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Awaken from Slumber

It is not that you are opening and awakening to a whole new level of being. It is that you are opening, aligning and awakening from the deep slumber that has cast you away from the true vibrational element that you so divinely are. You have lived so long in a state of suspension/suspended animation that has distracted every essential part of you from the true energetic essence that is your core, true resonance.

I am here at this time, as are many guides and helpers in the higher light hemispheres, to assist you in your ascending process. To align you with the true nature of your Being. Your physical vessel (body) at this time especially more than ever before, is beginning to anchor Source light through the physicality that not only enhances and reconnects you to the divine codings, but ultimately is assisting in the great light expansion and evolutionary process for mankind at this time. For life is not stagnant.

Energy is not stagnant but ever pulsating and moving forward. In your opening and receiving, trust and surrender you are ultimately connecting with the great truth through Light. We speak of the Golden age and the return to the eternal blueprint that you already hold within your living systems. Returning to the Purity and divinity that you are. Awakening to your magnificence. For you are “transcendental” Beings. You are not bound to the physical.

Do not see your earthly life as just physical for this bounds you to the carnal structures and limited systems. Embrace and open to the divine, all that lies already within you. For the gates of the eternal Sun are opened before you. The physical vessel is going through major shifts at this time as it is anchoring and becoming amplified by sacred light photonic waves. There is no Human omitted from this evolutionary light transference. There is much work that is being done in the higher realms to assist humanity in this divine process. In the stillness and silence, and acceptance, you are thus opening the vessel to the divine connection and deep transformational processes that are currently being undertaken. Expand into the infiinite. Let your mind be still, let the heart be open, let your thoughts diminish, let the mind be free as your vessel opens to eternity. And from here you will begin a whole new level of Being”. – Archangel Metatron/Trilogy Masters

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Beyond Barriers

Allow your vessel (body) to be open to the light of the One, as it unites within as the soul’s eternal flame.For you are not bound to the physical, you are not bound to the mental, you are not bound to the carnal.You are eternal light, eternal spirit, eternal soul, eternal fire.
Let the silence speak for you within your vessel
Let simplicity be your guide
Let the light unite you with eternal truth
We are not bound by time. We are not bound in rigidity. We are free flowing Beings of Divine light, travelling freely beyond the controls of space and time. We are not bound, we are forever free, eternal in our spirit. The inner fire and love blazing eternally.
Unbound, moving freely.
“In the stillness I am at peace
In the silence I am as one
Unified with eternal light
Communicating with the Creator life force
Let light permeate every part of my being
So that I so become that light, flowing as free as the breeze
Every part of my vessel dissolving into eternity
Release, transformation, Alignment, Resurrection
Eternal Soul, Eternal Light, Eternal unity, Eternal Love
I am that….I am…….
As one with the All
Flowing freely on the waves of the divine
Beyond Form, into the Aether, where the planets and stars dwell
Where the Creator beckons me to the freedom, beyond limitation
I am divine soul, I am divine Light, I am divine love”

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dawn image 1

“Let the gates open, let the light unfold

many things for us to behold

And in our search and in our plight

 we surrender to divine light

In our trust and in our expansions,

we are open to the many mansions

the many doors, and many halls

A journey forth that beckons all

Lifting up into the light

Ascending forth with all our might

Surrendering all unto thee

The creator of eternity

And in our journey let us let go

Of any doubt, of the need to know

Then the light of one thy compass be

The divine spark will encompass thee

And in this trust, the beckoning

Will lift you up and spread your wings

No absolutes required by thee

To feel and sense eternity

For within man their lies a spark

A fiery place a lantern dark

And once this lantern becomes alight,

The vessel will begin its divine flight,

With man in toe in his dissolving

letting go and light evolving

In divine surrender he opens the door

To journey as one with the Creator”.

MTFOL Archives – 26th March 2015

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Time of Creation

Waste not one moment. Each moment is a time of creation. A time of positive vibration. Feel how you feel when you are elated, and in a positive vibration. That positivity pulses through you, unhindered. Feel how you feel when your energy is low, how hindered you feel. The more you are able to be from the higher vibration, the easier it is for you to connect to the higher Source energy around you. Be the light. As much as you can. But without force, be flowing, gentle flow, like the river, flowing with grace and ease, being a being just being, in this very moment. For this is the moment of creation. Right here right now, and it passes, unseen, but felt as a positive energy pulsating, rippling through you. How at ease you feel in the times when your vibration is high. Notice and feel this lightness, this great creative connection. Notice how your thoughts flow easily, unhindered. As much as you can, be this ease, be in this space of contentment and at peace within yourself. Almost this nothingness feeling of grace, peace, lightness as if like a feather you float on the breeze. Not to practice, rather just to be…notice and be…and feel how you connect so easily when in this positive space.