The Light of Divine Law


There is One light that creates all. One light that governs all. One light that guides all. There is One light that is solely responsible for and oversees the ascension of mankind. This light is not created through human thoughts or ideology.  This is the all-encompassing light that brings life to all things. It is the light that we have the conscious ability to open to, when we are truly ready.

We are created from the vastness and omnipresent light and divinely designed as a living receptor for Source light to flow through. In order for us to truly connect and align with this light, there is a truth that we must open to.

This truth lies deep within the heart of mankind. Underneath all that has been linearly constructed, that has pulled the vessel away from its divinity. That which has caused us to live in the shadow of our true being. Creating illusion and distortion from an individual and self-imposed reality.

To be ready there must be a relinquishment of that which is created from limited perception. Source is not something we create from within. It is that which we open to when we relinquish all that is man-made.

There is an element of handing over, surrendering, in order to fully open to light. It is not found in the playground of the separated mind.

There are those who are connected, those that know, have felt, experienced and now live by and through the light of the One. Their vessel has been lifted above all of the dressings and glamours that created a false reality.

They have seen the way that is not found within the limited mind. It is a path that has opened before them as they have given way, vibrationally, for the truth of light to shine through. They have allowed, through conscious expansion,  the free-flowing love of Source to blossom through their living, breathing, vessel of light.

There is One true light that shines the way. One true light that assists the ascension journey. One true light that oversees the vibrational alignment that opens the gateway to infinite consciousness. This is not found through glamours of identity.  It is a true handing over and expansion into Source. A becoming.  An open-hearted participant of divine transfiguration.

For all that exists does so at the command of Source. The overseeing essence of all creation. This is not religious, this is not biblical, this is the light that enables creation. That which cannot be bound by words. That which is experienced through the bio-magnetic circuitry of the living system.

How foolish it is to believe that we ourselves command life. That we know the answers to all questions, that we know the way of evolution. It is through the light of divine law that all is able to exist.

Source is the governing energy that oversees the divine plan and order within the Universe. It is at the hands of Source that life is enabled. The true living light and infinite consciousness that we are able to fully open to.

This is a vibrational journey. One of verification and connection and the acceptance that there is a light that governs all, beyond question. Beyond Doubt. When the vessel is receptive and open to receive, it is then that Source will enter and verify, creating a  unique and most magnificent experience within each vessel.

This is made possible by a force higher than human consciousness. And yet the same force is the very essence of the human form. We become acquainted, on a conscious level, with our Source creation. The light that we are, which has long been forgotten, is rekindled within our divine biophysics. We acknowledge that we are all part of and formed from the One.

In order for mankind to move to the next level of consciousness, that is already programmed within the biochemistry of the human form, there must be the conscious acknowledgement of the living light. This opens up neural pathways that assist in the elevation of electromagnetic energy within the vessel, in preparation for the physiological receptivity of Source light.

The vessel begins a journey of light preparation and expansion to hold the living light, physically and biologically. This cannot be openly received if the vessel is functioning from limited and separated consciousness. We have the ability to be beyond limit, beyond form. As boundless as the Universe itself.

The key to our ascension lies in the handing over of all that is not truth, to make way for the divine to flow through us. This is not what we ourselves create. This is what we open and surrender to.

The all encompassing light of divine law. The Creator life-force that enables the evolution of our species. All that is asked is that we jump on board. To know of the miracle of creation that we are and the magic that we hold within us.

It is for us to decide if we are ready. And if we so are, then to be open, as a receptacle of the most divine light, to expand all of our senses above our seemingly limited perception, for the truth of our being to be fully revealed. Old structures will then begin to melt away, making way for the abundance of light. Becoming formless and expansive. Beyond limitation. Creating space within the vessel to hold the fullness of light.

We have the ability now, to open to all that we are. All that is necessary is for us to allow the light to flow through us. We do not need to understand, quantify or measure. We are only asked to open our mind and heart to receive the light of the One.

All that we seek is verified in a place beyond time. Brought to us in a form beyond all senses. We are opening to the higher dimensional aspects of our being, as we align and ignite the vessel so that it may experience all that it is. All this is open to us now. In this lifetime.

Trust, believe and be open to receive. For you are divine.


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