Metatronia Divine Metaphysics

I hear it time and time again, “what is it I am meant to do with the healing, are there any exact instructions?”. All stemming from mental, linear, separation entanglement. Working in light is changing.

As we open fully to the Light of the One true Source. We don’t need workbooks, we don’t need instruction.

We simply must be open to the divine dynamics of Source Light.

This is how it has always been. Along the way the separation identity came in and tried to alter and control the Light.

As a Source Metaphysician, I prepare energy practitioners, lightworkers vibrational healers et cetera, to work as Source.

Ultimately I like the term lightworkers because we are working in light, as light, through light. It’s nothing that comes from the human ego, separated identity or lower conscious level.

So if you come to Metatronia services for attunement’s, please know that this is vibrationally based and you must be prepared to hand over anything that stems from the limited separated consciousness. Releasing any and all expectation.

There are vibrational alterations that occur within the human vessel, to enable the divine alignment so that one can open fully to the beauty, love and majesty of Source. Archangel Metatron guides us vibrationally not mentally.

We are not the healer. The light is the healer. The light is the teacher. The light is the guide. The light is the mentor.

If it’s full of instruction, rigidity and exacts, it’s not Source. If you have to control every aspect, it’s not Source.

The true connection to Light will always be a vibrational one. Yes, we use sacred geometric symbols with Metatronia energy.

These are necessary to create vibrational integration, alignment, connectivity, expansion and transparency.

So the guidance is, if we are working in Light, we must now be truly ready, to trust, believe, and be open to receive, the divine guidance and Light from Source.

I only work with people now that are ready to handover all that they know, so that their vessel can come into alignment vibrationally, transparently, authentically with Source.

To evolve we must be prepared, open and receptive to our divine Light Evolution. We must be open to receive the guidance from above.

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