this will be felt by you in the physical, the moment you allow divine love into your heart. Your fragility lies in your seeming unworthiness and lacking and we tell you that you are so worthy. So trust and let be. Let yourself dissolve out of the linear into the magnificence of your being.You do not lack, only within your mind you lack. Your soul does not know or care for these dressings and confines. It does not know of lack or unworthiness. For those are from the limitations in mind thought origin.Your true origin lies in the All. Open yourself to your divinity. Release from your frailty for within the constraints of the mind you are limited.From the vibration of the heart you are limitless and not controlled by rigidity in thought. We are saying you are not alone on this journey of life. You are surrounded by light.The carnal mind expands in consciousness the moment you surrender outside the boxes of conformity. Be your freedom from thought. Flow as the eternal stream. Free from enclosure.