Metatronia Recalibration Star

I was guided to take time to create these images to assist in our understanding of the Light recalibration that we as Human’s participate in (whether consciously or unconsciously applied). Our energy is being recalibrated at a constant rate through Source Light Emissions (some term as Photons, EMF, Atoms, whatever you wish to call this Continue reading Metatronia Recalibration Star

Recalibration of the Carnal Structures

It’s totally ok to be your authentic self. How many times have you put up with somethings or someone’s energy because you have to or society conditions you to do so? It’s totally ok to say “No, I won’t tolerate any longer that which perturbs my vibration”. Be authentic. It’s real. It’s truth. It is Continue reading Recalibration of the Carnal Structures