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Recalibration & Alignment

I see Source connection and the ascending/awakening/alignment journey Kind of like this.

Imagine you have been living your life up to now on a level that shall we say has you plugged into an iPad! A small computer that kind of does the job but has limits. When you open to source that Ipad is rebooted and becomes the most power computer you could ever imagine possible! You find yourself at the helm of divine omnipresence – beyond measure- beyond restrictions.Beyond limits. Instant downloads with rapid memory/RAM capability. No limitations! So would you therefore stick with your old iPad? Struggling and coping in a limited existence?  You are beyond limits. You have access to this right now. Expand your memory. Open to divine truth that is stored inside of you as part of your internal, eternal rhythm and makeup. Expand into the all – oh infinite Being. Lift the veil on the restrictions you hold in place. Release from identity. Open to the all. Beginning with a conscious acceptance that you are far greater than what you may currently believe you are. Open the gates……to the eternal. The light will guide you…yes you will journey, expand, release some more, align, expand and then……well you will see! Open unto your eternal light. It’s time to update, Reboot and recalibrate. Your old server requires updating. So that you have infinite access to the all. Your system is rebooting and realigning so that you function at your optimum level. You are being literally recycled! Out with the old…. Don’t resist. Things alter and change and we are evolving….time to let go of the old mechanisms. Are you ready?…….

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Density Removal

It is important to value and honour yourself and to become aware of what vibrations you wish to have around you. If there is density around you then it is for you to decide whether you wish for those energies to continue to be part of your life. If something is no longer a vibrational match for you or causes density or your energy to become out of alignment, then it is time to release those relationships and connections that no longer serve.

I know some of you will be aware of what I am saying. As we move on our ascending journey there are some relationships that we just cannot maintain any longer. They do not serve us and the vibrational density just brings lethargy and emotional chaos. When you feel this mismatched vibration the key is to move yourself away from it, even if it means letting go of relationships with friends, acquaintences and also may include family members. Sometimes it may feel as if you are not really yourself, when communicating with others on their vibrational level. This is not about ego, or competitiveness in energy, this is to do with being and living the truth that you are, and shining your beautiful light so freely and unhindered.

Many toggle between density and higher vibration. The key to your vibrational alignment is to maintain that positivity and to surround yourself with the energies that best serve you. I would go so far as to say that we owe this to ourselves to feel that beautiful aligned sincere and divine vibration. No more to toggle in and out of that which no longer brings us what we require to be aligned. We need to be these positive vibes and more: Peace, calm, serenity, honour and truth.

There is a lot of density that shows up as we move upwards on our vibrational shifting and light evolution journey and that which no longer serves you must be released in order to make way for the more positive and magnificient experiences that will come to you the moment you are vibrationally aligned.

If something keeps perpetuating and showing its ugly head, or alarm bells ring within your emotional guidance system, it is there for a reason, it is showing you, move on, let go, trust, expand, surrender, release. Send out forgiveness and move on. You owe it to yourself to be vibrationally aligned and with this there will come great strength and connection, love and harmonious balance. No longer weighed down by that which you think you have to maintain, when really, you really dont have to do anything that pulls you out of your divine aligned sacred state of being. Honour thyself first and foremost as you to honour the light of others.

There are shifts coming, magnificent shifts, and you may be holding on for dear life, but let go and trust. You will be so divinely held by the arms of the One. It is showing you that which you must release in order to align. When you release the old, so what opens before you is something so amazing you will not believe what will occur…as you trust, believe and are open to receive.

What you feel who you are right now within an array of fragility and uncertainty, is asking you to let go and surrender. You are shown what no longer serves you as it can be “uncomfortable”….listen, take heed, it is there for a very special reason….acknowledge, let go and just be, releasing that which no longer is part of you, for it will hold you back.

“Now in all my glory I am open to the magnificence of the One and embark on my divine transformational journey. I am ready and my vessel is fully awakening to divine truth, that which I feel through my vibrational alignment. All the experiences I have had up to now I truly honour and give thanks to all those who have been part of my journey. Now I must let go and allow that which is my onward path to be opened fully before me. I am an empty vessel, I am a servant of the Light, and I am truly open to receive”.

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Self Worth

So why is it you feel unworthy of the many gifts the universe has in store for you, as this will be felt by you in the physical, the moment you allow divine love into your heart. Your fragility lies in your seeming unworthiness and lacking and we tell you that you are so worthy. So trust and let be. Let yourself dissolve out of the linear into the magnificence of your being.You do not lack, only within your mind you lack. Your soul does not know or care for these dressings and confines. It does not know of lack or unworthiness. For those are from the limitations in mind thought origin.Your true origin lies in the All. Open yourself to your divinity. Release from your frailty for within the constraints of the mind you are limited.From the vibration of the heart you are limitless and not controlled by rigidity in thought. We are saying you are not alone on this journey of life. You are surrounded by light.The carnal mind expands in consciousness the moment you surrender outside the boxes of conformity. Be your freedom from thought. Flow as the eternal stream. Free from enclosure.

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We must release judgement. For judgement is a fragility of the linear, corporeal form. When we judge others it comes from a place within that is built up from the beliefs and controls held within a limited linear consciousness. You cannot judge all things from limited concepts and unawakened state. Free your mind, feel your Soul’s light. For that place is love and knows no judgement. Allow the freedom of conscious expansion. Releasing from rigidity. What we believe to be truth from within a limited consciousness is not actually truth but a limited foundation of beliefs we have built around ourselves from a limited understanding and ignorance. Rise in your light. Awaken and expand. For judgement serves only to keep you in a place of darkness. Let your limited foundation dissolve, opening you to the truth of divine love and unity without separation. Times are changing. You are in the midst of the evolutionary vibrational shifts.

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Beyond Barriers

Allow your vessel (body) to be open to the light of the One, as it unites within as the soul’s eternal flame.For you are not bound to the physical, you are not bound to the mental, you are not bound to the carnal.You are eternal light, eternal spirit, eternal soul, eternal fire.
Let the silence speak for you within your vessel
Let simplicity be your guide
Let the light unite you with eternal truth
We are not bound by time. We are not bound in rigidity. We are free flowing Beings of Divine light, travelling freely beyond the controls of space and time. We are not bound, we are forever free, eternal in our spirit. The inner fire and love blazing eternally.
Unbound, moving freely.
“In the stillness I am at peace
In the silence I am as one
Unified with eternal light
Communicating with the Creator life force
Let light permeate every part of my being
So that I so become that light, flowing as free as the breeze
Every part of my vessel dissolving into eternity
Release, transformation, Alignment, Resurrection
Eternal Soul, Eternal Light, Eternal unity, Eternal Love
I am that….I am…….
As one with the All
Flowing freely on the waves of the divine
Beyond Form, into the Aether, where the planets and stars dwell
Where the Creator beckons me to the freedom, beyond limitation
I am divine soul, I am divine Light, I am divine love”